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  • Mother’s Market Brea to Celebrate 5-year Anniversary

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    MMKlogo We Love Brea Businesses anniversary milestone parties!

      Put another candle on the birthday cake -- as Mother’s Market & Kitchen’s Brea store located at 413 S. Associated Rd. will be celebrating its 5th year anniversary this Saturday, September 17 from 10a.m.-1p.m.

        There will be FREE samples from Mother’s popular juice bar and deli will be served in addition to a celebration cake from their bakery! Several vendors will be on hand offering samples of the latest products as well.

          There will also be a drawing for giveaways, including various gift baskets and Mother’s gift cards.

            Free admission—Lots of Fun!!

  • Brea Kiwanis Club’s back-to-school shopping gets an A

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    I love shoes and remember going shoe shopping with my mom and begging to wear the new pair home.

      I liked nothing better than seeing my old shoes placed in the box and looking down at the new pair on my feet. Pure joy for a 9-year-old.

        But there are kids in our community who don’t often have brand new pair of shoes, nor many clothes that are not hand-me-downs or thrift store bargains. No joy in that.

          But joy comes to the kids who are chosen by their school principals to partake in the Brea Kiwanis’ annual back-to-school shopping trip at JC Penney in the Brea Mall.

            Since 1998, the Brea Kiwanis Club has partnered with JC Penney ll to offer a special Saturday morning back to school shopping trip. Last year, Soroptimist of Brea/La Habra, of which I am a member, also donated funds and volunteers to help shop, as did Placentia Kiwanians. We all shopped for 64 children.

              This year, through funds raised by the Kiwanis, Soroptimist, Brea Citizens Bank and La Floresta/Chevron, about 70 children are receiving new clothes and shoes.

                The parents are not allowed into the store, but there is seating for them in the lower level parking structure. JC Penney even provides coffee and doughnuts.

                  Prior to the big shopping day, the children are given a letter for their parents explaining the program, a list to be filled out regarding sizes and colors for the child. Clothing bought can only be exchanged in the child’s size, not refunded.

                    Each child will have a shopper from the Kiwanis or Soroptimist or the Kiwanis’ Brea Olinda High Key Club, who will shop the children’s department with them and have $100 per child to spend.

                      I was a shopper last year and shopped with two different children. First was a 9-year old boy who headed first for the $75 famous name shoes. I guided him away from them and to the jeans, shirts and socks, where our $100 could go farther. He picked out some clothes he liked and Mom would approve of, and then we headed to the sale shoes where he found famous name shoes within our budget that fit and he loved. We had enough left over for new undies and pajamas too. Of course, if JC Penney had not put nearly everything in the children’s departments on sale, that $100 would not have gone as far.

                        Not only will lots of cool clothes be on sale, but the JC Penney’s staff work on their own time, and many of them prior to their regular Saturday shift. “Penney’s staff raise money themselves and donate to us to help more children,” said Dean Hall, Brea Kiwanis president, “this year they raised $500 for five children.”

                          Next Sept. 10 will be another Kiwanis’ back to school shopping morning at JC Penney. I can’t wait.

                            Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. Contact her at

  • Wacky Whole Foods Market Meetup

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    Just another Wednesday at WFM Brea!!

      Time to fuel UP!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

          CLICK here to watch the video!

            Arriving in what else -- but a Jurassic Jeep, Ralph the Rex met his neighbor and new sidekick cartoon Charlie the Clock. What fun they had frolicking through the humongous store with a checklist of food to divide and devour!

              Many thanks to the "fun crew" at Whole Foods Market Brea, our friend Ralph_the_Rex, Dino Doctor - ranger_kevin, and Charlie_the_ Clock cutout performer --Austin Zemlo!

                Those of you on Instagram: Coming soon Charlie the Clock-- Time Travel Celebrating 100 Years in Brea!

  • City of Brea’s 99th Birthday Giveaway on BBON

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    Brea's 99th Birthday Giveaway: A taste of what's coming up ! Brea Art in Public Places sculpture: Just a Taste, located in Brea Union Plaza

    Brea's 99th Birthday Giveaway: A taste of what's coming up!
    Brea's Art in Public Places sculpture: Just a Taste, located in Brea Union Plaza

  • What’s new at Brea Mall!

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      Brea Mall is bustling with new stores, remodels and reopenings!

        *Sprint, the popular cellular service provider, is now occupying a 980-square-foot store next to Lenscrafters.

          *Supreme Day Spa will open in spring, featuring a variety of skincare and cosmetic products. At 1,000 square feet, its location will be on the lower level, near Macy’s Women’s store.

            *Nature Republic, a South Korean-based cosmetics company, will follow Supreme Day Spa with a second cosmetic store opening. The store featuring natural cosmetics products will be located in a 1,300-square-foot space near Nordstrom.

              •Jack Monarch, a local Newport Beach-based jewelry retailer, is scheduled to open a 1,200-square foot space on the upper level near Center Court, offering handmade and hand-assembled unique gem collections.

                *Express is in the process of remodeling, updating the interior and exterior of the store. The store will remain open throughout the remodel, later opening upon completion in late spring.

                  *Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma are relocating within the mall. Pottery Barn will be reopening this spring in their new 5,000-square-foot location on the upper level near Nordstrom, and Williams-Sonoma will be reopening on the upper level near Lenscrafters in a new 3,400-square-foot space.

  • Daxon: Local spending funds summer events and fills potholes

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    We hear “buy local” everywhere, but does it really make a difference to our city’s coffers?

      It certainly does.

        “Sales tax makes up 42 percent of the city’s revenues,” City Manager Bill Gallardo said.

          That 42 percent is approximately $21 million for fiscal year 2015-16. But, which businesses in Brea are the biggest sales tax revenue generators?

            “Brea Mall is a large contributor,” said Alicia Brenner, Brea’s senior management analyst via email, “and roughly represents 30 percent of the sales tax revenues.” That is significant, especially because four of the city’s top-10 sales tax generators are located in the mall.

              In fact, the city rakes in the most sales tax revenue from the mall’s Apple Store. All of us iMac, iPhone, iWatch and iPad fans can now take a bow.

                Following Apple in second place is Beckman Coulter, which is also one of Brea’s top employers. In third place is Home Depot, Macy’s comes in fourth place, then Nordstrom’s, Russell Sigler (HVAC distributors), Target, Tesla, wholesale distributor Walter’s Electric and in the 10 spot is Walmart.

                  I am surprised that Tesla isn’t higher on the list. That cool $80,000 Tesla you’ve been eyeing will have $6,400 in sales tax tagged on to it. I find it amazing that all the Apple iStuff sold at the Brea Mall store beats out a year’s worth of Tesla sales tax revenue at the same location.

                    And where does the tax revenue go?

                      First, it goes into the general fund and is then disbursed to support many city programs and services, including police and fire, according to Gallardo. Those taxes also go toward the many amenities that make Brea a nice place to live.

                        Do you enjoy driving on pothole-free city streets? Thank the guy down the street wearing an iWatch and driving his new Tesla while wearing clothing recently purchased at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. Nice.

                          Besides helping fund pothole repair and other city maintenance, those sales tax dollars help keep the Community Center and Senior Center in operation and the free senior bus on the road.

                            Brea’s tax bucks also help fund the Family Resource Center, Tiny Tots, the Community Center’s Teen Zone, the fitness center, the annual Wellness Festival, the Nutcracker and Spring boutiques, the annual bridal show and other Community Center events.

                              The city-sponsored summer activities, such as Concerts in the Park, Family Film Night in Arovista Park, the July 4 Country Fair and Brea Fest, all receive funding generated by sales tax revenue. The Curtis Theatre, Brea Art Gallery and Art in Public Places also enjoy the benefits of Brea’s healthy sales tax revenue.

                                Another recipient of funding thanks to sales tax revenue is the Tracks at Brea Trail, Brea’s long-awaited rails-to-trails project. The largest segment of the paved and landscaped trail, between State College and Brea boulevards, is scheduled to open in March for walkers, runners and bike riders too. A portion of 4-mile the trail meanders through the Birch Hills Golf Course.

                                  So much of what we enjoy in Brea comes from sales tax. That’s my excuse for shopping more.

                                    Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. Contact her at daxon

  • Santa Ralph is waiting for you at Brea Mall

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    From Brea Mall, Santa Ralph says hello!

    From Brea Mall, Santa Ralph says hello!

      Christmas is not complete without a visit to Santa--especially with Santa Ralph, a very familiar face, who has been bringing joy to all the girls and boys at the mall for 11 years now! Stop by to say hello:

        November 27th-28th 10:00AM-8:30PM

          November 29th 11:00AM-7:00PM

            November 30th 10:00AM-8:30PM

              December 1st-3rd 10:00AM-8:30AM

                December 4th 10:00AM-9:00PM

                  December 5th 8:00AM-9:00PM

                    December 6th 11:00AM-9:00PM

                      December 7th-10th 10:00AM-9:00PM

                        December 11th-12th 9:00AM-9:30PM

                          December 13th 10:00AM-8:00PM

                            December 14th-19th 9:00AM-9:30PM

                              December 20th 9:00AM-8:00PM

                                December 21st-23rd 9:00AM-9:30PM

                                  December 24th 8:00AM-6:00PM

  • BBON Gem Giveaway Q&A with Truly Ruby designer, Ruby Macarian Schlachter

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    It's October 1, and we're starting the holidays with a jewel of a GIVEAWAY from Ruby Macarian Schlachter of Truly Ruby. I love the holidays, especially decorating and attending family/friends gatherings. And a great pair of earrings and a bracelet adds sparkle to any outfit, especially our bedazzled jewels giveaway - bracelet and earring set:

    Enter our Giveaway and win: Roman Goddess..Beautiful African turquoise with antiqued bronze and antiqued brass. The bracelet price is $115 and earrings are $42, totaling $157!

    Enter our Giveaway and win: Roman Goddess..Beautiful African turquoise with antiqued bronze and antiqued brass. The bracelet price is $115 and earrings are $42, totaling $157!

    So, do participate in our giveaway and you may be the 'lucky one' to win. Our GIVEAWAY will take place on BBON Facebook Tuesday, October 6 -Thursday, October 8. The lucky winner will be announced on Friday!

      Meet Ruby Macarian Schlachter of Truly Ruby Jewelry.

      Meet Ruby Macarian Schlachter of Truly Ruby Jewelry.

        BBON: What inspired you 20 years ago to start making jewelry?

          Ruby: I was a stay home mom and loved doing crafts. I saw a bracelet class and took it and I become obsessed with creating pieces! Though, I'm pretty much self-taught. Lots of reading, hands on designing and books!

            BBON: Ruby Jewelry is custom made to order, making it a very personal treasure. Thus, you must have many stories about creating particular jewelry for clients.

              Ruby: Well I love designing custom pieces. My favorites include a custom bangle that I designed for a friend of mine for his wife. Each piece I make can be custom created depending on the person's likes and color favorites. I also have created mothers bracelets for new mothers. Those are always fun to design.
              From the collection of Truly Ruby Jewelry

              From the collection of Truly Ruby Jewelry

                BBON: Explain the process of making custom jewelry?

                  Ruby: I usually start with a metal, like sterling silver or gold filled, then decide on color and the choice of gemstones, pearls or Swarovski crystals. I mainly design in my head but sometimes draw the piece out.

                    BBON: Do your clients generally have an idea of the type of jewelry they want when placing a custom made order?

                      Ruby: Yes they usually have a color in mind and what type of metal they want. I usually take the designing into my own hands from there.

                        BBON: Where can people purchase your jewelry?

                          Ruby: It can be purchased at Truly Ruby Jewelry and also at Full Bloom Cottage in Brea. It will soon be available at Tempo Urban Kitchen and also La Petite Florist on Brea Blvd. You can also see all my creations at Truly Ruby Facebook.
                          From the collection of Truly Ruby Jewelry

                          From the collection of Truly Ruby Jewelry

                            BBON: What are the most popular pieces of your jewelry collection?

                              Ruby: I would have to say bracelets are the most popular. Crosses sell really well also.

                                BBON: Turnaround time probably depends on quantity and type of jewelry, most likely, but on average, how long does it take you to provide a customer with custom jewelry?

                                  Ruby: It really depends on the piece. Because they are custom designed, I usually say about two weeks but it’s possible they can be done sooner than that.

                                    On a more personal note...

                                      BBON: How long have you lived in Brea?

                                        Ruby: I've lived in Brea about 17 years.

                                          BBON: Tell us a little about your family?

                                            Ruby: We are a family of four. I have three beautiful daughters, raised in Brea, and a few Chihuahuas 🙂

                                              BBON: What are your favorite hangouts in Brea?

                                                Ruby: My favorite spots include Tempo Urban Kitchen, Cha Cha's and Bruno's .

  • The Enchanted Pumpkin Patch celebrates 30 years of family-fun

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    Lit up in all its glory, the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch in Brea celebrates 30 years.

    Lit up in all its glory, the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch in Brea celebrates 30 years.

      This year marks the 30th anniversary at the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch on the corner of Lambert Road and State College Boulevard at the United Methodist Church in Brea. At least two generations within a family have shared their special memories at the pumpkin patch along with Diana Duncan, a 30-year Brea resident, and her family who started the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch.
      Diana Duncan shown at the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch with a baby lamb the family raised in 1983.

      Diana Duncan shown at the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch in 1983 with a baby lamb the family raised.

        Diana’s father, Bill Duncan, was the first to implement a pumpkin patch in a suburban area. Diana recalls the concept entailed a lot of pumpkins and to the amusement of many, 50¢ pony rides. Later Diana and her brother David continued the tradition in Brea, opening a second location in San Dimas 13 years ago.

          Every year they feature a nativity scene with their farm animals. And for many years, the Crystal Cathedral, now named Christ Cathedral, would showcase their animals in the “Glory of Christmas” after they closed for the season.

            One of the family's animals - a farm house pig enjoying a nap.

            One of the family's animals - a farm house pig enjoying a nap.

              The Duncan family works hard every year to approve upon their pumpkin patch adding exciting family-friendly attractions.

                This year’s new fun activities include racing obstacle courses, carnival games, and surprise visits from Princess Elsa, from the movie “Frozen.” In addition, the kiddos will enjoy the saber tooth tiger slide, petting zoo, farm themed rides, picture stations, face painting and more!

                  Opening on Friday, October 2, from 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. seven days a week throughout October, check out for additional information such as special offers, field trips, weekend deals and event parties. Also, the Duncan's are asking their longtime customers to submit photos of their children "growing up in the patch."

                    Pictured in Chloe, at different stages of growth at her visits to the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch.

                    Pictured is Chloe at different stages of growth at her visits to the Enchanted Pumpkin Patch!

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – Brea Farmers Market

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    Customer Satisfaction Survey for Brea Farmers Market on Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) Facebook. 11745897_873795316003028_7175719003524124730_n

      NOTE: We also created an 'Anonymous' survey on our Facebook page.

        Please participate in our Brea Farmers Market Survey. On behalf of Brea Chamber of Commerce, now running our farmers market, we are asking for your feedback.

          Many people in our community want to see our Brea Farmers Market thrive and as a team -- your input is very much appreciated. To prevent repetitive answers, moving it to downtown is not an option. Please comment on (BBON) Facebook. Thank you.

            1. From a scale of 1 to 5, how satisfied are you with our Brea Farmers Market, located on the corner of State College Blvd. and Birch St.?

              2. Do you have suggestions to improve upon the Brea Farmers Market? If so, please pitch your idea to help our farmers market prosper.

                3. What are the attractive features you like about our Brea Farmers Market and what would you like to see changed?

                  4. Does our Brea Farmers Market provide a family-friendly atmosphere showcasing something for all ages?