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BBON Q&A Family Talk with the 2012 Brea City Council Candidates

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By now many of our BBON fans are aware of our unbiased approach and welcome it.  We are a family-oriented community Web site and Facebook fan page. With that in mind, we will be conducting an exclusive BBON Q&A Family Talk with the 2012 Brea City Council Candidates revealing their personal sides.  We will be showcasing a “warmer side” of our local City Council candidates that most likely will not be presented on another venue.

Due to our impartial approach, we ask that fans do not make political comments, but rather refer to the candidates answers sharing their personal lives. Should someone make a political comment, we will delete the post. We hope that you can understand our position in this matter.

Stay tuned for an interesting read, as BBON will divulge the family scoop on the City of Brea council candidates!

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