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A brief Thank You to an old friend.

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Brian Saul, Brea's first Officlal City Historian.

Brian Saul first came to Brea in 1983, already instilled with a love of history. After a few years, when there was talk of redevelopment in the downtown and the possibility that some historic buildings would be lost, Brian led an effort to preserve some of those buildings in an Historic Park.

Karl and Inez Fanning, who had been involved with the Brea Historical SOciety since its inception, heard about his efforts and invited him to become a member. Later, he was asked to serve on the Board of Directors and was eventually elected to the post of President.

While serving on the board, Brian organized Walking Tours of the Brea downtown and was approached by the City to host monthly segments on Brea's history for Video Brea Line, formerly broadcast on the Brea Channel.

Shortly before the Brea Jubilee (Brea's 75th Birthday Celebration), the video segments were put together and became the successful "Brea: A Walk in Time" video. In 2004, Brian produced and appears in the CD, "Brea: A History of our Town and our Times". This CD is still available for sale at the Brea History Museum.

Brian's participation in so many venues helped to promote awareness and preservation of Brea's rich history. He was a member of the 75th Jubilee Steering Committee coordinating historically themed events such as Historic Home Tours, Living History Bus Tours, the 1967 Golden Jubilee Time Capsule ceremony and the placement of items in a capsule that will be opened on Brea's 100th birthday in 2017.

He has also participated in the Brea Charette, which emphasized historical preservation in the new downtown and served on the City Historical Commitee for several years as Chairman and member, and was pictorial editor of the book "Brea: Celebrating 75 Years" authored by historian Teresa Hampson.

In August, 2003, he worked with the developers of Tomlinson Park, in north Brea, to have streets in the neighborhood named for notable Breans. Brian developed a list of their accomplishments and presented it to the developer, and assisted with the decision making process. Once the streets were named, Brian hosted a ceremony where he presented family members of the honorees with copies of their actual street signs.

Brian Saul, another notable Brean, was named our first Official City Historian in that same month. He is now retired and makes his home in Michigan, while still maintaining roots here in California. Brian helped cultivate my love of Brea's history, and I will always be grateful.
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