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BBON Q&A with 2014 Brea City Council Candidate Steven Vargas

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Q&A by Carolyn Campbell

    As in the case of the 2012 City Council election, we are conducting another candidate Q&A to provide residents with detailed information about the 2014 Brea City Council office seekers. In an effort to help voters make an informed decision - we posed seven questions including two-part questions to five candidates, and one incumbent, who are vying for three Brea City Council seats.

      Incumbent: Brett Murdock

        New candidates: Steven Vargas, Cecilia Hupp, Glenn Parker, Michael Kim and Marc Harris.

          With the exception of Marc Harris, their responses are published in the order received.

            And finally, their email and/or website address is included, should you want to comment.

            Lisa and Steven Vargas

              BBON: Please tell us your background and/or experience?

                Steven: Political: Former Councilmember 1998-2002, Executive Assistance to OC Board of Supervisor, 3rd District 1998-2000, Member OC Veterans Advisory Board, Library Board and Housing Boards.

                  Community: Chairman of North Orange County Veterans Club, 2012-current, former VFW Commander 1995, American Legion Commander, 2012, former President Placentia B&G Club 1995-96. Current BSA merit badge counselor and former Executive. Military: Former Navy Diver, current Seabee (Construction Battalion) Chief Warrant Officer with 18 years of service.

                    BBON: People flock to Brea for many reasons. What attracted you to Brea?

                      Steven: I have lived in for 24 years, moving into a condo on Redwood Street in 1990. I met and married by neighbor Lisa Malin, so I suppose; Lisa is what “attracted” me to Brea. I do recall in the 80’s coming way out this way from Fullerton to go horseback riding in Carbon Canyon, I have always enjoyed that rural feel.

                        BBON: What motivated you to run for this position? What do you want to see change?

                          Steven: I am a navy reservist, each time I return from an operation or deployment I have run for City Council simply to continue to serve. I am motivated by service either to my country or my city.

                            Each time I have run, I have brought up issues that end up being picked up by other candidates and eventually implemented, so I know I am still working towards positive results and improvement. I would like to see us much or open and transparent in regards to city operations and decision making.

                              BBON: What sets you apart from the other candidates? And do you share similar views with the other candidates?

                                Steven: I have the most experience implementing change within city council due to my perseverance and determination to see through positive contributions that may not be popular with current city leadership.

                                  I share similar view with each candidate that I am committed to serve and put time and effort into campaigning to earn your vote. I do not share the view with those who take staff reports as their only source of information needed to make thoughtful decisions. I would represent the citizens of Brea, not the Unions or highly paid Executive Management.

                                    BBON: What is the first ordinance you will bring forward on council?

                                      Steven: I am hopeful to fully implement the successful Measure T which passed with 60% of the vote in 2012, which took away perks to elected officials and limited executive compensation. It is only halfway implemented due to legal maneuvers of our own city attorney, we voted for it the city council should fully implement

                                        BBON: We are approaching our centennial year in 2017, what do you see as the city’s most significant accomplishments?

                                          Steven: After nearly 100 years; to have a significant tax revenue base without completely destroying our hillside backdrop that serves as source of tranquility and improves property values for us all.

                                            Three of our five daughters at Jennifer's wedding to JR Willingham, a BOHS Graduate (2000), May 2014 (courtesy of Steven Vargas)

                                              BBON: What accomplishments are you proudest of?

                                                Steven: Personally, it would be raising 5 daughters during the 90’s and 2000’s with them still willing to call me dad….I barely made it some years! Secondly would be to have 4 grandchildren and 1 on the way and loving every minute of being a visiting Papi to them all. That is very satisfying.

                                                        Steven Vargas

                                                          Brea City Council Candidate
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