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    Hi everyone, my name is Carolyn Campbell. I am a proud CSUF alum. Thanks for stopping by the site! As a resident of Brea for over 18 years and an independent contractor, I created Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) Facebook in mid June of 2010 using my public relations and marketing skills to unite and promote the city of Brea. With the explosion of social networking sites, it filled a much-needed niche in attracting attention to Brea, a charming Northern Orange County destination for shopping, dining and entertainment.

      We began with a grassroots approach to development in reporting “All things Brea” and continue in that direction, thankful for the many people who volunteered their time to create videos and stories for BBON-- showcasing Brea’s rich history focusing on the city’s people and places.

        Further raising community awareness in 2012, we changed our logo to reflect Brea’s upcoming 100-year anniversary in 2017.

          And then in February 2015, we started a historic campaign showcasing our version of Brea’s iconic “Charlie’s Clock” renaming it “Charlie the Clock” to appeal to everyone. Illustrator Background Artist Heather Ashlyn Collins, a recent CSUF and BOHS grad, was contracted to draw an animated version of the clock.

            “Charlie the Clock” caricature cutout was successfully featured at Edwards Stadium 10 West, for the “Face of Brea” Photo Contest, celebrating Brea’s 98th birthday. “It was a hit,” said Stephen Moehle, GM at the theater. Gaining popularity, “Charlie the Clock” continued to make the rounds throughout the year, appearing at BOUSD schools and city events, and was on display at our Brea Museum and Historical Society.

              BBON team member and BOHS senior student, Choha Kim, was chosen to serve on the Brea Steering Committee to help plan Brea’s centennial celebration. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding the grand anniversary plans.

                And of course, team BBON will continue to keep you informed about community happenings emphasizing the “old” and “new” aspects of beautiful Brea. Our BBON crew consists of Susan Gaede (or as we locals call her, “Newsy Suzie”), columnist for the Orange County Register Star Progress, the Johnnie Sisters, Christine-Marie and Carly, who starred in BBON videos, along with Brea Olinda High School (BOHS) team members, Anabel King and Choha Kim, student editor-in-chief, who will oversee new members: Esther Kim, Juri Saka and Grace Yang.

                  And last but not least, we love gift giving and everybody loves a giveaway, right? So keep an eye out as we'll continue to hold year-round contests on BBON Facebook and also BBON Instagram.

Please enjoy our community website created just for you! Always stay tuned for further developments, as we have a lot of creative ideas to add unique flair in representing our beautiful city, Brea: “big city’ appeal with a ‘small town’ feel.”

                      A Peek of What's to Come: We're very excited to report that we are in the midst of producing our city's 1st children's book to celebrate 100 years in Brea in 2017! The nonfictional children's history book will feature Brea's historic icon Charlie the Clock in a time traveling adventure! And if you are reading this, you are one of the first people to know that Teresa Hampson author of Brea: Celebrating 75 Years -- you know the local history book you have at home -- is our author. Charlie the Clock's artist Heather Ashlyn Collins we'll be illustrating the book! Whoohoo! It will be a creative blend of whimsy and educational narrative content featuring many children from our community. It's all very exhilarating as there are creative subproject, too! Stay tuned to see it all unfold!

                        Susan Gaede, a.k.a. “Newsy Suzie,” has been a Brea resident for more than 45 years. Her husband Rex relocated the family here in 1966 when he launched Brea Psychiatric Hospital. Susan was an elementary school teacher and substituted in the district for 3 years. The Gaedes raised their three children, Jon, Laura, and Lisa, here. During their formative years, Susan became very involved with the community and was publicity chairman for Fanning Elementary School. Through these efforts she discovered her interest in writing and photography and began pursuing a career in journalism. To date, Susan has been a newspaper columnist covering Brea and La Habra for more than three decades. Currently, her column appears in the Brea-La Habra Star Progress, a subsidiary of the Orange County Register.

                          Susan has also been the recipient of many awards along the way, including the Honorary Service Award from Fanning Elementary School PTA and the Outstanding Media Contributions Award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Orange County Chapter. Susan also served on the Brea-La Habra Newcomers Club. Special to her heart is the time she spent as chairman of City of Brea POW-MIA effort. To this end she involved the entire town in a swimathon, a walkathon, a letter-writing campaign, and a POW-MIA bracelet fundraiser for the city’s adopted POW-MIA, Captain Stephen Hanson. Susan also organized the dedication of Brea Olinda High School in Captain Hanson’s honor with the assistance of Congressman John Schmidt, School Board President Rex Gaede, Principal Gary Goff, and Patrick Wayne, who was the emissary for his father John Wayne. She also commissioned a painting depicting Hanson and his plight by her neighbor, 18-year-old James Cameron (of special note…Cameron went on to become one of the most successful film directors of our time). Susan was also recognized for her POW-MIA work by the television show Girl In My Life. The show’s host called her from the audience on national television and surprised her with a trip to Hawaii as a thank you for her efforts.

                            Susan was recognized by the American Association of University Women-Brea/La Habra chapter as Woman of the Year in 2006, and she was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the La Habra Chamber of Commerce in 2010.

                              The Johnnie Girls are officially unleashed on Brea! Christine, 11, and Carly, 8, have spent their short and important lives training in drama, voice, softball, drums, and too many other things to fit in one little sentence. They’ve gone on to light up the town with appearances in a long list of productions at the Curtis Theatre and the Brea Community Center. Too young to rest on their laurels and hardly able to confine their burgeoning talent to the small stage, in 2011 they made their film debut in Michael Asplund’s “The Tribe.” Now, they’ve made the logical career choice and come to BBON as our own personal kid reporters. They’ll use their talent, wits, and confounding youthful energy to get the scoop, Brea, and they’ll deliver to you in a tiny, adorable package.

                                Choha Kim - student editor-in-chief  BBON recipient of a certificate of excellence 2016.

                                Choha Kim - Student Editor-in-Chief
                                BBON recipient: Certificate of excellence in journalism and academics 2016.

                                  I came to the beautiful city, Brea in California from South Korea 1 year and three months ago. Since then, I became a sophomore at Brea Olinda High School. And surprisingly, I was honored to join in Beautiful Brea Old & New team member as student editor in chief. As the student living in ideal city, Brea, I am looking forward to contributing to the community of Brea until my senior year in BOHS.

                                    Since when I lived in South Korea, I was a little girl who had passion in journalism even when I didn't know what journalism meant. When I attended elementary school, fortunately, I had a chance to be a South Korean government kid reporter and could meet a previous South Korean president by getting the award given to a few chosen reporters. After I moved to Brea, even though I aspired to do activities related to journalism, due to my language barrier, I couldn't until I have high level of English Proficiency. With sincere hope, I worked on my English really hard for one year and finally started to be involved in activities related to journalism. In BOHS, I joined in BOHS newspaper wildcat as staff writer. Besides being a staff writer for BOHS, I became Joonang Student Reporter, who writes for Korea daily English section, which is largest Korean newspaper in the U.S. Fortunately, three of my articles were published and printed so far for Korean Newspaper since my sophomore year.

                                      In addition, I enjoy learning at all times. My motto for learning is to learn every aspects of life, including studying for tests and classes. And I expect that this involvement in BBON would be able to make my perspective wider and give me more opportunities to learn, especially in the community of Brea, where I live in. This motto led me to do various activities about leadership, music, and Academic teams. I played Haeguem, which is Korean traditional instrument since 7th grade. After coming to the U.S.,with Americans who are always open to new and unique things, I had a concert performing Haeguem in Los Angeles and won 3rd prize in World Korean performing art competition. Also, in BOHS, I was elected as secretary for my junior year and will serve as that position in the upcoming semester. And I have been volunteered for Homeless people and founder of Homeless care club in BOHS. After I realized that how our little helps can have a huge impact on homeless people through volunteers, I also became a project chair for key club.

                                        I was fortunate to be able to try those activities with my various cultural backgrounds. I am from Asian country and so I could be naturally exposed to Chinese and Korean language. And thanks to my parents who came to the U.S., English became my second language.

                                          I hope those activities and my various cultural backgrounds could contribute to BBON in positive ways.

                                            Yours Sincerely

                                              Choha Kim, BOHS junior student

                                                IMG_0742 Anabel King - Student Managing Editor
                                                BBON recipient: Certificate of excellence in journalism and academics 2016.

                                                  I am very excited to be contributing to Beautiful Brea Old and New! I hope to gain experience as a student reporter for a news site that centers only on Brea. I was born in southern California in Riverside County. We moved two times: to Fullerton, where I went to elementary school, and then to Brea, where I attended Brea Junior High School and now Brea Olinda High School.

                                                    Writing has always been a huge part of my life. Even as a child I would carry a notebook and pencil with me everywhere I went. I would jot down something I found funny or interesting, or I would write pages of poetry trying to describe something that sparked my mind. But I never really realized how much I loved to write and how much it meant to me until I met my 7th grade English teacher Ms. Gonzalez. She encouraged me to pursue my writing and offered advice on where to go with it. I eventually took a creative writing class the next year which gave me the confidence and curiosity to seek greater subjects to write about.

                                                      When I entered high school, I was asked to join the student newspaper by the advisor Alex Koers. He mentored me throughout my freshman year, teaching me how to improve my writing grammatically and stylistically. The next year I became the Opinion Editor of the school newspaper, writing the staff editorials and running my own op-ed column, and I also expanded my role further by introducing a Health section to the paper. This year I will be the Managing Editor for the newspaper, overseeing all the articles and making sure they are perfect before publication.

                                                        I am also very involved with my community. I have volunteered over 300 community service hours to the city of Brea alone, and I plan to continue helping my community because it is something I really enjoy doing. Some of the activities I do are: running the children's Summer Reading Booth at the Brea Library, serving breakfast and lunch to the less fortunate at St. Angela Merici's, creating and performing science experiments with fifth and sixth graders as part of a STEM-inspired program, and introducing American culture to Chinese Exchange Students as a Junior Ambassador.

                                                          I also take my academics very seriously. I am an honor student with a 4.33 GPA, a member of the National Honors Society and the Rho Khappa Society, a member of the Teen Advisory Board, the Vice President of a science club, the President of a history club, and a member of the California Scholarship Foundation. I also run for my school's cross country and track and field team.

                                                            Overall, I am thrilled to be a part of the BBON team, and I can't wait to see what life has in store next.


                                                                Anabel King

                                                                  Esther Kim - staff writer/photographer

                                                                  Esther Kim - Staff Writer/Photographer

                                                                    Hello, everyone. I am Esther Kim, currently a junior at BOHS. First, I’m grateful to Choha Kim, Student editor-in-chief for introducing me a great opportunity to contribute as a staff reporter/photographer. It is a big honor to join at BBON. As a staff reporter/photographer, I hope not only to gain new experiences, but also to enjoy this new activity.

                                                                      Firstly, I’m involved in several activities in BOHS and local community. This year, I made a club called “Spreading Talents”. Our club motto is helping out the people in need with using your various talents.Through the club, I hope to encourage our members and successfully use our talents that will have a positive influence on our society. As a club president, I want to strengthen my leadership and responsibility. Also I want to dedicate myself to BBON with this sense of responsibility.

                                                                        In addition, I am a yearbook staff at BOHS. I’m in charge of a staff/faculty leads. I believe that experiences in yearbook will certainly help me to contribute to BBON. I’ve been experiencing to take pictures, research data we need, and interview variety of people.

                                                                          Besides these activities, I am a secretary of Girl Up club, a peer tutor for math and science, a TA for childcare, a leader of Design team and link crew at my church. I really hope to dedicate myself by deriving all of my potential I’ve gained in various activities.

                                                                            I’m so excited to participate at BBON and also looking forward to contribute and gain valuable experiences. I will do my best and put my best efforts to BBON.

                                                                              Juri Park - staff writer/photographer

                                                                              Juri Saka - Staff Writer/Photographer

                                                                                My name is Juri Saka, a junior student (class of 2018) at Brea Olinda High School. First of all, I am more than thankful to be involved in Beautiful Brea Old and New! I give thanks to all of the people who allowed me to be involved in Beautiful Brea Old and New and especially Choha Kim who had helped me to serve as a staff writer/photographer.

                                                                                  To introduce myself, I moved from Japan to the United States on February, 2014. Since I had lived in Japan for around 14 years, I can speak, write, and read Japanese. With my knowledge of Japanese, I serve as a tutor for all levels of Japanese classes every Tuesday and Thursday at Brea Olinda High School.

                                                                                    To introduce a little bit about my family, my father is Korean and my mother is Japanese. My mother had past away several years ago. Nonetheless I had overcome my loss of her, believing that she is at the better place, Heaven. My father is a pastor at Venice Santa Monica Free Methodist Church. I serve as a piano player during the worship time every Sunday at church. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve for church.

                                                                                      Currently, I am studying for SAT which I plan to take on the first Saturday of December. I am also preparing to apply colleges. I believe that the junior year is a meaningful year. I had decided to do everything that I can do so that I won't regret the past. Once again, I am very thankful to for this opportunity to serve for Beautiful Brea Old and New.

                                                                                        Grace Yang - staff writer/photographer

                                                                                        Grace Yang - Staff Writer/Photographer

                                                                                          My name is Grace Yang. This summer my sister and I spent a lot of time in volunteer. Among the volunteers, the most impressive one was Brea Fest.

                                                                                            Brea Fest, a family event, offers Brea citizens or visitors sample delicious food and beverages from over 30 area restaurants. It is also called Brea’s “tastiest” celebration and party. I volunteered for “Olive Garden,” which I have never tried and a famous pizza house for my sister. I was so excited when I got a T-shirt for volunteers (she and I took a selfie right after). I saw my school students who volunteered. Some of them were working for police officers wearing uniforms, which look cool. I am really looking forward next summer fest and I will try more diverse volunteers.

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