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Brea Pays Respects to Shirley Bickel

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Shirley Bickel, 2011

When I left my apartment on Saturday morning to attend the Mass at St. Angela's for Shirley Bickel, I knew I would see many well-known Breans in attendance. And why not? Shirley is well-known in the city, herself. As a volunteer at the Senior Center, serving on various Boards and Committees, investing her time and energy in so many projects, Shirley has been such a familiar face in the city for so long, I knew OF Shirley Bickel, before I ever even met her. And when I met her, just like everyone else, I loved her bright smile.

When I arrived at the Church, even half-an-hour before the service, the parking lot was already full. I parked on the street, and with others, walked up the sidewalk to where people were gathered. As I watched, more people were walking from their cars to queue up, like me, to sign the guest book. I was pleased to see we had all followed Shirley's wishes and dressed in bright colors. Then, as we were ushered in and seated,  waiting for the service to begin, I started to notice the well-known Breans who had come to pay their respects. Mayor Don Schweitzer, Councilmembers Marty Simonoff and Roy Moore, city leaders past and present, Pastors Dave Rader and Doug Green; all of whom not only counted on Shirley's no-nonsense opinion, they counted her as a friend.

Then, I noticed something else. There were many well-known Breans at the service, but the number of UNKNOWN Breans...Breans just like me...was staggering!

Looking around me, I saw people young and old, smiling, teary. All of us unknowns, there to honor a woman who had touched our lives. Someone we count as a friend.  What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady. I think Shirley would have smiled.

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