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BBON Q&A Family Talk with 2012 Brea City Council Candidate – Christine Marick

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In the City of Brea, there is one incumbent and four challengers in the race for City Council. There are two seats open for a four-year term on the council, starting in December 2012 and ending in December 2016. The Brea City Council candidates are:

Incumbent: Marty Simonoff

New Candidates: Christopher Parkin, Christine Marick, Steven Vargas, and Tory Stone.

Glenn Parker will continue his position as Brea City Treasure as he is not faced with challengers in November.

We are focusing on the Brea City Council candidates in the order we received them. Yesterday, we heard from Chris Parking, today we are focusing on Christine Marick, a resident of Brea for nine years. For further information on Christine visit

Brea City Council candidate Christine Marick

Why are you running for City Council?

It’s time for new, positive energy and ideas on our City Council. I have the intellect, ability, and experience to change our City Council for the better. I am a fiscal conservative, a consensus builder, and an independent thinker.

My commitment to Brea residents is to ensure that city resources – the taxes we all pay – are used in the most efficient way possible. With my professional background in municipal finance and MBA focused in finance and accounting, I have a thorough understanding of city budgeting and financial reporting. And, as Vice Chair of Brea’s Planning Commission, I make smart development decisions for our city.

Of course, it is important that our City Council is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. It has been 12 years since Brea elected a woman to the City Council.

What is your current occupation?

I most recently worked in municipal finance as a Credit Analyst monitoring the finances of cities, states, and other local governments. Right now I am mom to my two children and also Vice Chair of Brea’s Planning Commission.

What is your spouse’s name and occupation?

My husband, Greg, leads a college of art and design in Orange County.

Tell us about your children?

My eight year old daughter is a typical older sibling, and my four year old son is testing limits right now.

The Marick family

The Marick family

Where is your favorite hangout in Brea?

Our first Brea home was an Ash Street Cottage so we love to hang out downtown on Birch Street. You can find us there almost every week at the Farmer’s Market.

Share a favorite family meal.

One of our favorite family traditions is Tuesday night at Fresca’s. But when the kids are with grandma, my husband and I head to Cha Cha’s.

What type of physical activity does your family like doing together?

All four of us are pursuing our black belts in Tae Kwon Do at TKD Masters here in Brea, proving the adage that the family who kicks together sticks together.

What type of volunteering activities do you participate in?

I volunteer at both of my children’s schools throughout the year and as an Alumni Interviewer for my alma mater, Georgetown University. Of course, my service on Brea’s Planning Commission is on a volunteer basis.

Tell us something unique and interesting about you & your family?

My family was featured in Sunset Magazine’s 2006 article on Brea as the “Best

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