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BBON Q&A with 2014 Brea City Council Candidate Cecilia Hupp

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Q&A by Carolyn Campbell

    As in the case of the 2012 City Council election, we are conducting another candidate Q&A to provide residents with detailed information about the 2014 Brea City Council office seekers. In an effort to help voters make an informed decision - we posed seven questions including two-part questions to five candidates, and one incumbent, who are vying for three Brea City Council seats.

      Incumbent: Brett Murdock

        New candidates: Steven Vargas, Cecilia Hupp, Glenn Parker, Michael Kim and Marc Harris.

          With the exception of Marc Harris, their responses are published in the order received.

            And finally, their email and/or website address is included, should you want to comment.

              Cecilia Hupp

                BBON: Please tell us your background and/or experience?

                  Cecilia: I have been a Brea business owner since 1983 and a resident since 1988. Through our business I have worked closely with city staff for many years. I have also been a member of the Board of Directors of our homeowners association since its inception in 1988. I was also a very involved parent through school and youth sports in Brea when the children were in school.

                    BBON: People flock to Brea for many reasons. What attracted you to Brea?

                      Cecilia: I got to know Brea and its residents through our business and loved the friendly, small town atmosphere. The quality of our Brea schools was a big draw as well.

                        BBON: What motivated you to run for this position? What do you want to see change?

                          Cecilia: Our business is well established, our children are out of school and have families of their own and it is time to give back to the community. I would like to see our Council function as a team again and feel I have the skill set to accomplish that. We have so many challenges to face as a city and we need the right team in place to meet those challenges.

                            BBON: What sets you apart from the other candidates? And do you share similar views with the other candidates?

                              Cecilia: My experience as a small business owner has taught me to find creative solutions to problems, to work as team with our staff and to be open to the ideas of others. I think some of us have very similar views and want to do what is right for the community.

                                BBON: What is the first ordinance you will bring forward on council?

                                  Cecilia: One of the first items I would like to address is the policy of foreign travel being paid for with taxpayer dollars. Is this really the best use of our money? This is a policy that needs to be changed.

                                    BBON: We are approaching our centennial year in 2017, what do you see as the city’s most significant accomplishments?

                                      Cecilia: The City of Brea has so many significant accomplishments. Bringing the 57 Freeway through Brea has really put us on the map. The Mall has been a draw to people from all over the county. Birch Street Promenade has also become a destination for many outside of our city as well as a great place for our residents. All of this has been accomplished while still maintaining our small town atmosphere.

                                        Top row, left to right: Son Sean, my mom Hashi, granddaughter Ella, husband Scott, daughter Dani and the handsome little guy on the side is Ozzy. Bottom row, left to right: Daughter-in-law Nicole Flores, son-in-law Daniel Scott and granddaughter Flannery. (courtesy Cecilia Hupp)

                                          BBON: What accomplishments are you proudest of?

                                            Cecilia: As camp as it sounds, my family. I have a wonderful and supportive husband and kind successful children who have blessed me with two terrific granddaughters. After that I am proud of the personal sacrifices my family and I made in order to keep our business open and all of our employees working during one of the toughest economic times California has faced.
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