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Brea’s Time Capsule – by former Mayor Beverly Perry

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Former Brea Mayor Beverly PerryIn 1992, the city of Brea celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a host of events starting on February 23 – the day that Brea was incorporated in 1917 – with a birthday party and time capsule opening.  The climax of the year-long celebration was the December 6 burial of a new time capsule, which will be opened in 2017 at the Centennial Celebration. Members of the Jubilee Time Capsule Subcommittee organized a contest for entries into the time capsule that had to fit into one of two theme categories: "Through the Looking Glass: Year 2017" (which was the entrant's view of what life would be like in 2017), and "Life Today: The Good, Bad and the Absurd!"  Many wonderful and creative items were put in the 3' x 6' cylinder specially constructed and donated by Western Wholesale Guns & Ammo and Ram Fiberglass, and buried in front of the Civic & Cultural Center near the "Breaking Free" statue by Martin Varo. As an extra bonus, Paul Smith used the time capsule as his Eagle Scout project.

We're all looking forward to February 23, 2017, when the capsule will be opened and all the buried treasure will be revealed for everyone to enjoy!

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