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Set of triplets, and a dozen twins attending Brea Junior High

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Grace, Faith, and Hope Geraldez 12 year old identical triplets will be attending Brea Jr. High when it opens September 2. (courtesy Geraldez photography)


      Students at the Brea Junior High at the first day of school may think they are seeing triple or maybe double. There will be 12 sets of twins at the school and one set of identical triplets.

        I chatted with the triplets Faith, Hope, and Charity Geraldez. The girls giggled a lot. They are best friends, but don't mind if they are separated in class. Singing is something they really enjoy doing together. The trio may fight a lot, but don't let an outsider say anything against any one of them. They are very protective of each other.

          Asked if their handwriting was similar and they said "No." Grades are similar, however. The trio have the same taste in clothes, but don't usually dress alike.

            Melinda Geraldez (their mother) said, "When the girls were younger they had a secret language of their own and nobody knew what they were saying accept themselves," she added, "The trio did everything late, they didn't walk until they were 17 months old, when just one got up and walked, the other ones got up and joined her." She also said the girls always had someone to play with and entertained themselves.

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