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Jaime Serna of Brea does magic to ease anxious children

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CHOC Children’s phlebotomist Jaime Serna of Brea was one of only six Southern California health care professionals honored recently with a Hospital Hero Award from the National Health Foundation. Also pictured Choc patient Japheth and his father Hoang Nguyen. (courtesy CHOC Hospital)


      CHOC Children’s phlebotomist Jaime Serna was one of only six Southern California health care professionals honored recently with a Hospital Hero Award from the National Health Foundation. The award distinguishes professionals who have made outstanding contributions to their hospitals, including providing exceptional patient care above and beyond the call of duty.

        Serna’s dedication to and compassion for his patients drew the attention of the Hospital Heroes Selection Committee. Jokes and magic are not what most children expect to get when coming to the hospital for a blood draw, but Serna’s patients and their families know he always has “tricks” up his sleeve to create the most pleasant experience possible. Serna is sensitive to the anxiety children feel at the thought of a needle being inserted into their skin. Whether he’s drawing blood from a teenager or a toddler, he has a special talent for putting his patients at ease, and making their lab work as quick and pain free as possible.

          When the hospital recently opened its 20,000-square-foot clinical laboratory, the only pediatric-dedicated lab in the region, Serna trained phlebotomists to meet the “one visit, one poke” goal. His sincere concern for patients inspired new employees, who quickly adopted Serna’s “tricks” for creating the most compassionate experience possible.

            Serna’s commitment to patients extends beyond the lab. Wanting to empower his patients and encourage them to achieve their dreams, regardless of any limitations, he organized a “Children’s Day” celebration. In addition to live entertainment, free toys and healthy snacks, the event showcased patients, with various conditions, performing for other patients, their families and staff. Serna pulled some children, who needed a little encouragement, into his magic act. He wanted to increase their self-esteem, making them feel as special as he knows they are. He accomplished all of this, while still performing his duties as a phlebotomist.

              “The role of a phlebotomist is critical to getting accurate lab results and, eventually, diagnoses. Jaime achieves that, while doing so much more for our patients and their families. By going above and beyond the call of duty to leave a positive, lasting impact on patients, Jaime is a true hospital hero and we’re proud to have him here at CHOC,” said Steve Keller, director, laboratory services, CHOC Children’s.

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