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BOHS yearbook staff had first meeting

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BOHS yearbook staff is discussing about the ideas [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

BOHS yearbook staff is discussing about the ideas [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

    Trying to get inspirations and theme ideas before 2015-16 school year starts, BOHS yearbook staff and Susan Luce, an adviser for yearbook, had a meeting in Fullerton Barnes and Nobles on July 6. According to the interview with co-editors-in-chief of Birmingham Seaholm High School conducted by, theme is an essential part of any yearbook, allows to unify the design and overall look of the book, and also sets a voice. With Luce’s encouragement, almost every yearbook staffs came up with yearbook ideas. With those ideas, according to Luce, staff members will connect and incorporate them later.

      “I was really inspired for the upcoming yearbook through the broad and unique ideas offered by our BOHS yearbook staff,” Maha Sheikh, Editor-in-chief, said.

        Besides sharing theme ideas, they also were informed about their responsibilities. Not only they had opportunities for learning theme and responsibilities, but also they looked through magazines to get inspirations.

          “All the colorful, interesting magazines [along] with amazing design and theme elements were inspiring. This meeting thoroughly reminded me of the great group [and] Mrs. Luce and I have the pleasure of working with them this year. I think it was definitely an useful introduction to the large workload we have ahead of us,” Sheikh said.

            Choha Kim/ junior at Brea Olinda High School,
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