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2013 operational overview of Brea PD services

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    May 20, 2014

      Brea Kiwanis Newsletter Issue #138:2014 Vol-IV-18

        By Charlie Phillips

          Speaker Notes

            May 15....Ruben Alonzo, Brea Police Department robbery/Homicide Detective presented an overview of the Brea Police Department and the recently published 2013 Brea Police Department Annual Report. Officer Alonzo has been assigned to the Robbery Unit for 25 years. He has witnessed the Police Department changes over the years; the most dramatic was losing the Yorba Linda Police contract last year requiring Brea downsizing from 110 to 62 operating personnel.

              Throughout 2013, we have improved the systems we utilize to track crime activity, known criminals, and unwanted behavior in our community. A new team, called the Crime Suppression Unit, was created to specifically impact repeat offenders, probationers, and parolees. We carefully assessed our geographic policing strategy and created a new area command structure to increase and improve our proactive policing efforts. We continue to enhance community partnerships through programs like Community watch. For the third straight year, I am pleased to report overall crime in Brea decreased as compared to the previous year.

                The Police Department employs a Area Command system. the city is divided into four geographic areas. Each area has its own commander who is responsible for team deployment and problem solving in that respective area. Lt. Stewart McCarroll the North Area Commander and is the largest patrol geo-area in the City. The West Area Command is led by Lt. Santo Porto. Lt. Bill Smyser is the Central Area Commander which includes the Brea Mall and Downtown. The fourth Area is the South Area commanded by Lt. Peter Rodriquez. This command includes all areas from Imperial Highway south to the city boundaries. It is recommended that all the residents of Brea know their Area Commander to answer specifics about policing matters.
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