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Brea organizations connect to help kids in need of clothing

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Today we received a heartwarming letter from Charlie Phillips, Secretary of Brea Kiwanis.

Not long ago, Chandra Char, Unit Director of the Brea Boys & Girls Club, made a plea to the Kiwanis Club during her Breakfast Meeting presentation October 11, 2012. Her plea was in reference to the recently completed ' Back to School Shopping Spree' on September 22. Over $5500 was raised from donations from Kiwanis, La Floresta, Penney's and the Merrill Lynch Management Group for the event. Unfortunately, there never is enough funds to cover the needs for all the children...Chandra Char proposed we go an extra step.

The following is an excerpt from Chandra's presentation published in the October 16 Brea Club Newsletter.....

---- " A few weeks ago I was ask to recommend ten children for the JC Penney Shopping Spree. Only seven of the ten were picked...It's difficult taking back invitations that mean so much to these children. Could the Brea Kiwanis extend to this family of three foster children help to provide school clothes they need. If Brea could donate gift cards to help these children, it would mean so much to the them and to the Brea Boys and Girls Club. Please donate to their shopping spree and I will personally take the children out to shop for clothes." -------

After Chandra's presentation Alan Nakamura, Brea Kiwanis Club President, assured her plea would not go unanswered.

Chandra Char, Unit Director, of the Brea Boys & Girls Club receives recognition from Brea Kiwanis President Alan Nakamura at the Kiwanis breakfast meeting presentation. Photo by Charlie Phillips

On November 16, Chandra wrote a thank you note to Brea Kiwanis...I want to share that note with you......


Dear Kiwanis Club Member,

At the Kiwanis Club meeting on October 11th I spoke about a family of foster children in need at the Boys & Girls Club of Brea. I would like to thank you for the gift cards for the family at the Brea Clubhouse. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and this gesture made a lasting impression on these three kids.

This past Saturday I brought the three kids shopping at JC Penney’s. This was very special for them because they didn’t have any winter clothes. They bought long pants, sweatshirts and jackets. They didn’t have any pajamas and went over by $50, but my family covered the difference. It’s hard to deny needy children pajamas. Additionally, Lucy Rau, the General Manager of JC Penney’s Brea, gave each kid a backpack. They had a great time, and so did I. It was such a heartwarming experience and something that I will remember for years to come. Afterwards, I brought the kids to Mrs. Field’s for a late afternoon snack. They were so grateful and appreciative of everything. This is the true meaning of the holiday season and the season of thanksgiving.

Thank you so very much for the gift cards for these kids. I appreciate your support of my efforts to make a special moment for these kids. I, as well as the kids, am incredibly grateful to you.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Happy Holiday.

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