Brea Old and New: Tick-Tock, History Isn't So Boring After All™ ~ Charlie the Clock


  • Only Time Will Tell the Future of Brea’s “Charlie the Clock!”

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    Photo illustration of Brea's 'Charlie the Clock" (real and animated) by Illustrator Heather Ashley Collins and Greg Voisan Photography.

    Photo illustration of Brea's historic icon 'Charlie the Clock" (real and animated) by Illustrator Heather Ashley Collins and Greg Voisan Photography.

      For those of you who love the world of imagination....Tick Tock: The unveiling of our new timeline image

        For quite some time now, I have viewed Brea’s historic icon ‘Charlie the Clock’ as an animated character, so it’s with great excitement as we countdown to our centennial, that I present our photo illustration courtesy of fellow Brean residents: BOHS and CSUF grad, Illustrator Heather Ashley Collins who designed ‘Charlie the Clock’ and Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography.

          A special Shout Out to Heather Ashley Collins who recently published her first children’s book, "My Dog the Alien."

            As for ‘Charlie the Clock,’ caricature cutout, it’s photo op time! Next week the dapper gent will be at the annual Country Hills Jog-A-Thon. Thereafer, you can see Charlie in the lobby at Brea Edwards Stadium West 10 the week of November 16, followed by sister theater East 12, Thanksgiving week!

  • Brea Library Prepares for Homework Helpers Program

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    (From left) Melanie Morin, library clerk, Samantha Smith, librarian, and Ana Marroquin, library clerk, hold decorated signs for the Homework Helpers program at the Brea Library

    (From left) Melanie Morin, library clerk, Samantha Smith, librarian, and Ana Marroquin, library clerk, hold decorated signs for the Homework Helpers program at the Brea Library

    With the new school year just around the corner, one thing that all students worry about is their homework load. Fortunately, the Brea Branch Library has launched a solution for young students who could use some assistance with their everyday assignments.

      The Homework Helpers program is an after-school group at the Brea Branch Library that seeks to help out students from kindergarten to fifth grade. It is held three times a week from Monday through Wednesday, starting at 3 p.m. and ending at 5 p.m. Initially started in January, the program will begin in September to coincide with the academic school year until the end of May.

        “Homework Helpers has been super successful when we first started,” Samantha Smith, creator of Homework Helpers and librarian, said. “We’ve generally received a lot of great feedback not just from the students, but from the parents as well.”

          Homework Helpers is run by a team of selected high school students who are eager to help out the younger students.

            “I am very excited to be a Homework Helper this year. It’s definitely an experience to have,” Alexander Yip, previous Homework Helper and junior at Brea Olinda High School, said. “Homework Helpers are wonderful people who want to build character, inspiration and interaction within the children.”

              This year, the Homework Helpers program will undergo several changes in response to public feedback.

                “There are some issues with the program that we had last time that we are fixing this year,” Smith said. “Some concerns about scheduling conflicts or location areas have been addressed and we will make sure that everything runs as smooth as possible this year.”

                  The Brea Branch Library will join fellow Orange County libraries in Tustin and Irvine in hosting this program.

                    "Most branch libraries [in Orange County] already have some sort of homework tutoring program, but Homework Helpers is a little different because it involves older high school students coming together to help young students," Smith said.

                      The program is different than a regular tutoring session in that tutors help students in a general subject while Homework Helpers assist students on a specific homework assignment. The latter method has been very successful especially for students whose parents do not speak English as their first language and cannot explain the instructions correctly.

                        "There are families that don't speak English as their first language so a lot of times they'll come here just to have us explain it to their child so they know what to do," Smith said. "I think it's great that we are a resource for them and for anyone that needs some help with their homework.

                          The first Homework Helpers session will begin on Sept. 8.

  • Hometown fun at Brea’s 29th annual Brea Fest

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      Did you make the 36th annual Brea Country Fair? If not, another opportunity for hometown community fun awaits you at Brea’s 29th annual Brea Fest – the City’s original food fest celebration. On Friday, August 21 from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., the Brea Civic & Cultural Center sets the scene for an awesome family event with a feast of enticing food and beverages from over 30 first-rate restaurants. Food and beverage samples are provided with taste tickets being sold for only $3.00 each, making it affordable for everyone!

        But wait the food fest doesn’t stop there! There will also be great live bands, outdoor dancing, a gallery exhibit and artist demonstration, along with theatre performances. And for the kiddos --the ever-popular “Kidsville” is returning to welcome your little ones with kid-pleasing food, entertainment, face painting and make-and-take crafts. No wonder this free well-rounded event attracts thousands!

          Don’t miss out! Our Brea Fest is truly a well-executed community event, with more than 100 volunteers, resulting in a successful outcome supporting many of the city’s events such as Curtis Theatre productions, Brea Gallery exhibits, Concerts in the Park, and arts education program.

  • Memorial for Disneyland’s first Snow White, JoAnn Dean Killingsworth, held at Capriana in Brea

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      60 years ago, JoAnn Dean Killingsworth at the age of 31 was chosen to be the first Snow White on the grand opening day of “The Greatest Place On Earth,” Disneyland. Just a few weeks shy of Disneyland’s formal celebration marking its 60-year anniversary, JoAnn, a resident of Capriana at La Floresta Village in Brea, passed away at the age of 91.

        Among her many credits, she was the skating and dancer partner of Gene Nelson, showcased in many films such as ‘Lullaby of Broadway’ with Doris Day and Gene Nelson, stood in for Judy Garland, appeared for three years as a “Redette” in the Red Skelton Hour in the 1950’s, and to her delight did an on scene kiss with Bob Cummings. In her later years, she sketched portraits and painted.

          This past Saturday, July 18, was her memorial held at Capriana in the Grand Ballroom.

            The beautiful ballroom was filled with over 100 attendees including family members, friends and fellow Capriana residents.

              There were several collage posters spotlighting JoAnn's special journey throughout the years, live entertainment, a delicious spread of food catered by Capriana and of course, a Snow White balloon.

                JoAnne Dean Killingsworth brother, Donavan Dean, was so happy to see so many people having a good time remembering his sister at the memorial.

                JoAnn Dean Killingsworth's brother, Donovan Dean, was so happy to see so many people having a good time remembering his sister at the memorial.

                Adventurous JoAnn! Left to right: JoAnn Dean Killingsworth and friend, Marie Simon, at Orange County Fair. (courtesy Marie Simon)

                Adventurous JoAnn! Left to right: JoAnn Dean Killingsworth and friend, Marie Simon, at Orange County Fair. (courtesy Marie Simon)

                  Her brother, Donovan, was the first to speak. Donovan said, that there were so many people here. She loved parties and would have loved to be here, so have fun.

                    Larry Gates, a friend, sang the Disney classic song featured in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film, “ With a Smile and a Song.”

                      Her great-nephew, Zeek, brought his laptop, relaying a special message from his dad, Jay Dean, saying, 'I know some of you are thinking, yeah, yeah, she was famous. she was elegant. she was smart and witty, and she was popular wherever she went, but hey she was short, and she was shy.'.....Okay, she was little. BUT like Frank the Pug said in Men in Black II ": 'just because something is very, very, small, doesn't mean it isn't very, very, important.' She was my Auntie JoAnn."

                        Great-nephew, Zeek, presents his dad, Jay's message via laptop as dad couldn't make it to the memorial.

                        Great-nephew, Zeek, presents his dad, Jay's message via laptop as dad couldn't make it to the memorial.

                          Self portrait of JoAnne and brother Donovan drawn by JoAnne.

                          Self portrait of JoAnn and brother Donovan sketched by JoAnn.

                            As many of her friends said, JoAnn was a sincere person with a positive attitude. She enjoyed life and traveled the world twice a year from 2000 -2010, with her friend, Marie Simon.

                              Author, dancer, choreographer and friend Miriam Nelson, who choreographed Disney’s opening day festivities, was the person who casted JoAnn for the part of Snow White -- the role that would be synonymous with her identity throughout her life.

  • United Choirs of Brea present Summer Magic 2015

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    Summer-Magic-2 Bump up Hump Day with Summer Magic presented by United Choirs of Brea on Wednesday, July 15 at 7pm at Brea Olinda High School Performing Arts Center.

      Seats are reserved and tickets can be purchased for $12 from any Summer Magic participant. Performers will be showcasing a variety of solo and group acts, improv sketches and select scenes from the well-known musicals Annie and Grease.

        At the door, there will be a variety of concessions available to purchase, along with a chance to win a raffle basket - before and during intermission. So come early and be ready for a night of entertainment. Contact for further information or to purchase tickets.

  • City of Brea Concerts in the Park 2015

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    City of Brea Concerts in the Park 2015

    City of Brea Concerts in the Park

      Summer is coming and you’ll want to cool off in the evenings! And what a better place than Brea’s Summer Concerts in the Park with its cozy setting and live assortment of entertainment beginning on July 8 through August 19, every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m.

        It’s FREE and a breeze: Bring a blanket, find a spot on the lawn, pack a picnic or purchase those on-site tasty tri-tip sandwiches, and you're set to go.

          Oh, and while you’re relaxing and enjoying the music, don’t forget there is also an open swim period offered at the nearby Brea Plunge during the concerts performances. It's a great diversion for active kids and the cost is only $2.00.
  • WILDCAT Q&A with Julianne Sexton

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    Julianne Sexton, senior at BOHS  [Image Credit: Julianne Sexton]

    Julianne Sexton, senior at BOHS [Image Credit: Julianne Sexton]

      Julianne Sexton, senior, tells her stories about her choir career

        Q.What teams are you in for Choir?

          I am president of Tiffany’s and Spellbound and Masquerade team.

            Q.What are you working on currently after National Competition?

              It’s the end of the year, so now we’re just preparing for our final show that we have every single year in May, it’s called “Spring Magic.” We perform all of our competition sets for our friends and family, and the seniors get to sing a song together and it’s every emotional.

                Q.When did you start your choir career?

                  I started doing choir since my 7th grade.

                    Q.What is your future goal?

                      My future goal is to be on Broadway. I just really love to sing and perform.

                        Q.Who is your role model relating to your choir career?

                          My role model is Laura Osnes. She’s like my idol.

                            Q.How did Brea Olinda Choir help you?

                              I think being in the show choir program at Brea Olinda has helped me prepare for what I want to do when I am a little older.

                                Q.You are a senior, what would you miss most?

                                  I would miss performing with my friends. I absolutely loved performing onstage with my friends.

                                    Q.How were your high school years?

                                      I have enjoyed every minute of high school and of show choir. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

                                        Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School, .

  • Brea Olinda Choir competed for National Championship

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    BOHS Choir Masquerade team is competing for Fame Orlando National Championship [Image Credit: video posted on Youtube by BOHS Choir]

    BOHS Choir Masquerade team is competing for Fame Orlando National Championship [Image Credit: video posted on Youtube by BOHS Choir]

      Brea Olinda High School Choir teams, such as Thundercats, Spellbound, and Masquerade, which are renowned for winning countless competitions and eye-catching performances, competed at Show Choir Nationals 2015 on April 24 for Unisex Division and on April 25 for Mixed Division at Waukegan, Illinois. Brea Olinda High School Choir was qualified for this National competition.

        According to Brea Olinda Choir Website, Brea Olinda Choir was the only one having all three groups to be qualified to compete that it was a historic and first-time event. On their journey to be qualified for National competition, they competed at Fame National Series in Orlando. Brea Olinda Choir had a huge success with Spellbound team, which took 1st place in the Unisex Division, Thundercats team, which took 2nd in the Unisex Division, and Masquerade team, which took 4th place in the Mixed Division. In addition, Julianne Sexton, senior, Spellbound, Masquerade team, and president for Tiffany’s, won the Best Female Soloist of the entire Orlando Competition.

          “I think I am hard working and dedicated to singing. I absolutely love performing onstage with my friends. I would miss performing with my friends [after I graduate],” Sexton said.

            Despite her hard working and dedication, Sexton didn't expect that she would get the Best Female Soloist award.

              “I didn’t think that I would get it because one girl in other group we were going against was phenomenal. However, after hearing that I got it, I was very surprised. I feel very blessed to have won it,” Sexton said.

                As it is end of the year, for the upcoming events, they will have spring Magic 2015 Tech Rehearsal on April 30 and Spring Magic 2015 on May 1 from 7 to 10 p.m. They will perform all of their competition sets for their families and friends. Especially, seniors will get to sing a song together, according to Sexton.

                  Besides final show, next Show Choir National competitions will be held on March 31 in 2016, March 23 in 2017, and March 22 in 2018.

                    Choha Kim/sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS Senior shares her secrets to Success

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    Looking back her previous high school years, she is sharing her stories with BOHS  [Image credit: David Cho]

    Looking back her previous high school years, she is sharing her stories with BOHS
    [Image credit: David Cho]

      After 4 years of long journey in their high school, class of 2015 of Brea Olinda High School(BOHS) are graduating on June 16. Among the students of the graduating class, Susan Joh can proudly say that she got accepted into prestigious colleges. For underclassmen, Susan shared her stories and tips. Susan Joh got accepted to “big-name” colleges, such as Cornell, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and so on. However, reaching this goal was not easy. Joh claimed her high school career was unique compared to those of other seniors at her school.

        “I have been to 9 schools in my lifetime and moving around was not easy. I would have to leave and make new friends again. I had to adjust to different types of people and circumstances,” Joh said. At those times, arts and music helped her cope with every difficulty moving to a new place.

          “I am a reserved person and don’t show my emotions well. Fortunately, through music and drawings which I had a passion and enthusiasm for, I was able to express my suppressed emotions and get through my hardships,” Joh said.

            Joh shared that she started playing piano since age 7. She didn’t enjoy playing the piano until her piano teacher told her she would be able to express her emotions through the melodious playing of the keys. Ever since then, she started enjoy playing piano since the 5th grade.

              Joh was an excellent student with a variety of activities she did outside of school.

                “I volunteered at Milal organization, which was established for people living with disabilities. I took care of Jessica, who had Down Syndrome. I treated her as any normal teenager and learned that everyone has same qualities,” Joh said. “Volunteering is really rewarding because everyone can learn lessons, even if it is a small thing. Try volunteering for any organizations and places,” Joh said.

                  With seniors’ admission results, underclassmen have become anxious and worried about their college admission. Many have started to seek seniors who can give them useful tips and a sense of guidance.

                    “I wanted to ask those who got accepted into great schools what extracurricular activities they did and how they studied for multiple tests because now I’m getting nervous," said Sara Rew, a sophomore at BOHS.

                      Joh reassured and offered juniors and sophomores more concrete advice.

                        “I suggest students to take courses based on their interests,” she stated.

                          In her junior year, she had empty spots in her schedule and counselor suggested her to take art class. Surprisingly, she figured out her talents in art.

                            “I couldn’t have figured out that I enjoyed arts unless I tried taking art class. In school, there are a lot of programs, such as painting, cooking, choir, newspaper, and so on. Use those opportunities. Take advantage of those courses if they are offered at your school. Don’t hesitate to try new things, “Joh said.

                              Looking back her high high school years which she tried new things, she would miss all aspects of high school.

                                “I am going to miss the assemblies, activities, friends, teachers, clubs, and parents who always helped me achieve many things,” Joh said.

                                  As Joh would miss her high school years, high school years had a huge impact on her life. According to Susan Joh, high school years are very important because students are able to develop into people who can survive in real world and contribute to our community.

                                    “For your high school years, always try your best for everything, even if it’s the one you don’t like. Always be true to yourselves. Pursue what you really want to do for your high school,” Joh stated.

                                      Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

                                        with help from J student reporter editor Sydney Chang and the J Student Reporters Program:

  • Brea Olinda Choir 2015 production of Thoroughly Modern Millie

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      Brea Olinda Choir Presents the Broadway smash-hit musical, "Thoroughly Modern Millie"! In the fast-paced 1920s, a girl from Kansas moves to New York City to marry a rich man. She samples the thoroughly modern flapper life, makes friends, finds unexpected romance! All dates have a 7 pm show and there is a Matinee on Saturday, March 21st at 2 pm. We have a fantastic cast and this hilarious musical is sure to entertain the whole family! See your favorite Brea Choir members for show tickets. All shows will be in our beautiful Brea Olinda High School Performing Arts Center. 789 Wildcat Way, Brea. Thank you for your support! March 19, 21, 26, 27, 28. Box Office open to General Public for advance ticket sales: Feb 26th, March 5th and March 18th, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, and March 16th from 5- 8 pm at Brea Olinda High School Performing Arts Center, 789 Wildcat Way, Brea.

        Mary Wentsel Pipes