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Laurel Elementary School has a brand new Mac Mini lab – thanks to many

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A letter from Laurel Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Bojorquez:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

      I would like to introduce you to our BRAND NEW Mac Mini lab. The computers, keyboards, and mice are courtesy of the BOUSD School Board as a thank you for hosting Fanning while their school was rebuilt. The screens are courtesy of our fantastic Leopard PTA from the funds they raised from Jog-a-Thon. Thank you to both!
      Fanning Elementary School's brand new Mac Mini lab!

      When the community gets together amazing things happen: Laurel Elementary School's brand new Mac Mini lab!

        We have 25 Mac Minis and supplemented with an additional 10 of our white iMacs. This year we will work on fundraising to add 10 more Mac minis to complete our lab at 35. But for now, students may need to share or rotate if the new computers are being used.

          A special thank you to Desmond Nguyen, Kari Windes, and a handful of BJH student volunteers who helped get the lab up and running in two days!

            Welcome to the new lab and it's time to explore all the possibilities for 21st Century learning. What might the kids be able to create?
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