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Our “Newsy Suzie” scoops Metallica’s 30 year reunion in Brea

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Photo by Daniel Hale, David Hale's son

Ed James and Gary

Did you know department? 30 years ago the forming of Metallica started in the home of David and Lorraine Hale on Evening Canyon in Brea. 1981 Brea Olinda grad James Hetfield the rhythm guitarist, co-founder, main songwriter and lead vocalist for the American heavy metal band Metallica is the half brother of David Hale. James came to Brea several weeks ago for David Hale’s 60th birthday and to celebrate the 30 years as a band.

They jammed for two hours at Virtuo Music Studio in Brea. The owners of the music studio Dan and Kal Paviolo loaned them their practice room. James spotted a Metallica poster on one of the walls of the practice room and signed it unknown to the owners. The two brothers James and David never played together before and really enjoyed the session. Brea resident, talented Gary Hampson, joined in playing bass guitar, and Ed Soto, friend and fellow garage band member with David in high school, played the lead guitar, and David was on the drums. Ed had given James his first guitar lesson when he was a kid. David Hale’s son Daniel played a song on the drums also. They played Metallica songs as well as some from the 60’s. Needless to say a good time was had by all and it was nice to have the rockstar James Hetfield back in Brea again.

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