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  • Centennial Celebration Honoring the People of Brea – Rex D. Gaede

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      By Rex D. Gaede
      Rex D. Gaede, former school board and former mayor.

      Rex D. Gaede, former school board president and former mayor.

            In 1969, nearly fifty years ago, I entered the public service in Brea as an elected and later re-elected school board member of the then newly established Brea Olinda Unified School District, which had recently replaced the former separate high school, elementary schools, and Olinda school boards. Over the next six years we organized and developed a contemporary and united education program for the children of Brea including the addition of Fanning Elementary School to the system, providing separate temporary district offices on the high school property, participating with the city in their sister city program with Lagos De Moreno, Mexico and improving the positive outcomes of the business and educational functions of a growing school district. As president of the district board on behalf of the common interests of the district, I advanced a close relationship with the city as they began planning for a futuristic civic center designed to accommodate both city and district offices and other related activities within a single complex.

          In 1975, I was appointed and later elected to the Brea City Council. I joined the city team in their final financial requirements, plans and eventual construction of a shared site featuring a large retail complex, the Brea Mall, and additional space for housing local governments and related community services at the Brea Civic Center. On September 28, 1977, as mayor of Brea, I had the honor of representing the city and the people of Brea at the opening ceremony of the mall.

            In 1978, upon being appointed to the Orange County Planning Commission, I was required to resign from the Brea City Council after serving the community for ten years and taking part in the history of the first major growth of the schools and the city in the modern era.

  • Bang! The Curtis Theatre presents Bonnie & Clyde

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    Trevor Shor and Courtney Daniels in Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical at the Brea Curtis Theatre.

    Trevor Shor and Courtney Daniels in Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical at the Brea Curtis Theatre.

      The notorious Bonnie & Clyde, known for their crime, adventure, and love story, making the characters appealing and the story intriguing, will lure you into the Curtis Theatre to see the musical Bonnie & Clyde, which opens Friday, February 5, and runs for three weeks, closing Saturday, February 20.

        The show will be performed with a seven-piece orchestra; and will feature Brea Olinda grad and former BOHS Choir member, Taiana Alvarez, as well as a stellar cast from all parts of Orange County. The compelling musical combines the monumental sound of Broadway with blues, gospel, country and rockabilly in a score that celebrates the roots of American music and history.

          Shows are at 8:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. Get an adult ticket for only $25 by using the code: WANTED. A special preview performance on Friday, February 5, offers tickets for only $15. Attend the Opening Night Gala Saturday, February 6, and enjoy pre-show refreshments and a post-show reception.

            Regular price adult tickets are $30, seniors: $27 and children: $24. The Curtis Theatre Box Office is located at 1 Civic Center Circle in Brea. Hours are from noon - 3:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and one hour prior to shows. Phone orders are accepted at (714) 990-7722 or, you can place an online order at the

  • BOHS Drumline treated to a day at NAMM

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    Christopher Halon and Jay Wanamaker in the middle of the group. Courtesy Jimini Ohler.

    BOHS Drum Line students with Vice President of Marketing at Roland Corporation U.S., Christopher Halon, and President of U.S. Roland Corporation, Jay Wanamaker in the middle. Courtesy of Jimini Ohler.

    Left side: Tony T Nyugen instructor with the BOHS Drum Line students. Courtesy Jimini Ohler.

    Left side: Tony T. Nyugen instructor with BOHS Drum Line group. Courtesy Jimini Ohler.

    The 2016 Winter Drumline was excited to receive the invitation from Roland Corporation to attend the 2016 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants Trade Show) this past Saturday January 24th. Christopher Halon, vice president of marketing for Roland Corporation, has a son in the program and was happy to invite these great students. He was excited to plan the outing for the BOHS drumeline students because of all the vendors and instruments they would get to see related to percussion and music.

      BOHS Band Percussion Instructor Tony T. Nguyen planned the event along with Mr. Halon to have the entire drumline group attend with donated t-shirts and passes for the day.

        Tony was excited to give his students the opportunity to see the music trade show and how the industry has so much to offer with the different career's in music out there. A total of 26 students attended and were able to meet the President of U.S. Roland, Jay Wanamaker.

          The percussion and drum-line are fortunate to have such a committed Band Director, Joseph A Bartell, dedicated instructors like Tony, and parent volunteers. They are excited about their upcoming season of indoor drumline competition scheduled to start March 5th in San Diego. This season is sure to be one to remember with the purchase of three new large front ensemble instruments to accommodate the growing group along with a new floor mat, uniforms and drum wraps to match the theme, purchased by the BOHS Band and Color Guard Boosters.

            Stay tuned for an update this spring as we see what these dedicated students accomplish. Thank you Roland Corporation and Mr Christopher Halon.

              Jimini Ohler

                Mom, band booster Board member, and Historian.

  • 2015-2016 PTA Reflections Program creative results!

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    Helen Newland and Rosemary Kleiser co-chaired the Brea PTA Reflections program. The contest is a national arts competition. Winners were awarded a medal and certificate.

    Some of the award winners of the Reflections PTA contest included (left to right) Devin Hall, photography, Dominique Chen, literature, and Alexander Telly, film.(Courtesy Rosemary Kleiser)

    Some of the award winners of the Reflections PTA contest included (left to right) Devin Hall, photography, Dominique Chen, literature, and Alexander Telly, film.(Courtesy Rosemary Kleiser)

      “The PTA Reflections theme this year is Let Your Imagination Fly,” Helen said. “Wow, did the students from Arovista Elementary, Brea Country Hills Elementary, Brea Junior High, Brea Olinda High School, Laurel Elementary, Mariposa Elementary and William E. Fanning Elementary do just that.”

        Some 171 students entered the judged contest, which includes arts from dance choreography and film production to literature and visual arts.

          “It was a wonderful way students could express their talents and imagination,” Rosemary said. She thanked Brea Woods seniors who were the judges.

            Winners included Lexi Alives, Evelyn Burt, Dominique Chen, Nathan Doh, Devin Hall, Si Woo Kim, Alexander Telly and Nolan Witt.

              Honorable mentions went to Steve Clark, Andrew Gandora, Esmeralda Garcia, Danielle Kim, Novelly Torres and Dominique Zenzola.

                Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at 714-529-8561 or email her at

  • A Brea Christmas Fable

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    This is a Christmas fable. A story about something that, maybe in another world or another time, could be true.  We may never know the truth behind the myth...


    many Christmases ago, when the Gabrielino Indians and Spanish settlers were calling the La Habra Valley home, the Gabrielinos told stories of a star that fell from the night sky and bathed the Valley in a soft glow. Few Spanish settlers had actually witnessed the event, and those that did rarely spoke of it, lest they would endure the taunts of disbelief from their neighbors and friends.

    Many Christmases passed and the story became legend...the legend became lore...and just as the lore was turning to myth, the hills above the valley were once again bathed in a luminous light. The Basque shepherds, who had since claimed the hillsides for their sheep, were the first to see the glowing arc. Farmers in the valley, who were out late tending their fields, could only gaze in awe at the receding glitter of the path in the sky.

    They watched it fall; farmers and shepherds alike. Hearing it land somewhere in the hills with an imaginary softness they only heard in their minds. Surely something so radiant, so beautiful could make only a hushed sound that would barely disturb the slumber of hare or deer.

    The hills glowed throughout the night, and the next morning dawned a clear and crisp Christmas Day. Some of the shepherds and farmers who had witnessed the event trudged to the area they had seen glow. Either daylight camouflaged the unearthly light, or it had dissipated overnight, but neither shepherd nor farmer could find the place where the piece of star had landed. Later, the families in the valley gathered to celebrate the Christmas holiday, but nary a thought nor word did not refer, somehow, to the marvel that had streaked over the sky the night before.

    Many more Christmases passed, while more settlers moved into the La Habra Valley. The hills presided over the homesteads at Petrolia, Olinda, Puente Wells, Randolph, and finally, Brea. Shepherds and farmers gave way to orchards and oilfields. The town became a city and Brea became a thriving home for families of citrus growers and oil workers.

    The riggers were working late one Christmas Eve; the derricks like giant monoliths against the velvet darkness of the night sky. Suddenly, shouts went up from the men as the valley was lit from above by a brilliant light streaking across the sky. Some of the riggers had heard stories of stars falling from the heavens and setting the hills aglow. Could this be happening again?

    Weary eyes became bright with wonder as they watched, following a necklace of starlight as it silently drew its dividing line in the sky.

    Someone shouted, "It's coming down!", and they watched as it came closer. Some of the men began scrambling down from the derricks, ready to run to where it landed...or from it. Then, the valley heard a muffled clatter. A curious noise that it hadn't heard before. The riggers began the race towards the glow in the hills, to where the clatter occurred. The first to reach it could scarcely believe their eyes. The jackhouse above Olinda was softly glowing from the inside. And a bright column of light erupted from the roof, where the piece of star had crashed through. Stunned, the old wildcatters stood and watched as the piercing light became less intense, and then slowly began to fade until, finally, the darkness was complete again and the wondrous sight began to become a memory.

    The following morning, in the light of Christmas Day, some of the more courageous went up to the jackhouse to survey the damage or maybe just to see if what they had witnessed was real. What happened was clear. Even today, the jackhouse still bears its own memory of that night, so many Christmases ago, when the valley heard a clatter and witnessed a glow in the sky.

    This is a fable, based only on conjecture and imagination. But, no one knows how the hole in the roof of the jackhouse happened...

  • Brea Youth Theatre Mary Poppins coming to the Curtis Theater

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      Performed by Brea Youth Theatre and for the first time at our Curtis Theater, Mary Poppins will entertain you on stage from January 14 through 31, 2016. Tickets, only $15 each, will go on sale to the public at noon Wednesday, December 16.

        Brea's Youth Theatre's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical adventure is based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film. Songs of this irresistible story such as "A Spoonful Of Sugar," will definitely enchant you along with breathdaking dance numbers and astonishing stagecraft reminiscent of the England from yesteryear and beloved characters like Bert, Jane and Michael Bank brought to life.

          Shows are over three consecutive weeks: with performances at 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays, 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and also at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Order online at or call (714) 990-7722. Make in-person ticket purchases through the Curtis Theatre Box Office, located at Number 1 Civic Center Circle, (Birch and Randolph) from 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays or one hour prior to shows.

  • Krampus creepy ‘Karol of the Bells’ sung by BOHS Choir

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    In photo:  Douglas Pipes Dave Willert Jocelyn Abrahamson Brianna Clark Rhyan Belanger Cori Bourgeois Kristin Camacho Hannah Fritz Ben Harpster Audrey Lee Wesley Mathews Lindsey Morrill Allie Mayer Aidan Pipes Andrew Strom Courtesy of Mary Pipes

    In photo:
    Douglas Pipes
    Dave Willert
    Jocelyn Abrahamson
    Brianna Clark
    Rhyan Belanger
    Cori Bourgeois
    Kristin Camacho
    Hannah Fritz
    Ben Harpster
    Audrey Lee
    Wesley Mathews
    Lindsey Morrill
    Allie Mayer
    Aidan Pipes
    Andrew Strom
    Courtesy of Mary Pipes

      Krampus - The Movie! 13 of our Masquerade choir kids were asked to sing on a Major Motion Picture Soundtrack that will be in the movie theaters in wide-release this Friday! The singers will be in the film credits as: Brea Olinda High School Singers and Choir Director Dave Willert is credited in the film as conductor! Look/listen for Krampus Karol of the Bells at the ending credits. This USA Today online story features mention of the Brea Olinda High School Choir for the Krampus film. The soundcloud file does not seem to work on Mobile Apps, but you can hear the full song with the choir kids if you go online on a computer web browser. The song is amazing, the kids sound fantastic and it's a fun article! Huge thanks to the film's composer, Douglas Pipes for including some of our performers. The album is also now available on iTunes. Search iTunes: Krampus Original Motion Picture.
  • Brea’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and Santa’s Arrival

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    Well there’s no place like home for the holidays! It’s that special time of year to spend time with family and friends, enjoy good food, share gifts and gather as a community for Brea’s Annual Tree Lighting Celebration!

      Our traditional Tree lighting ceremony is scheduled on Thursday, December 3, at 6:30 p.m., taking place on the front steps of the Civic & Cultural Center.
      Former Mayor Brett Murdock speaking to the community at the annual tree lighting ceremony last year.

      Former Mayor Brett Murdock speaking to the community at the annual Tree lighting ceremony last year.

        It’s a treat for the whole family with live music and entertainment including musical performances from Arovista Elementary School First Graders, Brea’s own Singing Pastors and cast from Brea’s Youth Theatre production of Mary Poppins, produced by Stagelight Productions.

          And to keep you warm, comfy cozy hot chocolate and cookies will be served courtesy of our Corner Bakery.

            Last but not least of course will be the arrival of Santa, creating a wonderland of excitement. Also photo op time with Santa for only $5 for a 5x7.

  • Curtis Theatre to present Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years

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      Come spend some time at our Curtis Theatre and experience The Last Five Years, a great musical diary about a young couple’s journey through love and heart break, written by Tony Award winning composer Jason Robert Brown.

        Performed with an orchestra, follow the story of Jamie and Cathy whose hope that love will conquer all. It’s funny, honest and intimate, with an exuberantly romantic score, The Last Five Years will capture your heart.

          Southgate Productions guarantees that each performance is truly fresh and unique. With a bold approach, three different cast pairings are set over the six show runBrandon Sanchez and Ellie Wyman take the lead on November 6 and 14. Tyler McGraw and Elyse Montoya are up front for November 7 and 15. Ian James and Kelly Martin take over the roles on November 8 and 13.

            Order online at or call (714) 990-7722. Make in-person ticket purchases at the Curtis Theatre Box Office, located at Number 1 Civic Center Circle, from noon - 3:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and performance Saturdays, as well as one hour prior to shows.

  • Come see Seussical the Musical starring Brea elementary students

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      By CC Giang, community publicity volunteer for Seussical production.

        Seussical tickets are up for grabs starting this Sunday, November 8 to the public. Don't miss out, it is a sold out event each year. Come see your fellow classmates and friends perform in this fun and silly production. Fanning coordinates an all inclusive production for all six elementary schools every year to promote Arts and Music for our kids. Come and support us and see if this is something your child might be interested in joining next year. Registration is always FREE!

          What an exciting and great opportunity for our Brea kids!!! To see the show, tickets will go on sale this Sunday at the Brea High School starting at 12:00-6:30. Only $10.00 per ticket with the following show times to choose from:

            November 12, Thursday @6:30

              November 13, Friday @7:00

                November 14, Saturday @2:00

                  November 14, Saturday @7:00

                    November 15, Sunday @2:00

                      November 15, Sunday @6:30

                        Hope to see you there!