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City of Brea issues a fire alert

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From the desk of Lis Pharis, secretary, of The City of Brea:

    Due to the current weather conditions, the Brea Fire Department is actively monitoring the wind and heat and has already been asked to provide Mutual Aid resources for some of the fires in impacted communities. As always, protection of the Brea community is our first concern, and decisions are made to ensure we are prepared.

      That is where all of you come in! As residents, especially those located in the canyon areas, you are a vital part of our monitoring and evaluation in the hazardous wildland areas. We ask that you be especially vigilant during these extreme fire conditions, implementing basic Fire Watch concepts. From your home, and during your routine daily activities, be on the lookout for smoke, suspicious activity or persons, or anything unusual that might warrant an up close look by our professional responders. You know your community best and we are counting on you to be our partners as we enter into what promises to be an active fire season here in Southern California.

        If you spot something of an immediate nature, please call 9-1-1. You can also reach Dispatch through their business line at 714-990-7911. Wildland related fire prevention and abatement concerns should be forwarded to Fire Prevention Specialist Bill Lynxwiler at 714-990-7652. Thank you for your partnership in preparedness and stay safe…stay prepared! Please share this message with your friends, family and neighbors.
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