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Brea Kiwanis Annual Back-to-School Shopping Spree is a hit!

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    Brea Kiwanis Brea Kiwanis Secretary, Charlie Phillips wrote the following article giving us the history of their annual back-to-school shopping spree that the club has been sponsoring for over 15 year's with great success. And as Charlie notes, this year 46 volunteers were among those who helped to make it a special shopping event for 58 local children. Photos courtesy of Charlie Phillips. Brea Kiwanis Back to School Shopping, Saturday September 13.... The Brea Kiwanis marquee event starting the new 2014-2015 school year was the 'Back to School' shopping event that warms the hearts of all that participated. It's a Brea Kiwanis sponsored event that involves donations from local area merchants, financial/investment corporations, JC Penny's and Kiwanis. The purpose of the event is to provide back to school clothing and school supplies to children a little less fortunate than most and watch their smiling faces as they proudly display the items that they have shopped. Brea Kiwanis The event was started in the late 1990's by Pat Roundtree. Pat was the Brea Kiwanis Club President and local Century 21 realtor. She set up the first shopping spree at Mervyn's. Close to 30 children were fitted to new clothes and provided school supplies by Kiwanians escorting and shopping for the children. Brea Kiwanis We continued the event at Mervyn's for 3-4 years and then made the change to Walmart where the manager, Becky Smith, a Brea Kiwanis member, expanded the event to include coffee and donuts for the shopping children families and provide amazing discounts for the children. We continued to hold our event there for about 7 years until Becky retired. Although it was Pat who developed the 'Back to School' idea and provided the initiative to make the event work, it was another Kiwanian, Annetta Scott, who for many years was the coordinator and backbone of the event. Before she moved away, she set up another store that was excited to host the event. Brea Kiwanis That store is JC Penney's where we have joined in partnership that has grown stronger over these last few years! It was difficult to replace Annetta but another Brea Kiwanian stepped forward to champion the event. Henry Eagar, Banking Officer at Citizens Business Bank, has taken charge in the last two years. Through his efforts he has about doubled the number of children the event serves today. Brea Kiwanis This year, the event sponsored 58 children from the local area with each child receiving $100+ to shop. The Kiwanis Club of Placentia sponsored 12 of these children. All together there were about 46 volunteers including JC Penney's sales associates, Kiwanians and Brea High School Key Clubbers. Including the children, parents and volunteers the event attendance was 156+. Brea Kiwanis The Kiwanis Clubs of Brea and Placentia would like to thank, Mothers Market, Citizens Bank, Merrill Lynch, La Floresta, JC Penny's, Kiwanis and Lance Soll Lunghard LLP for their donations to make this event possible. Brea Kiwanis A special thank you goes to Penney's Lucy Rau, Brea Store Leader, Chaute Humes, Human Resource Leader and their event Co-chairs, Jill, Nalleli, Vimaris and the 10 volunteer sales associates for their support and the little extras they included in all the children's shopping bags. Brea Kiwanis Brea Kiwanis Brea Kiwanis
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