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  • Brea Olinda Academic Decathlon team competed

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    Brea Olinda JV Decathlon team is smiling after the competition [Image Credit:Patricia Humphrey

      Brea Olinda High School(BOHS) Academic Decathlon team, a most unique and rare program on campus with multiple advantages and benefits from both competition and the preparations and journeys for its competition, showcased their performances at 9th/10th Orange County Academic Decathlon(OCAD) competition on May 16 at Aliso Niguel High School.

        Open to all California public and private high school students, the California Academic Decathlon is a statewide non-profit organization that promotes an educational experience providing a format in which teams of nine high school students compete in academic events. Also, it inspires academic excellence and build 21st century skills that prepare students for college and careers.

          Each year, competition has own theme and this year’s theme was Energy & Innovation. Included in Division 2, BOHS Academic Decathlon team solved multiple choice questions for each sections, Math, Science, Social Science, Language & Literature, Art and Music. In addition, they gave a prepared speech, which was up to two minutes and half long, and participated in Super Quiz Relay. Super Quiz relay was held at its high school’s gymnasium and open to the public. Super Quiz Relay section was divided into three levels based on participants’ GPA and they solved problem by looking at the screen in the front and clicking the number of button on the tool.

            For the upcoming competition, team members in BOHS worked hard for multiple test section by coming to the meeting every week on both Monday and Wednesday after school. According to Lee, they have got the packets and study guides for those multiple tests and they have been working their “best” to study them.

              “By coming to the meeting every Monday and Wednesday after school, I had an opportunity to study new materials with people I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t join in this team,” Lee said.

                While discussing about packets and study guides for competitions, it created a sense of teamwork and community Christian Roberts, freshman, said.

                  Not only their studying materials and discussions for Academic Decathlon competition encouraged their teamwork, but also it stimulated their studying.

                    “Since Decathlon covers all materials, we had to study them together whether we are interested or not, we could find our strengths and and weakness through studying all materials,” Roberts said.

                      “The Academic Decathlon helps students become better team players,” Humphrey said.

                        Finding strengths by covering all materials can lead to interest in specific field of study.

                          “By learning all sorts of things that you never knew or even thought of, and it even sparked an interest in something I didn’t think was interesting,” James Lincoln, freshman, said.

                            “It also expanded the student’s knowledge in a wide range of subjects and exposes them to subjects they might not take in regular classes, like art techniques, art history, music theory and composers,” Humphrey said.

                              These activities even can be a contribution to students’ future, according to Humphrey.

                                “Preparation for competition gave me an overall good idea of a lot of subjects and trivia and I think these will be helpful for my future,” Lincoln said.

                                  “Many students found the interview & speech portions of the competition very helpful to them in preparing for job, college interviews, and preparations.

                                    Academic Decathlon is not sole program for academically excelled students.

                                      “It is probably the most inclusive competition around because it requires teams to have A, B, and C students based on their GPA compared to other competitions which are only for the top students. They are judged only against students with the same grades,” Humphrey said.

                                        Those advantages and benefits encouraged team members to be dedicated and committed to prepare Academic Decathlon competition, according to Roberts.

                                          “Our team has been pretty dedicated by attending every meeting to learn and discuss for the competition,” Roberts said.

                                            “After the competition, I felt like those efforts and dedication paid off,” Lee said. BOHS Academic Decathlon team is waiting for its results, as it has not been released yet. Awards ceremony will be held on June 1 at Valencia High School Auditorium.

                                              Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

                                                with help from J student reporter editor Sydney Chang and the J Student Reporters Program:

  • BOHS Key Club officers attended Leadership meeting

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    Key Club logo [Image Credit: Key Club International]

    Key Club logo [Image Credit: Key Club International]

      As an opportunity to have a time of reflection on their journey as key club officers, by uniting with other key clubs in California-Nevada-Hawaii(CNH) Division 30 North(D30N), Brea Olinda High School(BOHS) Key Club officers, Breanne Carey, president, and Justin Jaojoco, vice president, attended Leadership Team meeting on May 15 in Buena Park.

        With ten schools out of 13 schools in District and total of 23 people attended, they first started with their introduction. After each of their introduction, Serena Mann, a Lieutenant Governor for D30N Key Club, continued leading the meeting, first by encouraging key club officers that she was “proud” of them.

          “[Despite] Advanced Placement(AP) tests of weeks were intense, 455 of Service hours as division were amazing,” Mann said.

            After that, Mann suggested all key club officers to write down weaknesses and strengths, not only for club, but also for themselves. Then, she let officers to share their strength and weakness. BOHS officers shared that their weakness is that key club members don’t come out to participate in events. And key club officers from other school came up with an useful idea; each key club board members in BOHS should bring one or two members to the event.

              “This meeting helped me realize my personal and our school key club’s strength and weakness. I now know what we can do to improve our club,” Carey said.

                In addition to sharing ideas, Mann also advised whole key club officers, to ensure that this year is filled with the utmost service spirit, unity, and improvement.

                  “Key club is professionalism. Professionalism is required to be a leader,” Mann stated. Besides professionalism, as leaders, you should be respectful to adults in kiwanis organization,” Mann said.

                    In addition to Carey, this meeting was a tremendous help to Jaojoco.

                      “I had a lot of fun [with other key club officers in D30N] and it was very informative,” Jaojoco said.

                        “Every time, even though I get nervous, [I find it meaningful] because it allowed them to improve,” Mann said.

                          For the upcoming event, D30N key club will have Annual Olympic at La Mirada Regional Park on May 30 and BOHS Key Club will have garage Sale on June 22.

                            Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS Senior reflects high school years

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    Olivia Hae Jeong Kim, senior, shares her high school years [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

    Olivia Hae Jeong Kim, senior, shares her high school years
    [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

      Olivia Hae Jeong Kim, senior, moved to Brea from South Korea in her junior year. Despite the language barriers and difficulties, she got accepted to San Francisco State University. Especially for students with same circumstances and underclassmen, she shared her stories and gave useful advice.

        Q. what do you think of your high school years?

          It went by pretty fast without realizing. Even though I had to get through hard time, I had fun at the same time. I was a transferred student from South Korea and it was not easy to learn a new language and culture.

            Q. Besides adapting problem, what was the hardest part you had to get through?

              I had to take SAT test because it was mandatory and required to get into college. Especially, critical reading part was the hardest. Since English was not my first language, it took me more time to solve problems for SAT. Additionally, it took me extra efforts to keep up with U.S. history class because I have never learned the U.S. history before.

                Q. What activities were you involved in in your high school years?

                  I was in Drama, which I preferred the most. Through acting and communicating in English by taking Drama class, my English skills greatly improved. It also exposed me to the American culture and I could easily have an opportunity to learn more about its culture. Perhaps it was the best way to learn English. I would recommend drama class for both international and American friends.

                    Q. What is your most remarkable memory in BOHS?

                      I would say that most memorable memory is prom, because I had a lot of fun. Especially, I was fascinated to wear dress because there is no prom culture in South Korea.

                        Q. Did you miss your home country, South Korea? If so, how did you cope with it?

                          Yes, I had a homesick because I have lived there for 17 years. Through Facebook, I communicated with my Korean friends. That helped me a lot coping with homesick.

                            Q. Do you have any advice for underclassmen, including international students?

                              I suggest students not to take AP classes randomly. Instead of taking it randomly, I highly suggest students to take classes based on their interests and career. And also, they should enjoy high school years. Even though I didn’t participate in sports, I would try sports if I am underclassmen.

                                Q. What is your future goal relating to college and career?

                                  I want to get pharmacy technician license and would like to work as a part-time-job for either CVS or Costco pharmacy. And I will try to get high GPA while attending San Francisco State University.

                                    Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway Coming Soon

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    BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway Coming Soon!

    BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway Coming Soon!

      Hey everyone, it’s time for another giveaway! We’re partnering again with Brea SummerFest to kick-off the festival with a three-day giveaway on BBON Facebook.

        Because one can be a lonely number, we’re multiplying it by seven for (7 Gifts for 7 Fans!)


            The Gifts:

              (2) $20 Gift Cards for Urban Plates. Urban Plates is due to open in Village at La Floresta, a hub of retail and destination dining in Brea, at Imperial Highway between Valencia and Rose Drive, in early 2016. The gift cards can be used at any of their locations: Brea, Irvine, Del Mar or Carlsbad.

                $25 Gift Card for California Grill Brea

                  (2) $25 Gift Cards for Taps Fish House & Brewery, Brea Downtown or Corona.

                    $25 Gift Card for On The Hook

                      $25 Gift Card for Green Tomato Grill. The Green Tomato Grill is opening another restaurant, which will be located in the Von's center, on the corner of Central Avenue and Brea Boulevard, in August 2015. The gift card can be used at their Orange or Brea eatery.

                        (2) $20 Gift Cards for Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen

                          $25 Gift Certificate to Brea's new eatery La Puerta Authentic Mexican Food

                            One month of free lessons at Virtuo Music & Performing Arts. Their prize is transferrable and is good for children or adults. Winners choice of dance, instrument or vocal.

                              The giveaway is scheduled to start on Tuesday, May 26 and will run through Thursday, May 28. The winners will be announced on BBON Facebook on Friday, May 29, the first day of the three-day festival. Gifts will be available to pickup during the 28th Annual Brea SummerFest! Good Luck!

  • BOHS students get free tutoring

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    From left to right, Sarah Kang, Lisa Sun Jonathan Kim, Maria Lantyer, are participating in peer tutor program [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

    From left to right, Sarah Kang, Lisa Sun, Jonathan Kim, Maria Lantyer, are participating in peer tutor program [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

      As an opportunity for both peer tutors and students to grow, peer tutors volunteer every Tuesday and Thursday, by teaching and helping their peer with studying at career center in Brea Olinda High School(BOHS). As the semester is nearly over, they shared their stories about being peer tutors in BOHS.

        Maria Lantyer, junior peer tutor, found out that application for peer tutor was available in the beginning of school year. She thought that it would be a great chance to help others and started to help her peers since her junior year.

          “I like helping other students, especially by tutoring them. I specifically taught Spanish and Geometry,” Lantyer said.

            After she worked on teaching Spanish and Geometry, she was able to see some success of other students she helped.

              “I was really happy after seeing their achievements and improvements,” Lantyer said.

                Not only this program benefits students who get help, but also peer tutors.

                  “I especially taught all math levels, until Pre-Calculus. It helped me understand my knowledge and got to practice teaching. And I use my time meaningful by teaching and helping them,” Sarah Kang, junior peer tutor, said.

                    Additionally, BOHS offers community service hours for peer tutors.

                      “I especially taught Geometry. I really like getting volunteer time through peer tutoring,” Jonathan Kim, freshman peer tutor, said.

                        This tutoring program at BOHS will be a huge contribution to all participants. People who are interested in becoming a peer tutor for next year or getting help from peer tutors can find information at BOHS office.

                          Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • Link Crew members were selected

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    From left to right, Tyler Hong, Joshua Lee, sophomores will help out Freshmen as Link Crew Ambassadors [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

    From left to right, Tyler Hong, Joshua Lee, sophomores will help out Freshmen as Link Crew Ambassadors [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

      As seniors are graduating with tears inspiring numerous underclassmen, incoming Freshmen from junior high schools will fill the Brea Olinda High School(BOHS) with excitement and freshness. Since it’s huge transition from junior high school to high school, there are Link Crew members, juniors and seniors, who help Freshmen actively.

        On April 13, Cara Dietz, an adviser for Link Crew, announced that applications for Link Crew are available for 2015-16 school year. Ambitious current sophomores and juniors eagerly filled out their applications and went to Link Academy to show their enthusiasm and passion through activities. Some of them applied to be cabinet members and others applied to be ambassadors.

          According to Dietz, there are two options to be a Link Crew member. Students can both apply to be Cabinet members, who should take the Link Crew class in 4th period and to be ambassadors, who don't have to take the class.

            On May 4, Cara Dietz’s room 244 was crowded with applicants who came to check if their names are on the selected Link Crew members’ lists. Dietz chose 75 ambassadors and 30 cabinet members based on their applications, Link Academy, teacher recommendations, and GPA.

              Some students like Tyler Hong and Joshua Lee were very “happy” after getting elected to be Link Crew Ambassadors because the application process was not easy.

                “I was happy that I was elected. My brother is an incoming freshman and it will be another learning experience and personal growth. Also, I will be able to make new friends,” Lee said.

                  “I moved here from different school when I was freshman, Link Crew members helped me a lot. So I also wanted to help freshmen as a junior next year. I will get to know new freshmen and try to make them feel comfortable with school,” Hong said.

                    Hong changed from the freshman who appreciated tremendous helps from Link Crew members to the Link Crew ambassador to help them, after realizing how those helps had a huge impact on his freshman year’s school life. Link Crew members are a huge contribution to the school because freshman like Hong who got help from Link Crew members will actually end up being Link Crew members.

                      “I am excited for new cabinet members and ambassadors, and also for new ideas and fun activities,” Dietz said.

                        In the upcoming summer vacation, cabinet members and ambassadors will attend two eight hour trainings to be prepared for Freshman Welcome Day, which will be held next year.

                          Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • Two scouts receive highest rank: Eagle Scout and Gold Award

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    Brea scouts honors:

      Councilwoman Christine Marick presented a city of Brea Commendation to Brea resident, Adam Parker Pacheco, for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout through Boy Scout Troop 811. (Courtesy Andre Pacheco)

      Councilwoman Christine Marick presented a city of Brea Commendation to Brea resident, Adam Parker Pacheco, for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout through Boy Scout Troop 811. (Courtesy Andre Pacheco)

        Adam Parker Pacheco has earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.

          Adam completed his Eagle Scout service project at St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church in Yorba Linda raising nearly $1,000 for the refurbishing of the church’s garden. Eight fellow Scouts in troop 811, which he managed throughout the project, assisted Adam in completing the work. Eagle Scout is the highest rank in Boy Scouts.

            Deval Patel completed her Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting. She worked her entire summer to enrich a program for children with autism.

              Deval Patel completed her Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts this past October. (Courtesy Bhavisha Patel)

              Deval Patel completed her Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts this past October. (Courtesy Bhavisha Patel)

              She made skits and videos to assist the children to learn how to make and keep friends. She involved many other teens in the process. Her team also learned how to better interact with children with disabilities. It was a learning situation for both groups, and the program will continue in the future.

                Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at (714)529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Track season is coming to an end

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    Austin Tamagno, junior, competed at Orange County Meet of Champions [Image Credit: Chuck Utash, DyestatCal/Runnerspace]

    Austin Tamagno, junior, competed at Orange County Meet of Champions [Image Credit: Chuck Utash, DyestatCal/Runnerspace]

      With the end of the season in sight, girls’ and boys’ varsity track and field showcased their talents at the 2015 Orange County Track and Field Championships, which was held on April 25 at Mission Viejo High School. It served as the final regular season invitational competition before the start of league finals and CIF competitions.

        For the boys’ track team, Austin Tamagno, junior, won first place with a time of 1:52 in the 800 Meter Run. Angel Escobar, senior, won ninth place for in the 3200 Meter Run with a time of 9:30.

          “I almost fell asleep on the starting line because I was really tired and didn’t get a lot of sleep. But I tried to run my best and won the race,” Tamagno said.

            For the girls’ team, Carly Halm, junior, won tenth place with a time of 5:26 in the 1600 Meter Run and placed sixteenth with a time of 11:28 in the 3200 Meter Run.

              “The competition was very difficult that best runners from all over Orange County got to meet up and competed. It was very cool to see so many people with their talents. Personal record of 11:28 put me 7th in the school history. My training had been going very well there past two weeks, and I am excited for the rest of the races,” Halm said. Kylee Grubbs, junior, won twentieth place with a time of 2:23 for 800 Meter Run.

                “It was a good experience and I felt good and confident,” Grubbs said.

                  The previous race, Brea versus Foothill, was held on April 23.

                    Highlights of the meet for the girls’ team included Grubbs placing first in the girls’ 800 meter run with a time of 2:23, as well as her second place achievement in the girls’ 1600 meter run with a time of 5:32.

                      “My Personal Record (PR) got faster for both 1600 and 800 Meter and I took it easy for Orange County Meet of Champions race,” Grubbs said.

                        Halm won first place for the girls’ 3200 meter run with a time of 11:50.

                          “I was very happy with my result because my hard trainings paid off. I trained with boys for some of our longer workouts. This really helped me and gave me a lot of confidence going into races,” Halm said.

                            For the boys’ team, Tamagno won first place for both the 3200 Meter Run with a time of 9:49 and 400 Meter by getting 50.89 and “was happy with his results.” Chris Dedio, senior, won second place for 1600 Meter Run with a time of 4:36. In addition, Jeff Sipple, senior, won first place for 800 Meter Run by getting 2:02.

                              Before the Brea versus Foothill race, the Tiger and the Arcadia Invites were held on April 10 and 11. In the Tiger Invite, Hannah Batchelor, junior, won second place for the 1600 meter by getting 5:45. Also, in the Arcadia Invite, Tamagno took 7th place in the nation with a time of 8:54 in the 3200 Meter Run.

                                The track and field team will finalize their season by participating in League Finals on May 8, CIF Prelims on May 16, and CIF Finals on May 23.

                                  Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • Ryan and Ethan Gerdts carry on family wedding traditions

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    Sunday, April 26, 2015, Ryan Rachelle Osborn whose family history in Brea go way back, married Ethan Alonso Gerdts of Asuza.

      Mr. & Mrs. Ethan and Ryan Gerdts (Photo courtesy of Judith Ledbetter Wedemeyer)

      Mr. & Mrs. Ethan and Ryan Gerdts (Photo courtesy of Judy Ledbetter Wedemeyer)

        Family tradition was carried on as Pastor Arty Van Geloof who married Ryan’s parents 25 years ago was chosen to preside over the ceremony. The couple tied the knot at Bernardo Winery founded in 1889 in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. In addition Ryan and Ethan chose her parents Communion song.

          Ryan’s parents Galen and Heather Osborn on their wedding day with Pastor Arty Van Geloof. (Photo courtesy of Judy Ledbetter Wedemeyer)

          Ryan’s parents Galen and Heather Osborn on their wedding day with Pastor Arty Van Geloof, left. (Photo courtesy of Judy Ledbetter Wedemeyer)

            In the early days of Brea, Ryan’s great-great-grandfather Earl Harland Ledbetter worked in the oil fields and lived on the oil-lease properties in Olinda, now Carbon Canyon, with his wife, Bonnie, back in the heyday of Brea’s oil production in the 1920’s. Interesting to note that Bonnie’s maiden name was Neal. Decedents of the Neal's have been in Brea for decades.

              Ryan’s grandmother Judy Ledbetter Wedemeyer raised four children (three sons and a daughter in Brea,) all of whom went through the Brea Olinda Unified School District graduating at Brea Olinda High School. The Wedemeyer’s were one of five families to officially start the soccer team at BOHS.

                Left to right: Blake Wedemeyer BOHS '84, Aaron Wedemeyer '82, Heather (Wedemeyer) Osborn '88, Darin Wedemeyer '82 (Photo courtesy of Judy Ledbetter Wedemeyer)

                Left to right: Blake Wedemeyer BOHS '84, Aaron Wedemeyer '82, Heather (Wedemeyer) Osborn '88, Darin Wedemeyer '82 (Photo courtesy of Judy Ledbetter Wedemeyer)

                  The bride looked gorgeous and poised with an extensive beauty pageant background since 2007. She won the title of Miss Fullerton’s Outstanding Teen in 2009, Miss County of San Diego 2011, Miss Placentia in 2012, Miss Yorba Linda in 2014, and was in the top 10 at the Miss California State Competition. Throughout her pageantry history she won many scholarships from the Miss America Scholarship Organization enabling her to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She will continue her education attending University of La Verne to obtain her Master's Degree in Child Life Specialist. And her husband, Ethan, will continue to work as a Research Associate at City of Hope, deferring his acceptance to UCSD as a Medical Student, for one year.

                    Ethan's grandparent’s traveled from Peru to attend the wedding. And one good friend arrived from a business trip to China the day before the wedding. He said he traveled the farthest.

  • WILDCAT Q&A with Julianne Sexton

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    Julianne Sexton, senior at BOHS  [Image Credit: Julianne Sexton]

    Julianne Sexton, senior at BOHS [Image Credit: Julianne Sexton]

      Julianne Sexton, senior, tells her stories about her choir career

        Q.What teams are you in for Choir?

          I am president of Tiffany’s and Spellbound and Masquerade team.

            Q.What are you working on currently after National Competition?

              It’s the end of the year, so now we’re just preparing for our final show that we have every single year in May, it’s called “Spring Magic.” We perform all of our competition sets for our friends and family, and the seniors get to sing a song together and it’s every emotional.

                Q.When did you start your choir career?

                  I started doing choir since my 7th grade.

                    Q.What is your future goal?

                      My future goal is to be on Broadway. I just really love to sing and perform.

                        Q.Who is your role model relating to your choir career?

                          My role model is Laura Osnes. She’s like my idol.

                            Q.How did Brea Olinda Choir help you?

                              I think being in the show choir program at Brea Olinda has helped me prepare for what I want to do when I am a little older.

                                Q.You are a senior, what would you miss most?

                                  I would miss performing with my friends. I absolutely loved performing onstage with my friends.

                                    Q.How were your high school years?

                                      I have enjoyed every minute of high school and of show choir. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

                                        Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School, .