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  • Time to Gather for a Community Centennial Video

    2 years ago by

    Hi everyone!

      History can be coool!!

        It’s been quite awhile since I have posted on Brea Old and New website. I’ve been waiting to give residents of the community an update about ⭐Brea's 1st young person’s book named Charlie the Rockin’ Clock in Brea History’s Biggest Hits! and also bring together the community for the making of a centennial video.

          The notable centennial book, written by Teresa Hampson and Illustrated by 2006 BOHS grad and CSUF grad, Heather Ashlyn Collins, is completed, and we have secured a publisher in La Habra. The book has gained a lot of attention due to its uniqueness featuring Brea’s historic iconic Charlie’s Clock turned time traveling Charlie the Clock caricature. It will serve as a creative learning tool to get people interested in local history.

            Excerpt from Chapter 5: Brea’s Big Growth Spurt
            “Easy, Charlie!” cried Jarred. “That’s the freeway!”
            “Easy to say,” Charlie replied, “but it took almost forever to get done! Way back in 1947, this freeway was one of three planned to go through Brea, but local folks have been waiting 25 years for it to get here!” Then he skipped ahead just a bit, and the kids laughed out loud at what they saw. Brea’s part of the freeway was done, but it clearly hadn’t opened yet. Instead, a celebration was in progress on the freshly paved highway, and people in old-fashioned costumes were riding around on bicycles built for two!
            “How fun!’ cried Skyler. “I want to do that!”
            “Don’t we all…” chuckled Charlie.

              Click here to read the entire background of the independent centennial community project.

                Suffice it to say, this has been a long journey at two years in the making. Hopefully you will agree it was well worth it because after all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, unlike many before it.

                  It was our objective to include as many local people in the book as possible. The book features seven young people, six of whom are the main characters accompanying Charlie the Clock in the time travel story. Additionally there are three adults along with four Imagine Brea Essay Contest winners, and approximately 18 kids in the panoramic photo, now a 2-page illustration.

                    A special invitation for you: Because the book cannot logically showcase everyone, we’d like to invite every person in the community who is interested, kids and adults alike, to be in the video project.

                      Here are the details:

                        Playing to the tune of 2017 BOHS grad, Hayden Mangum, who wrote and sung the book’s theme song 🎶Back Home🎶 the video will be filmed at three locations in Brea: Brea Downtown, BOHS quad area, and Olinda Oil Museum & Trail.

                          Due to their distinctive uniforms, both Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour and Edwards Brea West 10 were approached regarding the video, resulting in the authorization for their staffs presence in the Brea Downtown scene. An invite was also extended to the docents at the museum to dress in old time garb while shooting on the museum's premises.

                            The video will be very much like the last chapter in the book called 🎉Party Time,”🎉where everyone congregates in Brea Downtown to celebrate the hook of the book!! So you can say, the world of make believe comes alive🌟!

                              I was quoted $1,200 to make the video from an Anaheim based business. I’d like to ask if there is anybody who would be interested in volunteering his or her time or reducing the initial estimate to something more affordable, as we are on a tight budget.

                                For your services, you would be mentioned in the eventful book’s acknowledgement page, on the video, and on the website,

                                  The community video will be shown across the internet on social media platforms in collaboration with those people who live, work, or just want to have fun in Brea!

                                    Let’s use our imagination to light up the city with a celebratory centennial party video 🎥 showcasing Brea’s residents, businesses, and locations!!

                                      For those who want to lend a helping hand, please send me a message on either Brea Old and New Facebook or Charlie the Clock Instagram page 😉

                                        I hope we can accomplish this special project pulling together as a community!

                                          Thank you for your time! And I hope to hear from you soon 😊



  • BOHS GITA Club to build Charlie the Clock centennial children’s website

    3 years ago by

    What did the unwound clock say to its owner? A: It’s about time!

      Update on Brea’s historic iconic Charlie’s Clock aka Charlie the Clock caricicature:

        Today, I met with Mr. Salesky, the creator and sole instructor of BOHS GITA (Global IT Academy), and three of his students, Anjali Patel, Zoya Kahn and Kyle Tam, who are working on building a Charlie the Clock website -- showcasing the city of Brea's first children's book, celebrating its centennial year in 2017.
  • Wacky Whole Foods Market Meetup

    4 years ago by

    Just another Wednesday at WFM Brea!!

      Time to fuel UP!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

          CLICK here to watch the video!

            Arriving in what else -- but a Jurassic Jeep, Ralph the Rex met his neighbor and new sidekick cartoon Charlie the Clock. What fun they had frolicking through the humongous store with a checklist of food to divide and devour!

              Many thanks to the "fun crew" at Whole Foods Market Brea, our friend Ralph_the_Rex, Dino Doctor - ranger_kevin, and Charlie_the_ Clock cutout performer --Austin Zemlo!

                Those of you on Instagram: Coming soon Charlie the Clock-- Time Travel Celebrating 100 Years in Brea!

  • BBON is Celebrating 2,000 Facebook Fans with a Giveaway

    5 years ago by

    With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the perfect timing for gift giving, wouldn’t you say? Stay tuned for the details…

      Then--Carly and Christine-Marie Johnnie, our BBON Kid Reporters.

      Now--Christine-Marie and Carly Johnnie, all grown up!

        2,000 followers! Congratulations to BBON. We have enjoyed reporting special events and loved working with Carolyn. Farrell's grand opening shoot was our favorite. Has it really been three years?

          Christine-Marie and Carly Johnnie

  • Carly Johnnie represents Brea at OC Fair singing National Anthem

    6 years ago by

    Carly Johnnie, actress, model and singer, and our very own BBON kid reporter!

      People: Talented Brean Carly Johnnie, and the owner of Virtuo Music Center, Kal Paviolo in Brea were selected to sing the National Anthem on August 7 of this year. They represented Brea, La Habra, Placentia and Yorba Linda during the community flag salute.

        Carly, 10, is interested in an acting career. The St. Angela School student completed 17 Independent and short films, music videos and a TV pilot. She can be seen in videos for Nickelodeon, DJ Antoine and Farrell's Ice Cream. Carly also models and her image is in ads for Starline Tours of Hollywood, Made by Pam, UV SOUL and Just Daisy Handcrafted Jewelery. Carly has completed 12 theater productions and she and her sister, Christine are the kid reporters for BBON, their Brea online news source with Carolyn Campbell. She has just been asked to sing the National Anthem again at the Fair. We wish her luck in her career.

          Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle (714)529-8562 or e-mail

  • Video: Brea Chamber of Commerce celebrates,”100 Years of Brea.”

    7 years ago by

    100 Years of Brea

    Historic iconic sign "Brea Welcomes You." photo by Orange County Register

      Celebrating 100 years, Brea Chamber of Commerce with the help of the city, esteemed contributors and volunteers, including Brea Olinda High School students, put together a video celebrating 100 years in Brea. From a mighty gusher - the start of a thriving town in 1898 - to the origins of Brea Chamber of Commerce, local historic organizations, Brea Mall to Brea Downtown, and a look to our future, it’s “Good Old Brea.”

  • BBON Video: Interview with Susan Gaede, a.k.a. ‘Newsy Suzie.’

    7 years ago by

    BBON Susan Gaede Video

    At home with Susan Gaede (video courtesy of Related Grey in Brea)
    Photojournalist Susan Gaede talks candidly about 42 years in the field. Shy and meek, NO WAY, as Susan Gaede, a.k.a. ‘Newsy Suzie,’ says, 'I do my own thing.' And it is evident throughout this video as Susan tells her attention-grabbing stories about the locals and celebrities she has covered in her long career. A special thanks to Brea’s local columnist Susan Gaede, and the awesome team at Related Grey,, for producing this exceptional video for Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON).

  • Mayor Don Schweitzer talks about Brea projects on Time Warner Cable Local Edition

    7 years ago by

    Time Warner Local Edition with Mayor Don Schweitzer

    Architect/Artist Susan Narduli commissioned to build the Brea War Memorial. (Narduli Studios rendition)


    Mayor Don Schweitzer discusses Brea “going green” and a new War Memorial with Time Warner Cable Local Edition host Leslie Leyton.

    “Proud of what we have done to conserve energy” says, the Mayor mentioning “19 Breans will be honored on the memorial wall, we actually start breaking ground next week.”

  • BBON’s Christine Johnnie scores a part in Dilly Gence’s music video – Let Your Belly Hang

    8 years ago by

    Photo of Christine on set of "Gagewart” DJ Antoine Music Video with Brig MC

    "Let Your Belly Hang Out"

    Actor and singer Christine Johnnie, who is also our BBON kid reporter, recently completed a fun music video assignment.  She scored a part in Dilly Gence’s new music video “Let Your Belly Hang.” Dilly is a Songwriter, MC, Producer, Performer, and Photographer. In Dilly’s video, Christine is seen strutting her stuff down the catwalk to the tune of Dilly’s new song “Let Your Belly Hang.” Stop the video at minute 2:22-2:24 and you’ll see our Christine.


  • Famous athletes of Brea- a blast from the past

    8 years ago by


    Randy Jones #35

    We thought to share this great 1977 San Diego Padres team photo posted by Leslie Young, a fan of Randy Jones - BOHS grad and major league baseball player of the San Diego Padres.  At the time the photograph was taken, Randy, #35 bottom second left, was in his fifth year of playing for the San Diego Padres, with his best season in 1976, winning the Cy Young Award and named The Sporting News NL pitcher of the year! Randy Jones number 35 was retired by the San Diego Padres in 1997.

    We had the pleasure of meeting Randy when we interviewed him awhile back.  Under the homepage featured category: Video Adventures, you will find Part 1 & 2 BBON Randy Jones Video Adventure!