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Brea Florist: Community business, Customer loyalty.

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Brea Florist, at its current location of 341 South Brea Blvd

Brea Florist had been a fixture on Brea Blvd for forty-three years, before it relocated to West Central Avenue in 1990 due to downtown redevelopment.  Since that move, despite early concerns, the business continued to thrive and soon residents familiar with the old location found their favorite florist at the new location.

In 2010, Mary Jo Britt, who purchased the business in 2007, moved the shop back to Brea Blvd, at 341 South Brea Blvd, just one block south of their original location of forty-three years.  Mary Jo, who was employed at the business for twenty-four years before buying it, credits 35-years of customer loyalty, as well as new clients from the internet and a more visible storefront, for their continued success. She recently told BBON, "The unexpected move worked out great!"

With her devoted staff, (Anna Davidson, who is a prior owner and semi-retired; Roxanne Whitney, who has worked with Mary Jo for 23-years; and Ruben Gallegos, making floral deliveries for 8-years) Mary Jo hopes Brea Florist will continue to serve the community for another 50 years.

BREA FLORIST 1947 - 2011

1947 - Brea Florist opens at 235 South Brea Blvd

1978 - Mike and Linda Jacoby purchase Brea Florist

1983 - Mary Jo Britt gains employment at Brea Florist

1990 - Brea Florist relocates to West Central Ave due to downtown redevelopment

1991 - Anna Davidson purchases Brea Florist

2007 - Mary Jo Britt purchases Brea Florist after 24-years of employment

2010 - Brea Florist relocates back to Brea Blvd, to their current location at 341 South Brea Blvd

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