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  • Brea’s Country Fair Lions’ Share of Fun

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    Let the hula hoop contest begin.

    Let the hula hoop contest begin.

      Brea Country Fair - Hula Hoop Contests

        As is custom, the Brea Lions are a big part of the 4th of July Brea Country Fair every year. This year our President's 1st outside duty as President of this distinguished organization is to chair the Hula Hoop and Pie Eating Contests. Boy, it would really be interesting to have the Pie Eating Contest first, and then have the contestants follow that up with the Hula Hoop Contest (sounds like my frat days)!
        And they're off!

        And they're off!

          MC'ing the events was none other than the master of bull, but Lion Bill Hall! After being introduced by former Brea Lion & Mr. Brea Andy Ronquillo wearing a wig/hat I'd like to borrow, Lion Bill made these high jinks fun for all. As usual, we had two of each contest. The first two contests by age brackets were the Hula Hoop Contests. Lion President Walt had these kids and young adults performing some real circus acts. Thank God he didn't ask any of us to demonstrate. Many of us would have trouble getting these hoops around our waists!

            Brea Lions helping out at the park included Mayor Lion Marty, Pres. Walt, Immediate Past President Mark, 1st VP Cliff, Secretary Ron, OCYF Treasurer & Tail Twister Bill Hall, Membership Chair Sue, Shaggy Mane Editor Ed, & yours truly.

              Thank you, Brea Lions, for taking some valuable time out of your holiday!

                ---Lion Phil

  • BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway Coming Soon

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    BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway Coming Soon!

    BBON Brea SummerFest Giveaway Coming Soon!

      Hey everyone, it’s time for another giveaway! We’re partnering again with Brea SummerFest to kick-off the festival with a three-day giveaway on BBON Facebook.

        Because one can be a lonely number, we’re multiplying it by seven for (7 Gifts for 7 Fans!)


            The Gifts:

              (2) $20 Gift Cards for Urban Plates. Urban Plates is due to open in Village at La Floresta, a hub of retail and destination dining in Brea, at Imperial Highway between Valencia and Rose Drive, in early 2016. The gift cards can be used at any of their locations: Brea, Irvine, Del Mar or Carlsbad.

                $25 Gift Card for California Grill Brea

                  (2) $25 Gift Cards for Taps Fish House & Brewery, Brea Downtown or Corona.

                    $25 Gift Card for On The Hook

                      $25 Gift Card for Green Tomato Grill. The Green Tomato Grill is opening another restaurant, which will be located in the Von's center, on the corner of Central Avenue and Brea Boulevard, in August 2015. The gift card can be used at their Orange or Brea eatery.

                        (2) $20 Gift Cards for Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen

                          $25 Gift Certificate to Brea's new eatery La Puerta Authentic Mexican Food

                            One month of free lessons at Virtuo Music & Performing Arts. Their prize is transferrable and is good for children or adults. Winners choice of dance, instrument or vocal.

                              The giveaway is scheduled to start on Tuesday, May 26 and will run through Thursday, May 28. The winners will be announced on BBON Facebook on Friday, May 29, the first day of the three-day festival. Gifts will be available to pickup during the 28th Annual Brea SummerFest! Good Luck!

  • Play ‘The Not So Newly Wed Game’ with host Bob Eubanks at Brea SummerFest

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    Legendary host Bob Eubanks , one of televisions most popular game shows host,  will be at Brea SummerFest at St. Angela Merici School to play "The Not So Newlywed Game" on May 31st at 8:00 p.m.. (Courtesy  John McEntee TEI Entertainment)

    Legendary game show host Bob Eubanks will be at Brea SummerFest at St. Angela Merici School to host "The Not So Newly Wed Game" on May 31st at 8:00 p.m.. (Courtesy John McEntee TEI Entertainment)


        Want to win $100,000? "The Newlywed Game" was one of television’s most popular game shows. Legendary host Bob Eubanks will be at Brea Summerfest to play "The Not So Newly Wed Game." It doesn’t matter how long you have been married, and everyone will have an equal chance to be a contestant. Bob will be selecting people from the audience. There are great prizes, and someone will have a chance to win $100,000. It’s not The Newlywed Game, it’s "The Not So Newly Wed Game" and it’s a lot of fun. The game begins at 8:00 p.m. May 31st, the third night of the festival, which also includes activities for free. The annual event is a fundraiser for St. Angela Merici Parish School.

          For further information on this and the entire SummerFest Entertainment Schedule of Events, please click on their website at

            Any news? Give Susan Gaede a jingle at (714)529-8561 or e-mail her at

  • Clean sweep: Brea Olinda Choir Masquerade wins Diamond Bar competition

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    Photos courtesy of Fuller Photography

      Off to a great start, Brea Olinda Choir Masquerade, our nationally-ranked advanced mixed show choir, wins Diamond Bar competition.

      Off to a great start, Brea Olinda Choir Masquerade, our nationally-ranked advanced mixed show choir, wins Diamond Bar competition, taking home the Grand Champion trophy, Best in Show and Best in Music.

        MASQUERADE, Brea Olinda's nationally-ranked advanced mixed show choir, roared into the 2015 season with a complete sweep of awards at the Diamond Bar Competition this past Friday night. Taking home the Grand Champion trophy, Best in Show and Best in Music, the group of more than 60 performers also received an extended standing ovation from the entire audience, including competing schools. Directed by Dave Willert and choreographed by Doug Kuhl, Masquerade, along with Brea Olinda's Thundercats and Spellbound choirs is headed next month to the FAME National Show Choir competition in Orlando, Florida with more than 120 students, staff and chaperones. The choirs are still working to raise the final funds for their trip and your contrubition to this local powerhouse of a program is greatly appreciated. You can donate by visiting Brea Olinda Choir. Congratulations again to MASQUERADE and their outstanding performance and representation of what our wonderful city is all about!

          10999915_10205346574519090_1809423930_o 11004154_10205346575479114_402934692_n

            11003056_10205346580119230_1033755525_o11001255_10205346579639218_2053096142_o 11002417_10205346576799147_1369529101_o 11004512_10205346575439113_1657103697_n

              10998461_10205346577319160_34357727_o 10988845_10205346576559141_806122263_o

                11004500_10205346575159106_2040187290_n 11002508_10205346577879174_699695343_o


                    11009075_10205346577919175_56933334_n 11002903_10205346579199207_234711168_o

                      Our Brea Olinda Choir is headed into the homestretch for fundraising. The BOHS choir groups have worked so hard to get all the money raised for competition season and the trip to FAME Nationals.The FAME competition in Orlando is on March 13 & 14th. Our choir is looking for donations, large and small. The BOHS Choir kids would really appreciate your gift! Please see the attached form:


  • CSUF Daily Titan story on Heather Collins – Charlie the Clock caricature creator

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        A background illustration by alumna Heather Collins who graduated Cal State Fullerton in 2013 and now works for Titmouse Animation Studio in Los Angeles.

        A background illustration by alumna Heather Collins who graduated Cal State Fullerton in 2013 and now works for Titmouse Animation Studio in Los Angeles.

          A background illustration by alumna Heather Collins who graduated Cal State Fullerton in 2013 and now works for Titmouse Animation Studio in Los Angeles. Students come to Cal State Fullerton with the hopes of getting an opportunity of a lifetime after graduation.

            Heather Collins was a transfer student from Fullerton College and a 2014 CSUF graduate who ended up breaking into the entertainment industry as a background illustrator for Titmouse Animation Studio.

              Collins, 26, now works on the show China Illinois on Adult Swim, a show that takes place at the fictional University of China, Illinois that’s been labeled the “worst college America.”

                Her journey to get into the industry was all based on the idea of “being the lucky one,” she said.

                  Art runs in the Collins family—her mother is a graphic designer and her father painted motorcycles.

                    Collins began drawing in elementary school where she would constantly get in trouble for being too encompassed in her art and not in the lessons.

                      She eventually took all the art classes that she could possibly take in junior high and high school, and figured out that this would be the direction she’s going in for a career.

                        But like most college students, she did not know the exact route within art that she wanted to go.

                          Once she came to CSUF, she discovered the animation and illustration emphasis within the art department. There they were pushed to paint digitally and Collins decided to pursue it as a career.

                            As a requirement for the illustration department, Collins needed to complete an internship.

                              Collins went above the requirements and pursued two internships, instead of one, during the same semester. One at Nickelodeon and the other at Titmouse Animation Studio, where she now works.

                                Collins commuted two hours to and from Burbank and juggled both internships while taking classes at CSUF.

                                  “It was worth it,” Collins said.

                                    Collins completed her internship and made a mark on the Titmouse team as she networked and kept in touch with their human resources department.

                                      Once she graduated, she contacted Titmouse asking if there were potential opportunities to come back and work as an employee.

                                        She was later offered a position as a temporary receptionist, not her ideal place within the industry.

                                          “You do what you have to do to get your foot in the door,” Collins said.

                                            She was then asked to do numerous jobs within Titmouse, which included drawing storyboards for various shows, became a production assistant and finally got into what she was wanting to break into—background designs.

                                              She described the journey as a slow build up to get where she wanted.

                                                “It is challenging … it’s such a hard industry to get into,” Collins said. “I’m very lucky, honestly.”

                                                  While she is currently at Titmouse, she is also working on her own side project of creating a childrens book or even pitching the idea for a show.

                                                    She is drawing her inspiration for the childrens book or show from her dog, which she describes as ridiculously ugly and awful but once people see him, they instantly fall in love with him.

                                                      Collins ultimately wants to create characters and creatures for horror movies.

                                                        Recently, Collins was selected to create the caricature, Charlie the Clock, for the City of Brea’s 98th birthday this month.

                                                          She created Charlie the Clock for the Face of Brea contest run by the Brea Old and New Facebook page creator, Carolyn Campbell who described Collins as “an amazing artist.”

                                                            The Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 has a cutout Charlie the Clock character on display for individuals to place their head as Charlie’s face and take pictures.

                                                              The top five winners of the contest will win an undisclosed prize from the Brea Old and New.

                                                                As for what the future holds for Collins, she hopes to branch out and get into a bigger, more well known studio in order to give her more opportunities to pitch her show.

  • Step right up to be The Face of Brea – Photo Contest

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    Make a plan to visit Brea Edwards Theater and Join "Andrew" in becoming "The Face of Brea," celebrating Brea's 98th birthday. Win Fab prizes. Contest runs through Friday, February 27.

    Make a plan to visit Brea Edwards Theater and Join "Andrew" in becoming "The Face of Brea," celebrating Brea's 98th birthday. Win Fab prizes. Contest runs through Friday, February 27.

      Who’s The Face of Brea: Andrew is the face of Brea! YOU Can Be The Face of Brea, toooooo!

        Make a trip to Edwards Brea Stadium West 10, and in the lobby you’ll see the most dapper gent in town, Charlie the Clock cutout.

          To enter the contest and win great prizes, Upload your pic and we’ll place it in our “The Face of Brea Photo Contest” Facebook album. Contest runs through Friday, February 27.

            Five Fab prizes for Five Winners! Not familiar with Brea's historic icon: Charlie the Clock, check out BBON The Face of Brea Photo Contest details to learn about Charlie, How to Participate, Contest Rules and Prizes.

  • Historic “Charlie the Clock” character debuts at Edwards Theater for “The Face of Brea Contest”

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    Live, Work, or Play in Brea...It’s Time for YOU to be "The Face of Brea."

      YOUR Chance to Win Great Prizes!

        It’s no mystery that Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) has been fascinated with Brea's icon "Charlie the Clock" from way back, changing our logo over three years ago to reflect Brea’s centennial year -- using Charlie the Clock’s face for inspiration!

          Now is the time for our vision of ‘Charlie the Clock’ to come to life as a beloved character in showcasing our BBON “The Face of Brea” Photo Contest -- celebrating Brea’s 98th birthday on February 23, 2015.

            Our beloved "Charlie the Clock" is debuting at Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 as a an animated cutout for "The Face of Brea" Contest on BBON, celebrating Brea's 98th birthday!

            Our beloved "Charlie the Clock" is debuting at Edwards Brea Stadium west 10 as an animated cutout for "The Face of Brea" Contest on BBON, celebrating Brea's 98th birthday!

              Contest details: Starting Friday February 13, in the lobby of Edwards Brea Stadium West 10, you will have the chance to enter the contest by placing your face in “Charlie the Clock” cutout to be “The Face of Brea.”

                All you have to do is take a photo as 'The Face of Brea' and upload it onto Beautiful Brea Old & New Facebook, where your image will be placed in an FB album for VOTING purposes. Greg of Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography will choose 5 winners from the top 15 entries with the most votes/likes. Winners will be announced on BBON Facebook Saturday, February 28. Each winner will win gift cards from local community businesses.

                  Charlie the Clock cutout was so unique that Ric Clough and team at Printing Services LTD paid special attention to every detail in order to create a perfect handmade cutout. It's was a first for the print shop accomplishing an awesome job.

                    5 FAB Prizes for 5 Lucky Winners, valued at $50 each:

                      - $50 Gift Card to Lillie's Q Restaurant

                        - $50 Gift Card to D'Vine: A Mediterranean Experience Restaurant

                          - $25 Gift Card to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse paired/w a $25 Gift Card to Frost My Cake

                            - $25 Two movie passes to Edwards Brea Stadium West or East paired/w a $25 Gift Card to The Butchery Brea

                              -$25 gift certificate to Cedar Creek Inn paired/w a $25 gift basket from Han's Beauty

                                "The Face of Brea" photo contest rules:

                                  1. All ages are eligible to enter the contest. The individual submitting the photo (giving consent) must be 18 years or older and will be considered the contestant eligible to compete for the prize.

                                    2. One photo entry per person.

                                      3. Upload your photo, name, and contact info to Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) Facebook page. Your photo will be featured on The Face of Brea Facebook album, where voting will take place.

                                        4. Only one vote/like per person per photo entry. Comments will not count as votes.

                                          5. All photos must be owned by the photographer submitting them and may be used in BBON publicity efforts.

                                            6. Please note a brief description and title of entry photo.

                                              History of Brea's Charlie the Clock: Brea’s Charlie the Clock or Brea Clock now resides in Brea Downtown at the corner of Birch and Madrona Streets, across the street from Macallan’s Public House.

                                                The clock appeared on Brea Blvd. in 1975 to promote Charlie’s Clock Shop in the former Brea Hotel building.

                                                  For years it was known as “Charlie’s Clock” because it stood outside of the clock shop. When the shop closed, the City of Brea purchased the clock, by then a local and beloved landmark. During the transformation of the Downtown, the clock went into storage and stayed there until recent years when it was very carefully restored with an exact reproduction of the clock’s original clock face. A bit of neon was added so it is more visible at night. The casing around the face and post are all original.

                                                    Of final note: As a long time Brea resident and public relations professional, I commissioned Brea artist Heather Ashlyn Collins to create a cutout of the beloved Brea clock to help remind everyone of Brea’s 100th Anniversary in the Year 2017, and kicking off Brea’s 98th birthday with The Face of Brea Photo Contest! A special thanks to Terri Daxon of Daxon Marketing Communications.

                                                      We can't wait to see your fun photos with our dapper looking gent, Charlie!


                                                          Carolyn Campbell

  • BBON 2,000 Facebook Followers Giveaway

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      Ask and YOU shall receive! You chose your favorite Brea businesses to participate in our BBON 2,000 Facebook Followers Giveaway, and we delivered. It couldn't have happened at a better time. You really are a great group of people and we thank you for your continuous support!
  • BBON is Celebrating 2,000 Facebook Fans with a Giveaway

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    With the holiday season just around the corner, this is the perfect timing for gift giving, wouldn’t you say? Stay tuned for the details…

      Then--Carly and Christine-Marie Johnnie, our BBON Kid Reporters.

      Now--Christine-Marie and Carly Johnnie, all grown up!

        2,000 followers! Congratulations to BBON. We have enjoyed reporting special events and loved working with Carolyn. Farrell's grand opening shoot was our favorite. Has it really been three years?

          Christine-Marie and Carly Johnnie

  • 1980 BOHS grad wins sixth consecutive victory for largest lemon

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    Lucia Saitta shown with daughter Emily displaying Lucia’s lemon that took first place (division winner) of all the citrus fruits at the Orange County Fair this year (courtesy photo)


        Lucia Saitta has taken first place in growing the largest lemon at the Orange County Fair for 6 years. This year, she was the division winner of all the cirtrus fruits. Her lemon was about 7 inches round. You will be surprised to learn her secret of growing such big lemons. Lucia thinks they grow so big due to the lack of water.

          We are super proud of the 1980 Brea Olinda High School grad. She makes lemonade out of lemons. Lucia was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 8 years ago. Many days she is extremely tired and forces herself to get out of bed. She continues to exercise in order to feel better. Lucia braved entering her first triathlon this past April. "PossAbilities Triathlon" to support challenged "disabled" athletes and that program through Loma Linda University. She said it was an amazing event and placed 1st in the Les Autres Division (those suffering from MS, MD and various other brain and autoimmune diseases.)