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Fascinating Facts: The Brea Clock, Part 1

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The Brea Clock, shortly after it was unveiled at its new location downtown in 2001.


1.) Our much loved landmark, The Brea Clock, was first placed on Brea Blvd in 1975 as an advertising gimmick for a clock shop that was in the old Brea Hotel, at that time, located near the NE corner of Brea Blvd and Ash St. Most Breans believe that the clock has a much longer history in the city, but prior to its 1975 installation, it served as the station masters clock at the Santa Fe Railyards in Riverside.

2.) For a time, the clock was known to the city as "Charlie's Clock", named for the proprietor of the clock shop.  When Charlie closed his business and left town, the city bought the clock since it had become such a cherished landmark and it fit well with plans for eventual downtown redevelopment.

3.) The clock remained in its original spot for several years, but due to occasional vandalism, and wear and tear, it was constantly being taken down for repairs. In 1979, a car ran into the clock causing major damage, and it was a long time before the clock reappeared.

4.) Next week: More Fascinating Facts and the rest of the story of The Brea Clock.

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