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Greg Voisan Photography is named Orange County’s first Google Trusted Photographer

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Brea Downtown by Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography

Greg and Ronna Voisan are long-time residents of Brea.  For 30 years Greg has enjoyed his hobby in photography.  Working together, Greg and Ronna have taken Greg’s love of photography and turned it into a business.  In 2011 they launched Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography, offering 360 degree HD interactive panoramic photographic virtual tours to businesses throughout Southern California.  Greg takes several panorama’s and stitches them together to make virtual tours for use on business websites.

Last year Greg had the opportunity, while working for a South African Company named FanCam, to travel to several countries and the U.S. shooting large stadiums and indoor arenas for high profile sporting events including the Rose Bowl.

A short time ago, Greg discovered a new program Google was administrating that was related to Google Places pages for businesses, that can be accessed through Google Maps or a Google Search for a business.  He seized the opportunity and contacted Google to inquire about working as a photographer for Google Business Photo Program, which offers the Google Streetview Technology to give small and medium sized businesses the ability to show off their space with Google Virtual Tour.  The steps to achieve his goal were certainly an endeavor worth attempting.  And after a lengthy certification process, Greg obtained his dream job and has become the first Google Trusted Photographer in Orange County!

To see more of Greg Panoramic Photography, visit There are tours of local places in Brea, Orange County, and Brea ‘s sister cities of Hanno, Japan and Lagos de Moreno, Mexico on their website.  Greg and Ronna like to say, “It’s like being there.”

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