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Brea Fascinating Facts: Carbon Canyon Park

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1.) In the 1880's, settlers on 10-acre plots of land on the Olinda Ranch raised livestock and grew crops on what is now the open areas of Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  By the late 1890's, harsh conditions brought on by lack of a potable water source, forced them off of the land, allowing Union Oil to expand petroleum operations in the canyon.

2.) By 1897, Union Oil and the Santa Fe Railroad partnered to bring a train spur line into the Carbon Canyon oilfields in order to facilitate production of crude oil. The tracks ran from a now long forgotten depot located north of today's Olinda, cutting across what is now the Carbon Canyon Dam and the park area, heading southeast to Richfield, another township near Yorba Linda that eventually failed.

3.) With the arrival of the railroad, Olinda quickly grew to over 3,000 residents, who built homes, schools, churches, mercantiles, and other amenities to accommodate their needs. Todays Carbon Canyon Park became the site of hundreds of board and batton homes, built by the oil companies  and leased to married wildcatters.

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