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Fascinating Facts: Brea Blvd and the center of town

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1.) Brea Blvd was originally named Pomona Avenue and was the main route between Fullerton, founded in 1887, and Pomona, founded in 1875.  Downtown Brea was built up along the route.

2.) Brea's north and south street designations on Pomona Avenue (now Brea Blvd) were established at the intersection of Ash Street. The intersection, once considered the "center" of town, has been home to a bank, a department store, a drug store, residences,  a restaurant and a church.

3.) All streets named in the Brea downtown were, at one time or another, named for trees. This includes todays Lambert Road and Imperial Hwy. Lambert, at one time, was named Deodora. Imperial was once named Cedar.


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