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CSUF Daily Titan story on Heather Collins – Charlie the Clock caricature creator

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      A background illustration by alumna Heather Collins who graduated Cal State Fullerton in 2013 and now works for Titmouse Animation Studio in Los Angeles.

      A background illustration by alumna Heather Collins who graduated Cal State Fullerton in 2013 and now works for Titmouse Animation Studio in Los Angeles.

        A background illustration by alumna Heather Collins who graduated Cal State Fullerton in 2013 and now works for Titmouse Animation Studio in Los Angeles. Students come to Cal State Fullerton with the hopes of getting an opportunity of a lifetime after graduation.

          Heather Collins was a transfer student from Fullerton College and a 2014 CSUF graduate who ended up breaking into the entertainment industry as a background illustrator for Titmouse Animation Studio.

            Collins, 26, now works on the show China Illinois on Adult Swim, a show that takes place at the fictional University of China, Illinois that’s been labeled the “worst college America.”

              Her journey to get into the industry was all based on the idea of “being the lucky one,” she said.

                Art runs in the Collins family—her mother is a graphic designer and her father painted motorcycles.

                  Collins began drawing in elementary school where she would constantly get in trouble for being too encompassed in her art and not in the lessons.

                    She eventually took all the art classes that she could possibly take in junior high and high school, and figured out that this would be the direction she’s going in for a career.

                      But like most college students, she did not know the exact route within art that she wanted to go.

                        Once she came to CSUF, she discovered the animation and illustration emphasis within the art department. There they were pushed to paint digitally and Collins decided to pursue it as a career.

                          As a requirement for the illustration department, Collins needed to complete an internship.

                            Collins went above the requirements and pursued two internships, instead of one, during the same semester. One at Nickelodeon and the other at Titmouse Animation Studio, where she now works.

                              Collins commuted two hours to and from Burbank and juggled both internships while taking classes at CSUF.

                                “It was worth it,” Collins said.

                                  Collins completed her internship and made a mark on the Titmouse team as she networked and kept in touch with their human resources department.

                                    Once she graduated, she contacted Titmouse asking if there were potential opportunities to come back and work as an employee.

                                      She was later offered a position as a temporary receptionist, not her ideal place within the industry.

                                        “You do what you have to do to get your foot in the door,” Collins said.

                                          She was then asked to do numerous jobs within Titmouse, which included drawing storyboards for various shows, became a production assistant and finally got into what she was wanting to break into—background designs.

                                            She described the journey as a slow build up to get where she wanted.

                                              “It is challenging … it’s such a hard industry to get into,” Collins said. “I’m very lucky, honestly.”

                                                While she is currently at Titmouse, she is also working on her own side project of creating a childrens book or even pitching the idea for a show.

                                                  She is drawing her inspiration for the childrens book or show from her dog, which she describes as ridiculously ugly and awful but once people see him, they instantly fall in love with him.

                                                    Collins ultimately wants to create characters and creatures for horror movies.

                                                      Recently, Collins was selected to create the caricature, Charlie the Clock, for the City of Brea’s 98th birthday this month.

                                                        She created Charlie the Clock for the Face of Brea contest run by the Brea Old and New Facebook page creator, Carolyn Campbell who described Collins as “an amazing artist.”

                                                          The Edwards Brea Stadium West 10 has a cutout Charlie the Clock character on display for individuals to place their head as Charlie’s face and take pictures.

                                                            The top five winners of the contest will win an undisclosed prize from the Brea Old and New.

                                                              As for what the future holds for Collins, she hopes to branch out and get into a bigger, more well known studio in order to give her more opportunities to pitch her show.
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