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BBON Q&A With 2012 Brea City Council Candidate Chris Parkin

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When making an informed political decision, we want to gather as much information as possible about the candidates.  Aside from finding out the candidate’s stance on issues and plan to get the job done efficiently, we are also interested in learning the candidate’s personality type in order to determine if they have the character to interact well with others, which is an important component in getting the long-term job done successfully.

In Brea we have five candidates in the race for City Council.  There are two seats open for a four-year term on the council, starting in December 2012 and ending in December 2016. The Brea City Council candidates are:


Marty Simonoff 

New candidates:

Christopher Parkin, Christine Marick, Steven Vargas and Tory Stone.

Glenn Parker will continue his position as Brea City Treasurer as he is not faced with challengers in November.

We are focusing on the Brea City Council candidates in the order we received them.  First on our list is Chris Parkin. Chris is available to answer your questions at

Brea City Council candidate Chris Parkin

Why are you running for Brea City Council?
I'm running because I wasn't happy with the way the city council was handling the city's finances. I think the city debt is too high, and steps need to be taken to address this problem
What is your current occupation?
      I currently work as an IT Specialist at New American Funding.
Where is your hometown?
          I was born in Fullerton.
Do you have a family pet(s)?
              I have a 3yr old black lab named Coco.
Where is your favorite hangout in Brea?
                  I enjoy going to Downtown Brea to view movies and to attend events such as the car show and the Farmer's Market.
How many years have you lived in Brea?
                      13 years. My family moved here from Anaheim when I was 9.
Tell us something unique and interesting about you?
                          I'm an avid film photographer, both black & white and color. I process and develop my own film. I also love Polaroid.
List your volunteering activities.
                              Recently, I helped to renovate a worn down church in Anaheim. I've also read stories to children in the library during summer events.
What are your favorite sports/activities?
                                Restoring old cars and motorcycles.
Name a favorite vacation.
                                  Camping in the rain in San Clemente. I got little sleep trying to keep the tent from caving in and trying to stay warm amid rain seeping into the tent. It was the coldest, best, and worst camping experience of my life. I love a challenge.
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