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  • BBON Curtis Theatre Contest

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    Beautiful Brea Old & New and the Curtis Theatre are teaming up to bring you a contest that will last throughtout the season! Great chance to win fantastic gifts and bonus prizes, too!


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    October is definitely potato month at the Brea Souplantation.  The spuds are cropping up in dishes from tossed salads to the soups and kitchen favorites to the bakery.  For potato lovers this is the month to let your appetite for the taters go wild in the local  casual dining favorite spot. You can lead off your lunch or dinner with the Arugula Chicken and Tarragon salad with Crunchy Potatoes, and the bonus is that it's gluten free.  In the Deli Salad section you can select from the Sweet Vidalia Onion and Yukon Gold Potato or the Roasted Potato with Chipolte Chile Vinaigrette.  Shepherd's Pie over Skin-On Smashed Potatoes is featured in the Soup area, and Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon are close by in the Kitchen Favorites. After 4 p.m. you can feast on this month's warm dessert, Gooey Caramel Pumpkin Cake.  That's to be found in the bakery section close to the Roasted Potato Focaccia. The Brea Souplantation is just off Lambert at Pointe Drive.


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    Celebrated artist Marlo Bartels unveiled his latest work Sakura Obelisk at the new Stone Valley     Townhomes community in Brea.  The 12-foot, handmade-ceramic mosaic obelisk sculpture is the 153 piece in Brea’s Arts in Public Places collection. “The obelisk is festooned with Cherry Blossoms, which in Japan symbolize spring,” described Bartels.  “Sakura is the promise of spring, of renewal.  It reminds us of the brevity of life; the fact that beauty is fleeting, and that life should be celebrated every day,” explained the artist. The Art in Public Places program makes Brea an unusually artistic community of its size.


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    By Carolyn Campbell

      Dwight Manley is Brea's hometown successful businessman who purchased a huge portion of Brea Downtown in 2003. When approached by BBON for an interview, traces of his boyhood shyness are evident in his short answers.

        Dwight Manley

          BBON: What kind of a kid were you, when at an early age you discovered a deep passion for collecting coins?

            Dwight: I was shy. I loved coins + went to the Brea coin shop where Yard House is now all the time!

              BBON: In 2003, you made community headlines in purchasing Brea Downtown. Today Brea Downtown is a destination location. What do you foresee for Brea Downtown in five to 10 years?

                Dwight: It's only going to get better!

                  BBON:From successful rare coin expert, sports agent, real estate developer, to television producer, what’s next for you?

                    I take each day one at a time. So we'll have to see!

                      BBON: Tell us what it was like growing up in Brea in the 70’s and early 80’s?

                        Dwight: It was a lot of fun: watching open fields + orange groves become the Brea mall!


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    Brea new mom and illustrator of retro-inspired images for all ages Ashleymarie Sey Lively has published a children’s book, illustrated for book magazines and art exhibits, and graduated Cal State Long Beach with a BFA in Illustration. Moreover, she is a very talented young artist who launched her own business, Sey Studios, in 2011. read more

  • Brea Museum and Heritage Center

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    The Brea Museum and Heritage Center first entered the scene when a proposal to turn the vacant old American Legion building into a city museum was presented to the city council in 2001. The proposal was accepted, and soon after, construction began on the seismic retrofit, which was completed in 2005. An award-winning museum designer was then hired to design the layout and displays. A few years later, after a massive fundraising campaign, the doors were opened and the stories of Brea’s past were finally presented to the public. read more

  • BB Interview w/BOHS Coach Jeff Sink & his famous Ladycats!

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    The BOHS Ladycats Basketball Team is one of the top high school women's teams in the nation. In March, 2011, they will be vying for the title of State Championship. read more