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Arovista Park

  • Brea Kids Centennial Children’s Book Photo Shoot

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    Hi everyone!

      Bring Your Umbrellas For a “FUN” Panoramic Photo Shoot!!

        On With THE Show!! According to the Weather Channel, there is a chance of rain tomorrow, February 11 with intermittent showers in the afternoon.

          We will be meeting at 1:00 p.m. at Arovista Park at the amphitheater to take the photo that will be featured in “Charlie the Rockin' Clock in Brea History's Biggest Hits” -> a whimsy centennial book celebrating 100 years in Brea!!

            Don’t forget the photo release form.
            Photo release form to authorize Brea kids public and private schools in grades, 3rd-6th, to be in a panoramic photo for Brea first children’s book with historic iconic Charlie the Clock and school friends --celebrating 100 years in Brea-- and website. Form graphic designs courtesy of Jennifer Choi, BOHS GITA Club member

            Photo release form to authorize Brea kids public and private schools in grades, 3rd-6th, to be in a panoramic photo for Brea first children’s book with historic iconic Charlie the Clock and school friends --celebrating 100 years in Brea-- and website.
            Form graphic designs courtesy of Jennifer Choi, BOHS GITA Club member

              Thank you,

                Carolyn Campbell

  • Photo op featuring kids in Brea’s 1st Children’s Book – Celebrating Our Centennial Year

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    Hi everyone! Brea’s 1st children’s book is coming along nicely, as we have a “dynamic group” of people helping us on the book and sub-projects. The name of the book is Charlie the Rockin' Clock in Brea History's Biggest Hits!!

      A panoramic photo op has been scheduled on Saturday, February 11, at Arovista Park in Brea, at 1:00 p.m. Please help to spread the word -- grassroots style -- as
      Photo release form to authorize Brea kids public and private schools in grades, 3rd-6th, to be in a panoramic photo for Brea's first children’s book featuring historic iconic Charlie the Clock and school friends --celebrating 100 years in Brea-- and website. Form graphic designs courtesy of Jennifer Choi, BOHS GITA Club member

      Photo release form to authorize Brea kids public and private schools in grades, 3rd-6th, to be in a panoramic photo for Brea's first children’s book featuring historic iconic Charlie the Clock and school friends --celebrating 100 years in Brea-- and website.
      Form graphic designs courtesy of Jennifer Choi, BOHS GITA Club member

      each and every person counts!

        The purpose of the photo is to feature as many Brea children from public and private schools (grades 3rd-6th,) as the group photo will be featured in Brea’s first children’s book and on a website devoted to the book named: which is scheduled to go live soon!

          *In order for your child/children to be in the photo, you must fill out the photo release form and bring it to the photo shoot on Saturday, February 11.

            Should you have any questions, please email me at

              This is an independent community-oriented venture including many children, residents and businesses. Following is an extensive background of the book and sub-projects.

                CLOCK BACKGROUND

                  The Brea Clock: Our much loved landmark The Brea Clock, was first placed on Brea Blvd in 1975 as an advertising gimmick for a clock shop that was in the old Brea Hotel, at that time, located near the NE corner of Brea Blvd and Ash St. Most Breans believe that the clock has a much longer history in the city, but prior to its 1975 installation, it serves as the station masters clock at the Santa Fe Railyards in Riverside. For a time, the clock was known to the city as “Charlie’s Clock,” named for the proprietor of the clock shop. When Charlie closed his business and left town, the city brought the clock since it had become such a cherished landmark and it fit well with plans for eventual downtown redevelopment.

                    The Brea Clock article as seen on by former Brea Historical Society President, Kathy Cannon.

                      Charlie the Clock caricature: In early 2015, I contracted Heather Ashlyn Collins, a 2006 BOHS grad and recent CSUF grad, to draw a caricature of the clock, renaming Charlie’s Clock to “Charlie the Clock,” because it’s friendly and implies the clock belongs to everyone in the community. Soon after, Charlie the Clock cutout was made, just in time to celebrate Brea’s 98th birthday, with "The Face of Brea" contest held at Brea Stadium West 10. “It was a hit,” said West 10 GM, Stephen Moehle! Charlie the Clock continued to dazzle the crowds at the 28th annual Brea Summerfest, the 36th Brea Country Fair, and for a time was on exhibit at the Brea Historical Museum, where the clock was taken out to visit events at our local elementary schools and recently again at the 2nd annual Brea Country Hills Color Run Fundraiser.

                        The concept of the book: Brea's historic iconic "Charlie the Clock" and seven school friends travel back in time to celebrate Brea's 100th birthday. After reading the first chapter Orange County Journalist/Columnist Terri Daxon said, "Teresa Hampson has written a delightful 'time travel' story that makes learning all about Brea's history an entertaining journey for kids and adults. I am anxious to read the rest of it.

                          Book Team:

                            *Teresa Hampson – Our author, is known for her history book, Brea: Celebrating 75 Years, and serving as the longest BOUSD Board member.

                              *Heather Ashlyn Collins - A 2006 BOHS grad and recent CSUF grad, is our illustrator.

                                *Carolyn Campbell – Based on my concept, I am serving as the creative director and project manager.

                                  Sub-project Video Team: A video showcasing students dancing with an animated Charlie the Clock - lyrics written and sang by a high school student.

                                    * Stagelight Performing Arts located in the Vons center, Co-owners: Lindsey Russo and Alyssa Gramer to choreograph the video with their dance students.

                                      *BOHS senior choir member, Hayden Magnum, is our singer/songwriter

                                        *CSUF student Alejandra Mertz is our video animator working under the guidance of her art professor.

                                          Sub-project Kids Imagine Brea Essay Contest: Children will give their perspective of Brea’s future.

                                            Brea Old and New networking blog and social media sites is presenting the essay contest, and the Brea Education Foundation Board members is currently judging the essays. Four essays contest winners will be chosen, one per 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. Photos/essays will be featured in the book.

                                              Sub-project Panoramic Photo:

                                                Longtime Brean Greg Voisan of Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography to take group photo. All interested public and private school students, grades 3rd-6th, are invited to be in Brea’s first children’s book, and also showcased on, a website devoted to the book which will go live soon. The panoramic photo shoot has been scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. at Arovista Park in Brea.

                                         Website Team:

                                                    Our local high school students along with the help of their instructor, Todd Salesky, are building the book’s website, - which is due to go live this month. As a community-oriented children's book Web page, a bio and a photo of everyone involved in the project will be shown on the site, thanks to the BOHS GITA Club team members assistance as follows:

                                                      *Student: Kyle Tam

                                                        *Student: Zoya Kahn

                                                          *Student: Jennifer Choi

                                                            I greatly appreciate everyone's interest in this once-in-a-lifetime project! And when I say this is a community-oriented project, I don't just mean the people involved in the project. This project has been put together out of love for the community. It's for the young -- and young at heart, as it will interest many people in its whimsical approach to telling the story of Brea's rich history! I need your help in spreading the word!!

                                                              Thank you!

                                                                Carolyn Campbell

  • Brea’s Family Films in the Park Summer Series 2016

    4 years ago by

    It’s time for drive-in style movies at Arovista Park (located at Elm and Sievers Streets) beginning this Friday, June 24, and continuing every Friday at 8:00 p.m. or dusk through July 29.

      Relax and enjoy watching summer movies on a gigantic screen under the stars! Bring your blankets and low-back beach chairs, arriving early for a family picnic or munch on movie snacks available for purchase. Admission and parking are free. It doesn’t get much better than this!

        2016 Movie Schedule

          June 24 – Despicable Me 2 (PG)

            July 1 - Kung Fu Panda (PG)

              July 8 - The Sandlot (PG)

                July 15 - Cars (G)

                  July 22 - Inside Out (PG)

                    July 29 - Zootopia (PG)

                      For more information, call (714) 990-7201.

  • On track with the Tracks at Brea Trail

    4 years ago by

    Until 2007, trains regularly chugged through Brea, crossing Lambert Road, State College Boulevard and Brea Boulevard. Only one track that crosses Berry Street is still somewhat active.

      Like many cities throughout Southern California, Brea ended up with a lot of ugly, abandoned railroad tracks that carried nothing but weeds, trash and rodents.

        But no longer.

          Back in 2009, the first community meetings were held to find a way to convert the abandoned rails to trails for walking, running and biking, instead of places people dumped trash or old mattresses after dark.

            Through good planning, many grants and keen determination by residents and city staff, The Tracks at Brea is nearly completed. But it hasn’t been an easy task.

              When the project began, Brea was flush with Redevelopment Agency funds. According to Brea’s economic development manager, Kathie DeRobbio, $11 million in redevelopment funds were used for property acquisition and early project planning. Then the California legislature voted to end redevelopment agencies and Brea had to pursue other sources for the project. The city started applying for grants.

                At present, $17.5 million in grants has funded much of the project, including the extensive and expensive soil remediation, design, engineering construction and landscaping.

                  “The council has authorized $1,258,000 in Park Development Funds,” DeRobbio said about the city’s contribution toward the price tag. She added that, depending on the actual costs to be incurred, the city might not spend that entire amount. Those funds are restricted for use only for new recreational facilities.

                    There will be six segments of the 4-mile trail at completion. It starts with Segment I through Arovitsa Park and presently ends behind the west parking structure downtown where Segment 2 will someday begin.

                      But the really big news is the grand opening at 9:30 a.m. on March 26 when Mayor Christine Marrick leads the community through the newly completed Segment 3, a three-quarter-mile jaunt starting by Fire Station No. 2 on Brea Boulevard and meandering east to State College Boulevard.

                        The trails are wonderfully landscaped, park-like paths for strolling with the kids or whizzing through on your bike.

                          Bikers use the two-way, paved paths while walkers and runners use the tan-colored paths made of decomposed granite that is often used for playgrounds.

                            There are no restrooms or drinking fountains yet in Segment 3, but there are public restrooms nearby in the downtown. Go before you go and carry water, especially for the kids. There are disposal stations for dog waste.

                              The next segment nearing completion is No. 5, which wanders through Birch Hills Golf Course. It will have an interpretive historical display, rest area and food and restrooms available. And, you won’t have to duck when someone yells, “Fore!” because the golfers will be playing away from the trail.

                                Segment 4 will continue across State College and travels under the 57 Freeway to Kraemer Boulevard, where Segment 6 will run nearly parallel to Birch Street, ending at Valencia Street.

                                  If you plan to break in Segment 3 with the mayor, DeRobbio suggests parking in east parking structure downtown. Or, you could do what I’m going to do and walk there.

                                    The trail is open daily, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

                                      Terri Daxon is a freelance writer and the owner of Daxon Marketing Communications. Contact her at

  • Brea City Family Films in the Park 2015

    5 years ago by

     Brea Family Films in the Park: Relive the good old days today!

    Brea Family Films in the Park: Relive the good old days today!

      Summer is here and that means a whole lot of outdoor community fun such as the City of Brea’s annual Family Films in the Park! On Friday nights from July 10- August 14 at 8 p.m. at Arovista Park (located at Elm and Sievers Streets) or when it becomes dark, gather the family to watch a variety of films on a gigantic screen at the park reminiscent of yesterday’s drive-in theaters without the car – just under the moonlight with a blanket and beach chairs so that everyone can enjoy a bit of yesterday today. Admission is free. Movie snacks will also be available for a nominal fee, plus, Free raffle prizes for the kids!

        2015 Movie Schedule:

          July 10:

            Paddington (PG)

              July 24:

                Big Hero 6 (PG)

                  August 7:

                    The Mighty Ducks (PG)

                      July 17:

                        Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (PG)

                          July 31:

                            The Incredibles (PG)

                              August 14:

                                Monsters, Inc. (G)

  • City of Brea Family Films in the Park 2014

    6 years ago by

      The drive-in movie theaters are practically non-existent these days; however, we still can relive those good old days of snuggling under the blankets together, while munching on popcorn and chocolate malted milk balls, by gathering the family to attend Brea’s popular Family Film series held at Arovista Park (located at Elm and Sievers Streets) on Friday nights from July 11 – August 15 at 8 p.m., or when it becomes dark. Admission and parking are free.

        This year’s series is loaded with a variety that everyone in the family will enjoy! So bring your blankets and low-back beach chairs to the amphitheater, and either pack a picnic dinner or purchase movie food and snacks at the park. And the outdoor scene is set for a 21st century family-fun summer evening of movie entertainment!

          Here’s the Friday evening movie schedule:

            July 11 - Frozen (PG)

              July 18 - Angels in the Outfield (PG)

                July 25 - The Parent Trap (1988) (PG

                  August 1 - Despicable Me (PG)

                    August 8 - Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (PG)

                      August 15 - The Lego Movie (PG)

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    Kiwanis Club of Brea 52nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    6 years ago by

    The 2014 “Brea Easter Egg Hunt” at Arovista Park

      The Brea Kiwanis Easter Bunny is coming to Arovista Park to host the 52nd annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19. The hunt will start at 9 AM but there is fun to be had gathering about the Easter Bunny from 8 AM until the hunt begins! After the hunt, Chocolate bunnies will be handed out to the anticipated 400+ children that attend.

        The Kiwanis Club of Brea held its first Easter Egg Hunt in 1962 and has since become an annual community service project for the club. From the beginning, the hunt is free for all those who participate, and participation is open to all children from preschool age to third grade.

          In 1962, the population of Brea was quite small by comparison to today. The 1960 census showed 8,500 residents in the city. Because of the small number of children at those early hunts, the Kiwanians actually colored hard boiled eggs for the children. But as the city’s population grew and the number of children participating increased, the coloring of eggs passed into history.

            The heart of the Easter Egg Hunt has always been lots of candy and eggs full of candy on the field for the children to hunt and pick up. For the past 25 years, the Kiwanis Club has also provided every child in attendance with a chocolate Easter bunny as a “parting gift” to help make the experience extra special.

              Except for the few years when Arovista Park was under renovation, the hunt has been held at Arovista Park, as it was the hunt’s first year in 1962. For many years, Boys Scout Troop 801 and the Brea-Olinda High School Key Club have assisted the Kiwanians on the day of the hunt. Since 1987, the Kiwanian in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt has been Dean Hall, who will again be in charge this year and hopefully for many years to come.

                Co-written by longtime Brea Kiwanis club members, Dean Hall and Charlie Phillip.

                  Dean Hall is a local Brea/Fullerton attorney, 29 year Kiwanis member, past Kiwanis President, and events chairman of the annual Toys For Tots and the Easter Egg Hunt. Charlie is the Club Secretary, Newsletter writer and Brea HS Key Club advisor for the last three years.

                    Photos courtesy of Charlie Phillips

  • Kiwanis Club of Brea annual Easter Egg Hunt marks 50 years of tradition

    8 years ago by

    50th Annual Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt

    In 1962, The Kiwanis Club of Brea held their inaugural Easter Egg Hunt.  Fifty year’s later they continue their tradition with pride and spirit. “Some things have changed since then, with plastic eggs instead of dyed “real” Easter eggs,” says, Dean Hall, a long-time member of the club.  In preparation for the big day on Saturday, they are congregating at the club tomorrow to fill a rather large order: 15,000-20,000 pieces of candy will be filled in plastic eggs by the Kiwanis and those family members they enlisted for the job!

    According to Dean, in the early morning hours of this Saturday, April 7, 400 children will line-up at the amphitheater at Arovista Park. With so many children, organization is the key to the Kiwanis success as there are three age categories: Pre-school, kindergarten-first grade, and second–third grade, says Dean.  At approximately 9:00 a.m. the children will be released in their designated areas to go on a fantastic egg hunt.  After the Easter egg hunt, each child receives a chocolate Easter bunny.  Also on hand is the friendly Easter Bunny, who is available for pictures before and after the egg hunt.

    Cheers to the Kiwanis Club of Brea for creating fond “Easter Egg Hunt” memories for thousands of children over the years.  Talk to Kiwanis members and their eyes twinkle to play a part of this grand event.  It's a gratifying experience for everyone involved!