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Fascinating Facts: The Brea Clock, Part 2

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The Brea Clock being repaired at its old location on Brea Blvd, near the NE intersection of Ash Street.

1.) The Brea Clock, after almost twenty years on Brea Blvd and becoming a beloved city landmark, was carefully removed, disassembled and placed in storage in 1994. Almost 7 years later, as the Brea Downtown Redevelopment Project was winding down, preparations were made for the clocks restoration and re-emergence at its new home on the corner of Birch St and Madrona.

2.) A difficult job that took 6 months to complete, the Brea Clock was turned over to a company specializing in historic renovations. The clock was beaten up and in general disrepair, the glass facing was broken, the numbers and lettering faded, the mechanism was frozen and its housing was rusted through. Restoration craftsmen recreated the unique hand painted calligraphy of the original numbers and letters and the original hands were removed and outlined exactly and used to create patterns to punch new hands from the same metal as the original.

3.) The exterior casing is the original, repaired and repainted in its original color, and the clock face is also the original, also refurbished and repainted. The "Good Old Brea" placard at the top was remade to the exact specifications of the original. The glass of the face is now frosted and surrounded by soft lighting for night time luminesence.

4.) Placement of the clock on the corner of Birch St and Madrona was deliberate to continue the theme of the Downtown...Brea, Past, Present and Future.

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