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31st Annual Brea Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

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This morning was the 31st Annual Brea Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast held at Embassy Suites in Brea.  Reverend Dave Rader, President of the Brea Ministerial Association, said it was a record breaking attendance. The room was filled with so many members from the city of Brea, local churches, schools, non-profit organizations and businesses. The order of program included special entertainment from The Darden Family, BOHS Choir Masquerade and Mike O’Brian.

Mayor Don Schweitzer noted that today’s kids call us the Brea Bubble! Further elaborating on Brea’s small town feeling and how we keep reinventing ourselves, making us a well contented bubble! Schweitzer said, “It is the Brea citizens who join clubs, volunteer, and work hard to make our schools and community the best, saying that both Fanning and Mariposa Elementary were named 2012 California Distinguished Schools."  "We’re not just paving streets and pumping water, we are building a cathedral, where families can grow and flourish,” said Schweitzer.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Barry Corey, President of Biola University, concluded the event with a thought-provoking speech.  It was about being receivable.  He spoke about a 2012 BOHS grad named Tessie. Tessie was a neglected child with a father in prison and a drug addicted mother. She was adopted by her aunt who told Tessie, a junior in high school, to find somewhere else to live. Devastated, she was comforted and received by many including BOHS Guidance Counselor Becky Marchant, church members, and Officer Dan Moon. Tessa found a loving home with Scott and Jodi Pace. Today with the help of many, she has plunged forward in every direction.  Her GPA ( grade point average) went from less than 2.0 to 3.6, she volunteers at the Brea Art Gallery and Family Resource Center and will be a recipient of the 2012 Mayor’s Youth Award!  As Dr. Barry Corey said, there are a lot of Tessie’s out there, we need to be receivable in order to embrace and support these individuals.

It was a well organized and meaningful event with focus on maintaining the connection that serves as the lifeline of the city.



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