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BBON Q&A Family Talk with 2012 Brea City Candidate – Steven Vargas

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The City of Brea has one incumbent and four challengers in the race for City Council. There are two seats open for a four-year term on the council, starting in December 2012 and ending in December 2016. The Brea City Council candidates are:


Marty Simonoff

New candidates: Christopher Parkin, Christine Marick, Steven Vargas, and Tory Stone.

Glenn Parker will continue his position as Brea City Treasurer as he is not faced with challengers in November.

We are focusing on the “softer side” of the Brea City Council candidates in the order we received them. So far, we heard from Chris Parkin, Christine Marick and Marty Simonoff. Today we are featuring Steven Vargas, a resident of Brea for 22 years. For further information about Steven visit

Brea City Council candidate Steven Vargas

Why are you running for Brea City Council?

Brea is the economic engine of North Orange County. We must lead by example with real pension reform and maintain a vibrant business community. We must start living within our means and reverse the trend of excessive executive compensation by enacting more conservative pay formulas and accounting for pensions responsibly. In the case of the Yorba Linda Police contract, services were rendered and payments made over the past 42 years. Yorba Linda has paid the pension liabilities owed for their officers; the amount due from Brea to CalPers is greater than $70,000,000. I am running for City Council in Brea to ensure we focus on our future financial health by addressing our past financial missteps with action now, not next election.

Like you, I believe that Brea is the greatest place in California to live, work and raise a family. Let’s keep it that way, preserving our way of life and preparing us for a bright future full of opportunity.

Brea faces some of the most serious financial and public policy issues in its history. My voting record as a former council member consistently supported financial security and accountability. I have the leadership and practical experience to hit the ground running and to tackle difficult issues now!

What is your current occupation?

I am a Business owner and military reservist, Chief Petty Officer.

What is your spouse’s name and occupation?

Lisa, my wife, is a National Sales Manager in the Food Industry.

The Vargas’s celebrating their 18 Anniversary at the Bellagio.

What are the names and ages of your children?

Lisa and I have five daughters: Shae-30, Emergency Room RN; Lauren-28, Senior at CSF; Tina-26 Model in LA; Jennifer-25, Senior care LVN; Stefanie-23, Student in Philadelphia.

How many grandchildren do you have? And what are their ages?

We have two grandchildren: Raycen, Age 6, and Mikayla, age 11.

Do you have family pets?

Yes, there’s Jackson, a water friendly yellow lab age 4, Olive, our Yorkie mix age 2, 12 Koi fish and 6 large pond turtles.

What is your favorite family meal?

A home cooked meal of steak, mashed potatoes and Lisa’s famous salad.

Where do you volunteer?

City of Hope major fundraiser, gearing up for 7 annual 24 hour Swing Dance-a-thon at Irvine Spectrum.; Brea American Legion Commander (1995), Brea Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander (2010), Fundraiser and former Executive for Club Scout Troop 875 and BSA Merit Badge Counselor.

Tell us something unique and interesting about you & your family?

We love to laugh and have frequent events at our home where everyone feels welcome and secure enough to sleep over if needed. Once you are in the family, it is difficult to get out.

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