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Brea’s new online minor crime reporting system

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    This week, the Police Department launched its new online crime reporting system, COPLOGIC. Accessed through the City’s website, this system provides the members of our community the availability of reporting cold minor crimes online at their convenience, such as minor theft, vandalism, etc. Every online report is reviewed by a police supervisor and then sent to our detective bureau for review to ascertain any available leads. The person making the report receives a report number and electronic copy of their report.

      Of course, officers will continue to respond if a victim prefers face-to-face contact, or the report involves a more serious matter, such as a violent crime or if property loss includes weapons or other dangerous items. Officers will also respond if there is evidence to be collected. The system operates in a manner that informs the reporting person if what they are reporting demands response from an officer.

        You may recall this system was approved as part of the FY12-13 budget, and was paid for entirely with narcotics asset forfeiture funds. The purpose of the system is to provide an online option for community members, and to free patrol officers up for other proactive patrol duties.


            Captain John Burks
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