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BBON Q&A with 2014 Brea City Council Candidate Mike Kim

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Q&A by Carolyn Campbell

    As in the case of the 2012 City Council election, we are conducting another candidate Q&A to provide residents with detailed information about the 2014 Brea City Council office seekers. In an effort to help voters make an informed decision - we posed seven questions including two-part questions to five candidates, and one incumbent, who are vying for three Brea City Council seats.

      Incumbent: Brett Murdock

        New candidates: Steven Vargas, Cecilia Hupp, Glenn Parker, Michael Kim and Marc Harris.

          With the exception of Marc Harris, their responses are published in the order received.

            And finally, their email and/or website address is included, should you want to comment.

              Mike Kim

                BBON: Please tell us your background and/or experience?

                  Mike: I am a Professional Civil Engineer and have provided municipal engineering consultation for cities in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. I have served as Public Works Director/City Engineer and Interim Community Development Director. I have participated and provided consultation in high level decision making processes and critical negotiations involving municipal government administration. I am currently serving as Brea Planning Commissioner.

                    BBON: People flock to Brea for many reasons. What attracted you to Brea?

                      Mike: Brea is a unique and vibrant community that provides residents with convenience, security, and high quality of life. Brea has achieved outstanding accomplishments that are not common in many cities. We have successful regional mall, downtown development that is evolving into a destination location in Orange County, and good education system second to none . Brea is great choice for growing families, and I chose to live in Brea to raise my family. My children have been born, educated, and raised in Brea. Brea has been my home for past 30 years. I have also been a business owner of Brea since 2001.

                        BBON: What motivated you to run for this position? What do you want to see change?

                          Mike: Brea is growing with new developments, changing demographics, and crowding in schools. Brea is facing fiscal challenges such as unfunded public pension system, state claims on local funds, and removal of Redevelopment Agency by the Governor. Brea is also facing tough decisions to continue maintaining good quality fire and safety services. In order to safeguard high quality of life, public safety, and property values in Brea, tough choices and decisions have to be made. It is vital to me and residents of Brea, that vibrant economy and quality of life in Brea needs to be safeguarded. I chose to run at this critical time to offer my vision and expertise to keep Brea moving forward toward brighter future.

                            BBON: What sets you apart from the other candidates? And do you share similar views with the other candidates?

                              Mike: I am a resident and business owner of Brea that shares same concerns with the majority of Brea residents and business owners. I am not a career politician and I do not have any other political aspirations. I believe I have unique qualification as experienced professional engineer and municipal consultant for past 35 years to bring to bear my "nut and bolts" knowledge and experience to make sure right decisions and agreements are made as we move forward with new challenges.

                                BBON: What is the first ordinance you will bring forward on council?

                                  Mike: Brea has changed from a sleepy oil town to today's dynamic suburban city with new homes, myriad of retail stores, manufacturing companies, research and development firms, and professional service businesses. With growth comes potential for special interests and competitive motivations that will require close scrutiny and improvements in regulations. Therefore, first ordinance that I wish to introduce is to limit political contribution from any one source to $3,000.00 and provide for City Council term limits to consecutive two terms.

                                    BBON: We are approaching our centennial year in 2017, what do you see as the city’s most significant accomplishments?

                                      Mike: Brea has achieved many remarkable accomplishments in nearly 100 years since incorporation as city. Brea has evolved into a vibrant community of homes and businesses from being an oil production community. In recent times, Brea, through diligent planning and effort, became a regional shopping center with development of Brea Mall, an entertainment and dining destination with outstanding downtown redevelopment, development of balanced price range of affordable homes, beautification of commercial areas with Arts in Public Places, full service police and fire departments, and outstanding schools. Therefore, most outstanding accomplishments of Brea is total of all these achievements that has made Brea an enviable community in Orange County.

                                        Top row, left to right: John Dohrmann, Son-in-Law, Krystin Kim Dohrmann, Daughter, Michelle Kim, Daughter, Eric Kim, Son. Bottow row, left to right: Dean Dohrmann, Grandson and Tate Dohrmann, Grandson.

                                          BBON: What accomplishments are you proudest of?

                                            Mike: I have worked all my life to enhance the quality of life for the public as I practice my profession as civil engineer constructing public works improvements. I take great pride in my profession and opportunity to serve the public.
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