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BOHS Ladycats Alumni Game Starts New Tradition

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Ladycats basketball alumni back in Brea: The alumni game is a new thing for the Brea Ladycats started by new head coach Kim Cram-Torres.  Hopefully it will become a new tradition and many more alumni Ladycats come home to the Green and Gold game next year to participate!  It was a very fun evening for all...filled with many hugs, laughter and high fives (and lots of basketball skills from the alumni!) Ladycat Alumni participants from graduating class of 1995 thru 2010. It was truly a fun and funny game according to Lizete Chadwick.  Story by Susan Gaede

Ladycat alumni take time out to pose at the Green and Gold game November 9 at the Brea gym.Top row: (l-r)Lissa Lawrence(2000)Breecia DiCroce(2009),Amanda Strum(1998)Stephanie Wettlin(1997),Lee Moulin, (1995)Janelle(Ralph)Rotblum(1996)Kathy Trujillo(2007)Bottom row:Kristina Stryker(2003)Olivia Reynolds(2011)Jennifer Katsuyama(2003). (courtesy Kevin Yoneda)

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