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Greg Voisan offers panoramic photography and virtual tours on Google Maps

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Greg Voisan has been named the lst certified Google Trusted Photographer in Orange County. Voisan has a talent for taking breathtaking 360-degree panoramic photographs (photo courtesy Nick Voisan)

Greg Voisan of Brea has taken his love of photography from a hobby, to a business offering HD panoramic photos for use on business websites, to becoming the 1st Certified GoogleTrusted Photographer in Orange County.

Google is launching a new Business Photos program in association with Google Maps by offering a virtual tour of any type of business.

    Voisan has been fine tuning his talent for taking breathtaking 360-degree panoramic photographs during his travels with his wife and business partner Ronna, as well as working for Gigapixel FanCam, shooting 8 events in the last 12 months in large stadiums like the Rose Bowl for the Mexico vs USA Soccer Final, the NHL All-Stars Game in Toronto, Canada from center ice, and most recently at Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

      Greg has taken more than half a million people’s picture in the last year. Voisan’s beautiful work can be seen at, Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography.

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