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Centennial Celebration Honoring the People of Brea – John Beauman

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John Beauman's City Hall portrait.

John Beauman's City Hall portrait.

    As we countdown to our centennial year in 2017, Beautiful Brea Old & New (BBON) is celebrating the people of Brea and those who are responsible for moving Brea forward while maintaining our charming atmosphere, we are known for.

      Our guest writer featured this evening is former Mayor, John Beauman, who served nine years on the Brea City Council.

        It isn't often I get an opportunity to reflect on my tenure on the Brea City Council. December 7, 2010, was my last Council meeting concluding nine-years of service to the community, being appointed in November 2001 to fill the final year of Lynn Daucher's term following her election to the California Assembly. I was elected to a four year term in Nov. 2002 and reelected in 2006, serving as Mayor in 2004 and 2009. Both of those years were economically challenging for the City. 2004's challenges were due to the State's efforts to balance its budget at the expense of California’s cities, and 2009 because of the national recession. It was a time of learning and a time of doing. A number of bold steps were taken to balance our budget, cutting expenses and exploring opportunities to generate new revenue. Installation of solar panels at the Civic and Community Centers and water/maintenance facilities, resulted in an estimated energy savings of $42 million over 25 years, with $1/2 million annually to the general fund budget. Another source of revenue came from negotiations with Orange County, Brea being the host city for the Olinda Alpha landfill, which generates about $30 million in new revenue to Brea over the life of the landfill, with $10 million paid up front. Former City Manager Tim O’Donnell and I served on the O.C. Waste Management Commission, gaining insight and knowledge of landfill operations that benefited us in the negotiations.

          My last Council meeting on December 7th, 2010 was a memorable sendoff—a full house with Brea residents, friends and family in attendance. I’m pleased at what we accomplished during my nine years on the Council. One memorable project is the Brea Sports Park, a long-standing community dream. Brea obtained mineral rights to the land with oil revenues paying up to 70% of the Sports Park maintenance cost. Councilmember Don Schweitzer and I negotiated the contract for installation of the City’s solar panels, with guaranteed minimum savings for the first five years. Brea has consistently exceeded those savings. Other projects that helped give Brea a fresh look included renovation of the Brea Plunge (pool), Brea Lofts on south Brea Blvd, and La Floresta, serving as our east-end gateway. The new Fire Station 2 on Brea Blvd heightened community safety. I was blessed to serve with council members who shared a similar vision and believed as strongly as I did in those projects. We were blessed with competent and forward-thinking-staff who did the leg work in bringing them to fruition.

            My most memorable year was as Mayor in 2004, with former Police Chief Bill Lentini serving as Mayor Pro-Tem. He often referred to himself as my "wing man." I appreciated the “wing man” reference, but I especially appreciated his friendship and dedication to the community. Bill and I spent time together just prior to council meetings soliciting God's blessings on our community and asking for wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions for the City and people of Brea. When Bill served as Mayor in 2005, he brought honor, integrity and respect to the office.

              Brea isn’t amongst Orange County’s largest cities, but has significant regional influence. Brea council members and staff have taken active roles in regional organizations and decision making. During my tenure on the City Council I served as Representative for Brea, La Habra, Yorba Linda, and Placentia on the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG). Other broader regional involvements included the multi-county Four Corners Transportation Coalition (as Chair) and Wildlife Corridor Conservation Authority (WCCA). Many of those involvements I inherited from Bev Perry who was very active on Brea's behalf, when she left the Council. I participated in the establishment of the Hillside Open Space Education Coalition (HOSEC) to protect local open space.

                My most noteworthy regional involvement was serving on the Board of Directors and as president of the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities. Both Bev Perry and Marty Simonoff had previously held that position. Each City Council must decide Brea’s role in regional affairs and leadership. Past Councils took that role seriously, opposing bad decisions that could have negative impact on Brea, and supporting good decisions that benefited Brea. My prior corporate experience served me well in each of these positions. I consider my council newsletter, first published and distributed via email in 2001, and my on-line blog created in Aug. 2005 as important accomplishments for providing transparency in keeping the people of Brea informed on issues and explaining why we voted as we did.

                  Prior to my appointment to the City Council, I served on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), which provided a wealth of information and insight into the complexity of the City and its operations that served me well as a member of the City Council.

                    When asked why I decided not to run for a third term, I frequently responded "8 is enough" In my case it was nine. The Council needs to be in tune with the community. I tend to believe lifetime politicians loss sight of that essential component of representative government. But, I think I can also make an argument for “let the people decide.” Thank you BREA for supporting me. It was an amazing part of my life serving you.


                        John Beauman
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