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BBON Q&A with 2014 Brea City Council Candidate Glenn Parker

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Q&A by Carolyn Campbell

    As in the case of the 2012 City Council election, we are conducting another candidate Q&A to provide residents with detailed information about the 2014 Brea City Council office seekers. In an effort to help voters make an informed decision - we posed seven questions including two-part questions to five candidates, and one incumbent, who are vying for three Brea City Council seats.

      Incumbent: Brett Murdock

        New candidates: Steven Vargas, Cecilia Hupp, Glenn Parker, Michael Kim and Marc Harris.

          With the exception of Marc Harris, their responses are published in the order received.

            And finally, their email and/or website address is included, should you want to comment.

              Glenn Parker

              BBON: Please tell us your background and/or experience?

                Glenn: COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE: • Elected Brea City Treasurer: 2004- Present • Brea City Council Member : 1990-98, Mayor: 1994 & 1998 • Chairman: Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority: 1994 - Present • Board Member: O.C. Sanitation District • Past Board President: North Hills HOA • St Angela Merici SUMMERFEST: Volunteer, Committee Member & Past Event Chairman: 1987-2014 • Past President: Hills For Everyone

                  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: • Fire Inspector • Founder – Previous Owner, Community Management Company • Regional Marketing Manager, International Insurance Company

                    EDUCATION: • California State Fire Training, Santa Ana College • Graduate Studies, Claremont Graduate School • B.S. Business Management, Cal Poly Pomona

                      BBON: People flock to Brea for many reasons. What attracted you to Brea? • Housing • Proximity to shopping, services & the 57 Freeway • The Small Town Feeling • Good Schools

                        BBON: What motivated you to run for this position? What do you want to see change?

                          Glenn: For several years I have observed the following: • Lack of inclusive, respectful Council debate of the issues. • A failure to continue to utilize regular public engagement to identify community values to craft solutions to community problems.

                            It is my hope that my experience, knowledge and interpersonal skills will enable me to contribute to the development of an effective problem solving team.

                              BBON: What sets you apart from the other candidates? And do you share similar views with the other candidates?

                                Glenn: I think we all want what’s in the best interest of the community. What sets us apart is how we will achieve those goals.

                                  First, how can we really know and understand the community’s values and priorities unless we have regular dialogue with our constituents (i.e. public engagement)? I welcome opportunities to dialogue with the community and understand diverse points of view.

                                    Second, it’s not enough for a Council Member to simply have an opinion. It takes three votes to pass a motion. So to move your ideas forward you must possess the interpersonal skills necessary to develop positive constructive working relationships with ALL your Council colleagues. I have these skills, and my accomplishments while working on previous Councils demonstrate that I know how to use them.

                                      Once an issue has been thoroughly evaluated, respectfully and objectively debated, and the vote taken, all Council Members must move on to the next community priority and start anew. The community cares about the Council working on the issues that matter; not on personal animosities. My focus has always been on the issues.

                                        BBON: What is the first ordinance you will bring forward on council?

                                          Glenn: There are many issues that would not require the enactment of an ordinance to address them. The answer to this question depends upon the priorities determined by our constituents. Brea has not had a master plan to guide it for over 10 years. Our first task must be to work with the community to develop a multi-year strategic plan based upon their values and priorities.

                                            BBON: We are approaching our centennial year in 2017, what do you see as the city’s most significant accomplishments?

                                              • Long-term Fiscal Stability • Diverse Community Services and Cultural Opportunities • Successful rejuvenation of our Downtown • Effective maintenance of the City’s infrastructure (streets, facilities, sewers, etc.) • Preservation of open space and the creation of Chino Hills State Park, an amenity of statewide significance.

                                              Mary Jo, my love for 42 + years, and grandchildren Parker & Abbie. (courtesy of Glenn Parker)

                                                BBON: What accomplishments are you proudest of?

                                                  Glenn: During my Council & Treasurer's tenure I accomplished the following:

                                                    • Fiscal: • Balanced eight Fiscal Year Budgets • Increased City Reserves, reduced spending and the size of city government • Established a conservative Investment Policy that preserved principal & met cash-flow demands • Questioned expenditures and required audits to ensure money was spent per city policies and standards • Open Government / Community Engagement: • Initiated and facilitated multiple Town Hall Meetings and other community engagement workshops • Guided downtown revitalization as Co-chair of a Brea Project Task Force • Updated City’s General Plan as a member of the General Plan Advisory Committee • Open Space Preservation: • Created the Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority as founding Board Member. • Implemented the Hillside Preservation Ordinance • Public Safety: • Purchased the City’s first ladder truck • Implemented Community Oriented Policing and added the bike patrol • Quality of Life: • Accumulated funding and began property acquisition for the Sports Park • Led a citizen committee which established the Brea Community Center • Initiated research on Rails to Trails Program being used for The Tracks @ Brea • Created and initiated the Mayor’s Youth Community Service Award Program

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