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Eva and Josh to tie the knot!

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Eva Marie Schmidt, 2003 Brea Olinda grad and engineer, and Josh Dayananthan are engaged. They have been dating for eight years and will be married June 23 in San Francisco.
Eva was born and raised in Brea. She attended  Brea Olinda High School and later graduated from UCLA with a  degree in chemical engineering where she graduated with honors and was president of the Chemical Engineering  Society. She was hired by Frito Lay in Bakersfield  where she worked as an engineer for two years before being hired by Target in Sacramento as an engineer for their  distribution center.
Eva looked all over San Francisco and  Sacramento for  just the right wedding dress but found her dream dress right in La Habra at the dress shop in La Habra  called  Bridal Tuxedo on Imperial Highway and Idaho,  Josh attended medical school in  Ohio and returning to Sacramento to finish his last years as a resident.  Josh is a native of San Ramon, CA where  his parents still live.
Eva Marie Schmidt, and her fiancee, Dr. Joshua Dayananthan wedding will be held on June 23, in San Francisco at the Seaside Inn,  a very beautiful and romantic seaside location.
Story by Susan Gaede
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