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BOHS senior shares feelings about graduation

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Monica Girgis, senior at BOHS, shares her stories about graduation

Monica Girgis, senior at BOHS, shares her stories about graduation

    Seniors in BOHS are graduating on June 17 and of course, graduation is a special memory they can think back on their high school years. However, for Monica Girgis who moved to the U.S. from Alexandria, Egypt, graduation means much more.

      Q. How did you like Brea Olinda High School?

        BOHS was a great place, and I loved it, I am thankful for my parents who picked Brea!

          Q. How do you feel about graduation?

            I am surprised actually that I am graduating, I can’t believe I am not going to be in BOHS anymore.

              Q. What is your plan after graduation?

                I am going to college and I want to study pre-med, and I hope to get accepted to medical school.

                  Q. When did you move to the U.S. and what do you think of the greatest aspects of the U.S.?

                    The greatest aspect I guess to live in the U.S. is you get the chance to meet news people from different countries. That’s awesome.

                      Q. Do you have something to say to underclassmen?

                        Yes. I want to say that underclassmen should enjoy their high school in BOHS and appreciate the fact that they’re a BOHS student.

                          Q. What was your favorite activity in BOHS?

                            I guess I most preferred was class. Mrs. Fox teaches French and she’s the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life.

                              Choha Kim/sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,
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