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BELLA the Chihuahua voted winner of our 2012 BBON “A Family Pet Affair”

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Bella aka Babies - Winner of our 2012 "A Family Pet Affair" photo contest

We asked and you responded in favor of a BBON pet contest in recognition of National Pet Month 2012!  Thanks to you our inaugural “A Family Pet Affair” photo contest was a hit with 37 beautiful, furry contestants and many, many votes! And so without further ado, to further acquaint you with the Schlachter dog - BELLA the Chihuahua, we asked the Schlacter family a few questions about their Babies and here is what they had to say:
How old is Bella?
Babies is 1 1/2 years old.
How long has Bella aka Babies been a part of the Schlachter family?
Since she was 8 weeks old!
Does Bella match the Chihuahua personality of comical, eccentric, quirky and loyal little dog?
Yes she does. She is the funniest Chihuahua! She has all the best qualities of a Chihuahua. She loves to snuggle and the funniest thing about her is that when the dryer is done..We yell warms and sheruns to the couch so she can bask in the warmth.
What does Bella like to do for fun with the family?
She likes to snuggle with us and also likes taking things out the the girls rooms and storing them under my bed.
What is Bella’s favorite toy?
This horrible plastic chicken that wears a bikini and squawks when it's played with.
Does Bella do any tricks?
She can stand on her hind legs for a long period time and balance like a ballerina!
Tell us one of the most memorable stories about Bella?
When we drove her back to California from Texas, she ate lots of treats at Dairy Queen and really had fun with her sister Lily on the drive.

o Schlachter family, left to right: Emily, Delaney and Ashley. Photo courtesy of Ruby Schlachter.

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