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  • Disney Friends for Change club will hold classes at Brea library

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      Disney Friends for Change club at Brea Olinda High School will hold classes that are primarily focused on environment at Brea library on January. Disney Friends for Change (also referred to as Friends for Change: Project Green) is a pro-social “green” initiative that started in the summer of 2009.

        According to United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), environmental education increases public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues or problems. Also, it provides the public with the necessary skills to make informed decisions and take responsible action.

          The primary purpose of Disney Friends for Change club is to raise the awareness of children about the significance of saving the environment. As most effective way to achieve the club’s main purpose, club members are planning to hold “actual” classes for children at the Brea Library.

            Throughout the January, they will be holding three classes for children. In the first class, they will do activities regarding water cycle. In the second class, they will teach the concept of 3R with various visual resources, in addition to activities. Lastly, they will explain about trophic levels in the third class.

              “I think it’s a good thing for not only the children but the teenagers instructing the classes. They will be able to learn more about the environment and take a more active role in spreading awareness of the impact of human influence on the environment,” Alisa Fang, sophomore at BOHS, said.

                Starting this week, Disney Friends for Change club members will start preparing for the classes by making the visual resources and planning for activities that can encourage children’s learning.

                  Besides the library session activity, Disney Friends for Change club members will do the school cleanup on Thursday to initiative “green.” Anyone interested in participating in the class or helping with class can contact 714-671-1722 or email

                    Choha Kim/junior at Brea Olinda High School,

  • Only Time Will Tell the Future of Brea’s “Charlie the Clock!”

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    Photo illustration of Brea's 'Charlie the Clock" (real and animated) by Illustrator Heather Ashley Collins and Greg Voisan Photography.

    Photo illustration of Brea's historic icon 'Charlie the Clock" (real and animated) by Illustrator Heather Ashley Collins and Greg Voisan Photography.

      For those of you who love the world of imagination....Tick Tock: The unveiling of our new timeline image

        For quite some time now, I have viewed Brea’s historic icon ‘Charlie the Clock’ as an animated character, so it’s with great excitement as we countdown to our centennial, that I present our photo illustration courtesy of fellow Brean residents: BOHS and CSUF grad, Illustrator Heather Ashley Collins who designed ‘Charlie the Clock’ and Greg Voisan Panoramic Photography.

          A special Shout Out to Heather Ashley Collins who recently published her first children’s book, "My Dog the Alien."

            As for ‘Charlie the Clock,’ caricature cutout, it’s photo op time! Next week the dapper gent will be at the annual Country Hills Jog-A-Thon. Thereafer, you can see Charlie in the lobby at Brea Edwards Stadium West 10 the week of November 16, followed by sister theater East 12, Thanksgiving week!

  • BOHS Homecoming Dance was a “A Night to Remember”

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    Students donned in corsages and boutonnieres prepare for #Homecoming2015

    Students donned in corsages and boutonnieres prepare for #Homecoming2015

    The BOHS Homecoming Dance kicked off last night at the Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach. With the theme “A Night to Treasure,” students were free to bust some moves at the dance floor, relax on an evening boat tour aboard the Balboa riverboat, and enjoy the rest of the night at the beach’s Fun Zone where they could ride the ferris wheel, the bungee assisted trampoline ride, and even play in some arcades.

      Once again, the Dance was hosted by the BOHS Girls’ League, who worked hard to organize the event. And all their hard work paid off as the students were buzzing with excitement throughout the night.

        “This year’s dance definitely had that carnival-vibe to it,” Amaris Salas, junior, said. “I think that’s part of what made it so fun--there was just so many things to do and I wanted to do them all!”

          The BOHS Homecoming Dance was held at the Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach. Photo credit:

          The BOHS Homecoming Dance was held at the Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach. Photo credit:

          The night before the dance, the senior Homecoming queen was announced at the BOHS Homecoming football game. Libby Williams, senior, took home the crown, along with the other Homecoming princesses, junior Hannah Towbin, sophomore Jennie Pendergast, and freshman Amanda Acaba.

            All in all, the BOHS Homecoming Dance of 2015 seemed to be a “true success” and it was definitely “A Night to Treasure.”

  • BOHS students took SAT

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    [Wikipedia Common]

    [Wikipedia Common]

      Starting off a new year, BOHS students, mostly juniors and seniors, took the SAT on Oct 3. According to Collegeboard official website, the SAT is a globally recognized college admission test that lets students show colleges what they know and how well they can apply that knowledge. Taking the test composed of three sections, writing with essay, critical reading, and math, BOHS students were tested on their exhaustive knowledge. As the SAT has huge impact on featuring students’ Academic profile for college application, they went to either get help from tutor or go to an academy.

        Venessa Kim, senior at BOHS, went to the academy to get specific helps on SAT test and took the SAT on Oct 3.

          “Going to the academy definitely helps; however, I’ve also seen a lot of students getting good scores [not getting any extra help],” Kim said.

            Not only seniors, including Kim went to an academy or place to get tutor, but also juniors. According to Charlotte Alter in Time magazine, high school students who take the SAT in 2016 will face a very different test than those who came before them. Having only three chances of taking the old-version SAT, juniors are trying to receive the satisfying score before it changes.

              BOHS students, especially juniors can take a free prep test online at Khan Academy. According to Time, students will be able to access high-quality online test prep without signing up for programs like Princeton Review or Kaplan, which are often difficult for students from low-income families to afford.

                “If you have time, it is better to start now. Don’t think about it too hard. You can do well by studying by yourselves [even if] you do get help from tutor,” Kim said.

                  Choha Kim/ junior at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS Boys’ Cross Country Team Wins First at Oregon, Girls’ Place Second

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    The BOHS boys’ cross country team placed first in their division at the Three Course Challenge race in Seaside, Oregon last week. Junior Gio Orellano placed first in his race, leading the team to victory and proving that the team is more than capable of accomplishing feats without star runner and senior Austin Tamagno who did not compete in Oregon.

      Orellano reportedly lost his racing shoe in the middle of the race and still managed to win first place. According to head cross country coach Matt Rainwater, this was an “incredible feat” that made the event so memorable and fun.

        On the girls’ side, senior Carly Halm placed first in the Hard Course. Interestingly, Halm managed to pass over 50 boys, whose race started five minutes before the girls’. Just two days before the race, Halm suffered a major contusion to the rib cage during a workout practice, but she was back on her feet in time for the big race.

          Senior Carly Halm races to the finish line, winning first place for the girls' Hard Level course in the Three Course Challenge in Seaside, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Carly Halm.

          Senior Carly Halm races to the finish line, winning first place for the girls' Hard Level course in the Three Course Challenge in Seaside, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Carly Halm.

          “We came all the way to Oregon just for this race and we’ve all been training so hard for so long,” Halm said. “I just felt that it would be a waste of an opportunity if I didn’t at least try to win.”

            The girls’ team placed second overall, but Halm finished in first with a time of 22:57, even placing 98th out the 432 boys.

              Coach Rainwater reportedly yelled at Halm during the race to push aside the other boys in order to make it to the finish line. “The other coaches thought I was crazy, but there was really no other way out. I told her to literally elbow the other boys out of her way, and it worked!”

                Whether it’s a lost shoe or an injured rib, one thing is for sure: the BOHS cross country is “unstoppable” and will make greater accomplishments throughout the rest of the season.

  • BOHS Academic Decathlon starts off the new year

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      Along with returners and new members, Brea Olinda Academic Decathlon team started off the new school year. The team took 4th place in Orange County Academic Decathlon division 2 competition. Hoping to continue this success, they started to have meeting every Monday and Wednesday after school to prepare for the upcoming competition in January.

        According to Patricia Humphrey, coach, this year’s competition theme will be India.

          “I am excited about India. It sounds fun and interesting. I did not like last year’s competition theme [energy]. India is an interesting country people generally do not know about. One member is helping the team with his heritage based on Pakistan, which is right next to India,” Patricia said.

            With three juniors and new members, mostly sophomore, Patricia anticipates that this year will bring “good results.”

              “We have hard working students. We have quite a few seniors and juniors. However, I believe that our team will continue to bring success [because sophomores will be returners one day.]

                To join Academic Decathlon, you can contact

                  Choha Kim/ junior at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS yearbook staff had first meeting

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    BOHS yearbook staff is discussing about the ideas [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

    BOHS yearbook staff is discussing about the ideas [Image Credit: Choha Kim]

      Trying to get inspirations and theme ideas before 2015-16 school year starts, BOHS yearbook staff and Susan Luce, an adviser for yearbook, had a meeting in Fullerton Barnes and Nobles on July 6. According to the interview with co-editors-in-chief of Birmingham Seaholm High School conducted by, theme is an essential part of any yearbook, allows to unify the design and overall look of the book, and also sets a voice. With Luce’s encouragement, almost every yearbook staffs came up with yearbook ideas. With those ideas, according to Luce, staff members will connect and incorporate them later.

        “I was really inspired for the upcoming yearbook through the broad and unique ideas offered by our BOHS yearbook staff,” Maha Sheikh, Editor-in-chief, said.

          Besides sharing theme ideas, they also were informed about their responsibilities. Not only they had opportunities for learning theme and responsibilities, but also they looked through magazines to get inspirations.

            “All the colorful, interesting magazines [along] with amazing design and theme elements were inspiring. This meeting thoroughly reminded me of the great group [and] Mrs. Luce and I have the pleasure of working with them this year. I think it was definitely an useful introduction to the large workload we have ahead of us,” Sheikh said.

              Choha Kim/ junior at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS senior shares feelings about graduation

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    Monica Girgis, senior at BOHS, shares her stories about graduation

    Monica Girgis, senior at BOHS, shares her stories about graduation

      Seniors in BOHS are graduating on June 17 and of course, graduation is a special memory they can think back on their high school years. However, for Monica Girgis who moved to the U.S. from Alexandria, Egypt, graduation means much more.

        Q. How did you like Brea Olinda High School?

          BOHS was a great place, and I loved it, I am thankful for my parents who picked Brea!

            Q. How do you feel about graduation?

              I am surprised actually that I am graduating, I can’t believe I am not going to be in BOHS anymore.

                Q. What is your plan after graduation?

                  I am going to college and I want to study pre-med, and I hope to get accepted to medical school.

                    Q. When did you move to the U.S. and what do you think of the greatest aspects of the U.S.?

                      The greatest aspect I guess to live in the U.S. is you get the chance to meet news people from different countries. That’s awesome.

                        Q. Do you have something to say to underclassmen?

                          Yes. I want to say that underclassmen should enjoy their high school in BOHS and appreciate the fact that they’re a BOHS student.

                            Q. What was your favorite activity in BOHS?

                              I guess I most preferred was class. Mrs. Fox teaches French and she’s the best teacher I’ve ever had in my life.

                                Choha Kim/sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

  • BOHS got 6 years of accreditation

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      After walking around BOHS campus and deliberate process of evaluating overall system, Western Association of Schools and Colleges(WASC), an organization that certifies all public high schools and colleges, approved BOHS with six years of accreditation.

        “I'm thrilled that we earned six years of accreditation. I was in charge of moving the school through the state mandated accreditation process with the guidance and help of administration and all staff,” Nadia Fox, French teacher,” said.

          WASC visited BOHS for three days by observing curriculum, instruction, and organization. By doing so, WASC made sure that BOHS completed the requirements of the accreditation process. A term of accreditation can be anywhere from zero to six years.Yet it all depends on whether a completed self-study document and students’ contributions meets the criteria for WASC.

            “I certainly feel a great deal of pride that our teachers and classified staff have not gone unnoticed. It literally takes a very committed village to provide the ongoing education and extracurricular activities BOHS offers especially during so much change and with tougher work conditions than ever before as a result of budget cuts over the years,” Fox said.

              According to Fox, BOHS is a very well-rounded school with a caring, hard-working staff, a great deal of course offerings, and a strong vision. It’s the partnership between teachers, students, administration and parents which continue to foster the success of school.

                “I am pleased that the state commissioners and the visiting committee members were able to reaffirm our goals and strengths,” Fox stated.

                  Choha Kim/ sophomore at Brea Olinda High School,

                    with help from Brea Olinda High School newspaper "wildcat"

  • Movie Inside Out will be released

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    Inside Out will be released on June 19 [Image Credit: Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures]

    Inside Out will be released on June 19 [Image Credit: Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures]

      The new film Inside Out will be released in Edwards Brea Stadium East 12 on June 19. According to Wikipedia, Inside Out is an upcoming computer-animated fantasy and comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. This film is based on an original idea by Pete Docter, the director of the film. The film features Riley, a hockey-loving 11 year old Midwestern girl who encounters different emotions as she suddenly finds herself moving to San Francisco with her family and trying to fit into her new hometown.

        Mostly dealing with Riley’s journey, audiences will indirectly experience emotions she felt. At D23 Expo 2011, Pixar first revealed the information about Inside Out saying that it explores a world that everyone knows, but no one has seen; inside the human mind.

          It was not easy for director to portray both, complex storylines of Riley’s journey to feeling happy again in her new home as well as the adventures of the protagonist’s main emotions such as Happy and Sad.

            “This movie had to tell simultaneously what is happening to the girl and what is happening inside of her mind. It was one of the most challenging movies I’ve ever had to put together,” Docter said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter at the 2013 SIGGRAPH convention.

              Although the director thought that this movie was challenging, Inside Out could be successfully about emotions inside a Riley’s mind, such as Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness.

                According to Docter, emotions such as Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness are created with energy, thus, are characters.

                  This movie’s concept is not only unique, but also has high advanced technology that allow the characters; emotions seem more “three-dimensionally realistic.”

                    “We are trying to represent what emotions would look like. They are made up of particles that actually move. Instead of being skin and solid, it is a massive collection of energy,” Docter said in an interview once again with the Hollywood Reporter in 2013.

                      The film had its world premiere on May 18th at the 68th Cannes Film Festival in an out-of-competition screening, and with so much positive feedback from the audience, Inside Out will soon be shown at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 9th.

                        Choha Kim/ sophomore at BOHS,

                          with help from Brea Olinda High School newspaper "wildcat"