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Sabrina Sciarrotta: A local kid who made a difference

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Sabrina Sciarrotta, 8, is making a difference at a very young age.(courtesy Sciarrotta family)


    Special girl: When 8-year-old Sabrina Sciarrotta, a third grader at Mariposa School, heard about the massive tornados that hit outside of Oklahoma City she wanted to do something to help. And then it came to her what she could do. Sabrina had an idea about the sweaters and jackets in the Lost and Found that were still unclaimed at the end of the year. The next day she went into the front office and asked if she could have the contents and they agreed but wondered what she was going to do with them. She replied, "I'm gonna wash them and send them to all the kids in Oklahoma."

      Next she made a flyer asking her fellow students and families to donate non-perishable food, clothing, toiletries and blankets. On June 17th she went back to school to pack up all the donations and took the jackets and sweaters to the laundromat. She recruited her sisters, a friend, her Mom, Dad and her Grandmother to help. A very generous company Compliance Poster Company in Monrovia shipped all the boxes for Sabrina for free to Feed the Children in Oklahoma. All 11 boxes arrived on June 28th and Sabrina couldn't have been happier when she received the emails of delivery confirmation. What a great way to make a difference...we are super proud!

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