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  • Brea’s centennial year will kickoff with a parade and picnic

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    Centennial Countdown Update:

      To say the least, it's a process to plan a centennial celebration. Seven cities in Orange County have successfully executed their anniversary year. Twenty-six cities will follow us. 

        Our centennial kickoff will begin with a parade and picnic on Saturday, February 18, 2017.

          The plan is to bring the community together for a family-oriented fun day involving the whole town including hometown celebrities!

             Photo: From the Jones Family Collection
 Source-Brea: Celebrating 75 Years

            Photo: From the Jones Family Collection

            Source-Brea: Celebrating 75 Years

              1969 BOHS grad and 1976 Cy Young Award Winning Padres pitcher, Randy Jones aka "Junkman," will be back in town to participate!

                The parade will begin mid-morning at Birch Street and Associated Road, and end at Brea's Sports Park where Randy Jones' bronze plaque is hung on a wall among Brea's distinguished athletes. More to come!

  • Wacky Whole Foods Market Meetup

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    Just another Wednesday at WFM Brea!!

      Time to fuel UP!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

        Ralph the Rex arriving at Whole Foods Market Brea!

          CLICK here to watch the video!

            Arriving in what else -- but a Jurassic Jeep, Ralph the Rex met his neighbor and new sidekick cartoon Charlie the Clock. What fun they had frolicking through the humongous store with a checklist of food to divide and devour!

              Many thanks to the "fun crew" at Whole Foods Market Brea, our friend Ralph_the_Rex, Dino Doctor - ranger_kevin, and Charlie_the_ Clock cutout performer --Austin Zemlo!

                Those of you on Instagram: Coming soon Charlie the Clock-- Time Travel Celebrating 100 Years in Brea!

  • Historic Timekeeper: Charlie the Clock children’s book celebrating 100 years in Brea

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    Tic, Toc, where do I begin to tell the story…


        It all started when I contracted 2006 BOHS and recent CSUF grad Artist Heather Ashlyn Collins to design a fun, whimsy version of Brea’s historic icon Charlie’s Clock. I renamed it Charlie the Clock because it’s friendly and implies Charlie belongs to everyone in the community ☺

          Charlie the Clock caricature cutout was made in February 2015 just in time to celebrate Brea’s 98th birthday, with The Face of Brea contest held at Edwards Brea Stadium West 10. “It was a hit,” said West 10 GM, Stephen Moehle!

            Brea Edwards Stadium West 10 GM, Stephen Moehle and his team!

            Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 GM, Stephen Moehle, and his team!

              Charlie the Clock continued to spread awareness within the community about Brea’s upcoming centennial year in 2017, by appearing at community events and schools. For a while Charlie the Clock was on exhibit at the Brea Museum & Historical Society.

                As time was ticking away it became evident that charming Charlie the Clock was well liked and should now start telling the timeline story of Brea’s history.

                  Enter, longtime Brean Kathy Cannon. Former president of the Brea Historical society, a lover of Brea’s history and a phenomenal writer, Kathy and I will blend whimsy and education in partnering on a children’s history book featuring Charlie the Clock in time travel, celebrating 100 years in Brea. And of course, the book will come alive with eye-catching illustrations by Heather!

                    Oh and there will be community characters in the book such as Laurel Elementary Teacher Jill Berrner and former student Valeria Zavala, who made history in town last year by being named National History Day champion for California!...and did I say, yup, our local news reporter "Newsy Suzy," too!!

                      Geez--I know I said more than a mouthfull!

                        What's time traveling without interactive feedback!

                          NOW — We Need Help From You! Where should Charlie the Clock and Valeria go first? What era?

  • Make It Happen: Love Brea Day

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    Hi Everyone,

      Please see the information below and share this with your contacts. Laurel is still looking for a lead for their projects and I know most of the schools still need volunteers for their projects. I am heading the Fanning site and would love more help. Please let me know if you have questions. This is a great way to have some upgrades done at the schools without a cost involved.

        We are in full swing preparing for our first annual “Love Brea” event! Love Brea is a city wide day of service which will be held on April 30, 2016. It is our hope that this event will bring people from all over the city to work on a common goal: volunteering our time, talent and treasure to help make our community a better place to live, work and raise our families. We are in the final stages of preparing for this exciting day and I hope that you can be a part of it.

          Our day will start off with a rally which will be held from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the Brea Civic and Cultural Center. Following the rally, volunteers will venture out to work on service projects throughout the entire city, including one at each of our local public schools. Some of the other projects that have already been confirmed include:

            Beautifying our local schools

              Graffiti removal

                Sprucing up local parks and trails

                  Ministering to our homeless residents

                    Collecting and packaging food for delivery to local food banks

                      Conducting a blood drive

                        Helping our senior citizens with projects around the Senior Center

                          LOVE Brea will be an amazing day! Surrounding cities have learned of the success of this event and similar events are being held this year in La Habra, Fullerton, Buena Park, Placentia, and Anaheim on the same day. Each city will host their own projects then all of the cities will go to Fullerton High School for a celebration lunch courtesy of our local businesses.

                            It is incredible to see what may be accomplished when local businesses, churches, service organizations, schools, city staff, and residents work together for a common purpose.

                              Please visit our website Love Brea to find out more information and sign up for a project. You can also watch a short video introducing Love Brea!

                                I look forward to seeing all of you at Love Brea!

                                  Jack Conklin | Chief of Police | Brea Police Department

                                    #1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, CA 92821-4732 | T: 714-990-7634 | F: 714-990-7641


  • On track with the Tracks at Brea Trail

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    Until 2007, trains regularly chugged through Brea, crossing Lambert Road, State College Boulevard and Brea Boulevard. Only one track that crosses Berry Street is still somewhat active.

      Like many cities throughout Southern California, Brea ended up with a lot of ugly, abandoned railroad tracks that carried nothing but weeds, trash and rodents.

        But no longer.

          Back in 2009, the first community meetings were held to find a way to convert the abandoned rails to trails for walking, running and biking, instead of places people dumped trash or old mattresses after dark.

            Through good planning, many grants and keen determination by residents and city staff, The Tracks at Brea is nearly completed. But it hasn’t been an easy task.

              When the project began, Brea was flush with Redevelopment Agency funds. According to Brea’s economic development manager, Kathie DeRobbio, $11 million in redevelopment funds were used for property acquisition and early project planning. Then the California legislature voted to end redevelopment agencies and Brea had to pursue other sources for the project. The city started applying for grants.

                At present, $17.5 million in grants has funded much of the project, including the extensive and expensive soil remediation, design, engineering construction and landscaping.

                  “The council has authorized $1,258,000 in Park Development Funds,” DeRobbio said about the city’s contribution toward the price tag. She added that, depending on the actual costs to be incurred, the city might not spend that entire amount. Those funds are restricted for use only for new recreational facilities.

                    There will be six segments of the 4-mile trail at completion. It starts with Segment I through Arovitsa Park and presently ends behind the west parking structure downtown where Segment 2 will someday begin.

                      But the really big news is the grand opening at 9:30 a.m. on March 26 when Mayor Christine Marrick leads the community through the newly completed Segment 3, a three-quarter-mile jaunt starting by Fire Station No. 2 on Brea Boulevard and meandering east to State College Boulevard.

                        The trails are wonderfully landscaped, park-like paths for strolling with the kids or whizzing through on your bike.

                          Bikers use the two-way, paved paths while walkers and runners use the tan-colored paths made of decomposed granite that is often used for playgrounds.

                            There are no restrooms or drinking fountains yet in Segment 3, but there are public restrooms nearby in the downtown. Go before you go and carry water, especially for the kids. There are disposal stations for dog waste.

                              The next segment nearing completion is No. 5, which wanders through Birch Hills Golf Course. It will have an interpretive historical display, rest area and food and restrooms available. And, you won’t have to duck when someone yells, “Fore!” because the golfers will be playing away from the trail.

                                Segment 4 will continue across State College and travels under the 57 Freeway to Kraemer Boulevard, where Segment 6 will run nearly parallel to Birch Street, ending at Valencia Street.

                                  If you plan to break in Segment 3 with the mayor, DeRobbio suggests parking in east parking structure downtown. Or, you could do what I’m going to do and walk there.

                                    The trail is open daily, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

                                      Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. Contact her at

  • City of Brea’s 99th Birthday Giveaway on BBON

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    Brea's 99th Birthday Giveaway: A taste of what's coming up ! Brea Art in Public Places sculpture: Just a Taste, located in Brea Union Plaza

    Brea's 99th Birthday Giveaway: A taste of what's coming up!
    Brea's Art in Public Places sculpture: Just a Taste, located in Brea Union Plaza

  • What’s new at Brea Mall!

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      Brea Mall is bustling with new stores, remodels and reopenings!

        *Sprint, the popular cellular service provider, is now occupying a 980-square-foot store next to Lenscrafters.

          *Supreme Day Spa will open in spring, featuring a variety of skincare and cosmetic products. At 1,000 square feet, its location will be on the lower level, near Macy’s Women’s store.

            *Nature Republic, a South Korean-based cosmetics company, will follow Supreme Day Spa with a second cosmetic store opening. The store featuring natural cosmetics products will be located in a 1,300-square-foot space near Nordstrom.

              •Jack Monarch, a local Newport Beach-based jewelry retailer, is scheduled to open a 1,200-square foot space on the upper level near Center Court, offering handmade and hand-assembled unique gem collections.

                *Express is in the process of remodeling, updating the interior and exterior of the store. The store will remain open throughout the remodel, later opening upon completion in late spring.

                  *Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma are relocating within the mall. Pottery Barn will be reopening this spring in their new 5,000-square-foot location on the upper level near Nordstrom, and Williams-Sonoma will be reopening on the upper level near Lenscrafters in a new 3,400-square-foot space.

  • Celebrating People and their Connection with Brea

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      Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that in just over a year Brea will be turning 100-years new on February 23, 2017. Very exciting-- as the eighth oldest of 34 Orange County cities and one of its smallest!

        In mid June of 2010, BBON was created to support and raise awareness about Brea, a charming North Orange County destination noted for shopping, dining and entertainment.

          Let me tell you how excited we are! Two years thereafter, we changed our logo to reflect Brea’s milestone celebration.

            We believe the soul of the city is its people and want to include everyone in telling the story of Brea, as we countdown to our centennial year.

              About three months ago, we asked BBON followers to send us their story and photo to share on a BBON Facebook album named “Celebrating People and their Connection with Brea.”

                We received and posted information about Doug Troxel, a 1986 BOHS grad and owner of State Farm Agency in Brea for over 36 years. We’d love to hear from you, too.

                  Your Brean family story may have been told over and over again, but remember there are many of us who haven’t heard it and would find it very interesting!

                    People make the city. Past or present, there are many people responsible in making Brea the charming place we know and love. To feature your Brean adventure, please message us on our website or Facebook. Tell your story of "old" and "new" Brea in 200 words or less.

                      We can’t wait to share your story!

  • BKSCA Runs Campaign To Establish Korean Class at BOHS

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    Nancy Lee, president of BKSCA, is getting signatures for the petition [Image Credit: Korea Daily]

    Nancy Lee, president of BKSCA, is getting signatures for the petition [Image Credit: Korea Daily]

      BKSCA, Brea Korean Sister City Association, started the campaign to establish Korean class at Brea Olinda High School. On Dec. 1, BKSCA members introduced their campaign and received signatures needed for the petition at seminar held at Brea Community room.

        Nancy Lee, president of BKSCA, will formally petition of the establishment of Korean class at BOHS by March the latest.

          “There are an increasing number of Brea citizens of Korean heritage. Also, Brea City Hall wants to have an opportunity to communicate with people of Korean heritage in Brea through BKSCA,” Lee said.

            Carrie Flanders, Board of Education in BOUSD, stated during seminar, “There is no reason to reject the establishment of Korean class if financial problems are solved. It will contribute to the diversity of our community.”

              Regarding the diversity, participants of seminar shared their hope to establish Korean class, as Japanese class is already established despite less number of students of Japanese heritage.

                Aside from the petition, during the seminar, Kelly Kennedy, principal of Brea Junior High School, explained about educational environment and curriculum of Brea. In addition, JNJ admission shared their information on admission to college especially for high school students. You can contact 714-222-9955 for more information.

                  Choha Kim/junior at Brea Olinda High School,

  • Brea Youth Theatre Mary Poppins coming to the Curtis Theater

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      Performed by Brea Youth Theatre and for the first time at our Curtis Theater, Mary Poppins will entertain you on stage from January 14 through 31, 2016. Tickets, only $15 each, will go on sale to the public at noon Wednesday, December 16.

        Brea's Youth Theatre's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious musical adventure is based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney film. Songs of this irresistible story such as "A Spoonful Of Sugar," will definitely enchant you along with breathdaking dance numbers and astonishing stagecraft reminiscent of the England from yesteryear and beloved characters like Bert, Jane and Michael Bank brought to life.

          Shows are over three consecutive weeks: with performances at 6:30 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays, 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and also at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Order online at or call (714) 990-7722. Make in-person ticket purchases through the Curtis Theatre Box Office, located at Number 1 Civic Center Circle, (Birch and Randolph) from 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays or one hour prior to shows.