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CASH MOB in Brea – Cast your vote

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Cleveland International Cash Mob Day (photo by Summer Jo Shepherd.)

Have you heard of Cash Mobs? In August of last year a blogger named Christopher Smith organized a Cash Mob to encourage people to give back to their community by giving a financial boost to an independently owned local business.  Since then Cash Mobs have caught on around the world and are growing daily.

BBON is all about the community.  In keeping with our mission, we would like to UNITE the people to PROMOTE local businesses via our inaugural BBON CASH MOB!

The format is simple:  Nominate a favorite independently owned business that you would like to support.  Votes will be tallied and the business that gains the most votes wins the mob.  Next, a day/time is scheduled, if the merchant agrees.  On the given date, everyone shows up and vows to spend a minimum of $20.00 at the establishment.  It’s a way to stimulate the local economy while having fun working together with people for a cause!

So let’s hear your nomination for our first BBON CASH MOB!

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