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Olinda Elementary School is Open

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Olinda students form a heart to say, "We Love Our School!"

Since October of 2012, the new Olinda Elementary School has been under construction and was finally completed in December of 2011. Yesterday, the school opened its doors to 409 attending students.  The transition was smooth. but given the big changes including a closed campus versus the old Olinda Elementary open campus located on Lilac lane, it is new adjustment for students of Olinda Elementary School.  According to Stacy Yoder, who has worked at the school for about 24 years, the students now come through the office and they leave though the office, as the entire school is gated. Stacy mentioned that the parents like the safety and security of a closed campus. She continued to say that they have an over the top media center and wireless campus!  As with anything new, change is an adjustment and they are in the beginning stages of starting a new school, give them time and they will feel comfortable with their new school designed especially for them!
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