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BBON Q&A Family Talk with 2012 Brea City Council Candidate – Marty Simonoff

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In the City of Brea, there is one incumbent and four challengers in the race for City Council. There are two seats open for a four-year term on the council, starting in December 2012 and ending in December 2016. The Brea City Council candidates are:


Marty Simonoff 

New candidates: Christopher Parkin, Christine Marick, Steven Vargas, and Tory Stone

Glenn Parker will continue his position as Brea City Treasurer as he is not faced with challengers in November.

We are focusing on the Brea City Council candidates in the order we received them.  Monday, we heard from Chris Parkin, yesterday we showcased Christine Marick; today we are featuring Marty Simonoff, a resident of Brea for 31 years. For further information on Marty visit

Brea City Council candidate Marty Simonoff

Why are you running for Brea City Council?

I have always worked and based all decisions on what is best for all of Brea based on all of the facts.   I will withhold my opinion on an issue until all of the aspects are known and thoroughly discussed.  I believe this conduct brings an independent thought process to the council regarding decision making that is important in reaching a proper conclusion to issues we face.

For example, when I witnessed the council receiving a boost in monetary benefits during a recession I fought to have them returned.  It took almost six (6) months of vigilance to get my colleagues to do the right thing, but doing what is right and proper is what I believe in.  This independence combined with my experience and background has allowed Brea to continue to be a premiere city even in the face of a prolonged recession.  I have worked to protect our tax dollars, cut costs where necessary – including pension reform for Brea employees to save moving forward, yet maintain programs that are important to our community.

I seek another term on the Brea City Council to continue to serve in this manner of placing the community first, by continuing to work with the Brea residents to understand your vision for the future of our city, and set a plan in place to make that happen.  There is a quote placed on my Facebook web page that I believe describes one aspect of what I bring to the citizens of Brea in seeking an additional term on the council –

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

Pictured is Marty Simonoff with Ed Royce, who is the U.S. Representative for California's 40th congressional district.

Your current occupationFirst, I retired as a Police Captain from the City of Huntington Park, a job that I truly enjoyed. Following my retirement I worked with my uncles in their solid waste collection company in Lakewood. The company was sold 9 years ago and the current owners retained my services with the company to work Governmental Affairs in cities that they operate in Los Angeles County.

Your spouse’s name and occupationMy wife (Karen) worked as a Teachers Aide in the Special Education Department for the Brea-Olinda School District (Brea-Olinda High School) for 22 years and is now a fulltime housewife.

Your children’s names, ages and personality typesLisa (34) is outgoing, social and caring. Jake (30) is also an outgoing, social and caring person.

Number of grandchildren and namesTwo grandchildren, Jaclyn & John.

Favorite family activitygetting together with the entire family for any occasion. My son and I playing golf (he is just starting to play).

Favorite family mealany meal that the entire family is together.

Favorite family vacationWhen the kids were young it was the River or Lake, now it is going on a cruise with my wife or traveling different cities in the US.

Volunteering activities I volunteer for a variety of activities with the Brea Lions Club of which I have been a member for many years. Activities include the Brea Lions Scout Center and many, many pancake breakfasts served to Brea Soccer, Little League and Scouts.

In the past I have volunteered in the kitchen at St Angela Merici cooking for the homeless and needy. I also served as Chair for the Brea Chamber of Commerce Golf Committee for over 10 years.

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